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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 2 Recap

Li Siyu faces huge compensation and Chen Yiming is calculated to leave by the company

Li Siyu told Mr. Pan that he did not want to compete with Yuan Huizhong. After all, he has only been in the company for seven years. Yuan Huizhong has been in the company for more than ten years. Yuqingyuli, the sales director, should belong to her, but Mr. Pan said that Lvbao is not based on seniority. In some places, if everyone loves each other, then the company will not run anymore and there must be competition. Li Siyu still didn’t want to accept it and told Mr. Pan to go back and consider it again.

Chen Yiming went to the human resources department, and the person in charge told him that the company’s recent downturn required half-cuts in each department. Chen Yiming felt that this one-size-fits-all approach was unscientific, but the person in charge asked Chen Yiming to hand him a list of layoffs when he was off work. Chen Yiming said that he couldn’t do it because these colleagues brought in by themselves and worked hard with them. As a result, they have been overloaded with work, not only without bonuses, but also facing unemployment. The person in charge of the human resources department said that there is no alternative, it is the decision of the upper management of the company.

Chen Yiming wanted to use his resignation to threaten the company, but the personnel department said that he could immediately take his resignation and settle his salary. Lei Haowen learned that he had been calculated to leave the company in order to keep the planning department, and asked if he really wanted to leave the company. Chen Yiming said that there have been a lot of headhunters coming to him recently, but he refused one by one because of his feelings for the company. Now he has just finished the roadshow and wants to take a break and then look for a job. Chen Yiming told Lei Haowen not to tell Li Siyu, and to tell him personally after he found a new job.

Li Siyu and Gu Xiaoling Zhang Zhizhi were chatting and received a call from the insurance company. Rank’s car is not insured, and the price offered by the 4S shop is particularly high. Li Siyu decided to bear the cost himself. Zhang Zhizhi now uses his marriage deposit for investment. I don’t know if I can take it out. Gu Xiaoling’s money is given to various specialty stores. Chen Yiming asked Li Siyu to drink tea and chat. Li Siyu was still looking at the car warranty website. After Chen Yiming came over, he closed the computer. Li Siyu went to the bathroom. The person in charge of the bank called Chen Yiming and learned that Li Siyu needed a loan to compensate for the car repair. When Li Siyu came back, Chen Yiming offered him half of the money. Li Siyu wanted to reject him, Chen Yiming said that he wanted to share the wind and rain with him, and hoped that there would be no secrets between the two people in the future, and there would be something to tell him

Li Siyu said that now there is one thing, whether he wants to compete with Yuan Huizhong for the sales director. Because Yuan Huizhong taught her sales when she first joined the company, and Yuan Huizhong is also a teacher and friend to her. But if he gets the position of sales director, plus bonuses and salary, the money lost this time will be paid back in about a year. Chen Yiming asked him to call Yuan Huizhong first, and Li Siyu called Yuan Huizhong and learned that the other party was in the hospital. Li Siyu decided to drive over to talk to him.

Yuan Huizhong already knew Pan’s plan. Li Siyu took Yuan Huizhong’s child back by the way, and Yuan Huizhong suddenly collapsed on the way. After getting off the car, she told Li Siyu that she had worked in this company for 13 years, and now if she could not get the position of sales director, she would have no hope in her life. Li Siyu told her that she had decided to give up being the group leader and not compete with him. If she wanted to group, she would be in Li Siyu’s group.

The next day, Li Siyu went to Mr. Pan to express his thoughts. Mr. Pan was vague and did not directly express his position, and went out directly after answering the phone. Li Siyu approached Yuan Huizhong and said that he had said it, but Mr. Pan had not yet agreed. At this time, the staff came and said that the company had issued new regulations and had implemented the plan. Yuan Huizhong walked outside angrily. Li Siyu chased her out and told her that she would not rob the sales director with him this time. Yuan Huizhong said that she would continue to cover him as the sales director.

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