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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 1 Recap

Chen Yiming plans to propose to Li Siyu , Gu Xiaoling Ranke fights into the police station.

Chen Yiming was at the rehearsal proposal and everyone played and sang on the grass. Chen Yiming knelt down on one knee holding flowers, everything was ready, waiting for the heroine to appear on stage.

The heroine of the wedding, Li Siyu, has already rushed to Qiji Company, wanting to redeem the cooperation order between his Emerald Company and Qiji. Previously, their company and Qiji had an order of 5 million yuan, but someone leaked their offer with Qiji’s competitors, causing Qiji’s boss, Zhang Yanzhou, to refuse to cooperate with Lvbao. They were stopped outside by the front desk because they hadn’t made an appointment, and the person in charge of Feiyu had already entered. Li Siyu took the information and pretended to be a member of their competitor Feiyu Company and sneaked into Qiji Company.

When we arrived at General Zhang’s office, the secretary stopped her and asked what was wrong. Li Siyu said that he was from Feiyu, and the secretary said that Zhang had gone to the bathroom. As a result, Li Siyu went to the bathroom and blocked Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang didn’t want to listen to her explanation as soon as he heard that she was the salesperson of Emerald. Li Siyu said that by giving her fifteen minutes, she would definitely satisfy Mr. Zhang Qiji. Zhang always wanted to go out to the bathroom, but Li Siyu blocked the toilet door.

Mr. Zhang took her to the office and said he would give her fifteen minutes. Li Siyu explained why his company gave their competitor Yunhai a lower price, but Mr. Zhang didn’t want to listen to this. Li Siyu said that he would use early delivery as compensation. Mr. Zhang still did not accept it. Li Siyu used their latest battery developed by Emerald and set Qiji as the core customer. Mr. Zhang asked if they would give the cloud poster price. Li Siyu said that the first batch can only produce 10 million products. If Mr. Zhang buys out, they will not have the energy to provide Yunhai.

Mr. Zhang was very calm, and when it was time to ask Li Siyu to leave, Li Siyu had a stomachache after coming out. She immediately arranged for someone to book a ticket to Guangzhou, and then asked Yunhai’s manager to contact Yunhai. In this episode, Mr. Zhang’s secretary said Mr. Zhang had a few words he wanted to talk to Li Siyu alone. Mr. Zhang in the office said that he had a batch of hundreds of thousands of defective batteries in his hand and wanted to sell Li Siyu’s hand to Yunhai. Give her one million, Li Siyu rejected his proposal on the spot. Mr. Zhang witnessed Li Siyu’s character and immediately decided to continue the previous order and signed another ten million order. Li Siyu successfully recovered the company’s order and signed more orders. Mr. Zhang wanted to dig Li Siyu to Qiji. Li Siyu joked that he would consider selling himself when their transaction volume exceeded 200 million.

After Li Siyu flew back to Shanghai, her boyfriend Chen Yiming drove unhappy. When the two talked about Li Siyu’s work, Li Siyu felt that Yiming just didn’t believe in himself, and got out of the car angrily. But Chen Yiming also prepared to propose a marriage and waited for the heroine to appear on the stage. Zhang Zhizhi called when the two were arguing and said that Gu Xiaoling was fighting with others. Gu Xiaoling is the younger sister of Li Siyu’s reorganization of the family. She borrowed a drone to play at the scene of the marriage proposal today.

As a result, she took a video of her boyfriend and other women kissing in the car. I don’t know if the drone fell on purpose or accidentally. Rank’s car. After Rank was frightened, he ran into a sister’s car. However, Gu Xiaoling was so angry that he beat Rank and Lisa, and finally made trouble at the police station.

Li Siyu and Chen Yiming settled the problem in the past, and the lawyer’s suggestion was that both parties went private. Li Siyu offered considerable compensation, and analyzed the pros and cons with Rank, and finally decided that they would be responsible for the repair cost of the car. Gu Xiaoling was in distress after leaving the police station, and blamed Li Siyu for being nosy, and the morale he was sitting on desolatedly left. Zhang Zhizhi also hurriedly went back to match her husband and children. Chen Yiming still wanted to continue to propose, but Li Siyu didn’t want to leave bad memories of the proposal, and said that she would find time next time.

When Li Siyu arrived at the company the next day, his colleague asked him and said Mr. Pan had something to do with her. Here Chen Yiming and Lei Haowen talked about yesterday’s proposal. Lei Haowen wanted to date Gu Xiaoling, but Gu Xiaoling only dated the real rich second generation. Mr. Pan told Li Siyu that the sales performance is now declining, and the orders are not enough to face production suspension. Pan plans to split the sales department into two, with Li Siyu and Yuan Huizhong each leading a team. After three months, whoever has the highest performance will be the sales director. And Pan always has a selfish mind, he hopes Li Siyu will become the sales director.

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