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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 18 Recap

Dr. Ouyang told Dr. Xuan that he could donate money to these children and let them buy books, but Luo Qiuchi didn’t think so. Luo Qiuchi said that the story of Meng Zhinian was mentioned in the last time he lectured, and then Dr. Ouyang felt To be very ashamed. Dr. Ouyang planned to leave, but a child came out to stop Dr. Ouyang, and handed two dates to Dr. Ouyang. The child said that Dr. Xuan is very good, so he should be nice to Dr. Xuan’s friends, and he has to vote for his life. division.

Prince Kang’s subordinates searched the city, but they did not find anyone who broke into the Prince’s Mansion that day. Then Fu Yuanzhi came to the Prince’s Mansion and asked to see Prince Kang. Fu Yuanzhi said that he knew who that person was. It was Luo Qiuchi of Zhuxiu Academy. The Prince said, It turned out that the leader of the unicorn Fu Yuanzhi said that the person who broke into the Prince’s Mansion that day used a whip.

Then Prince Kang said what to do, so Fu Yuanzhi said that he had a way, and then the two people cooperated. Fu Yuanzhi came out of the Prince’s Mansion and ran into Princess Xuanyin at the door. Princess Xuanyin fell in love with Fu Yuan, and then Luo Qiuchi said that he had a way to prevent Dr. Xuan from staying in the brothel, so Luo Qiuchi sent an urgent letter to His Majesty. Dr. Xuan returned to the academy, and the next day everyone started the exam. Dr. Xuan, Luo Qiuchi, and Wen Renjun were going to see the children.

Then they met Si Cheng. Si Cheng said that he already knew what they were going to teach their children. Dr. Ouyang told him, so Si Cheng, Dr. Ouyang and others Find Wang Xiaqing together. Dr. Xuan provided the children with a place to study and live. It was an old house left by his ancestors. He also invited a few talents from the village to teach them to read. Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun returned to the academy. Reading, don’t run around, if you need to kill the time, you can come back to see the children, so the two agreed.

On the second day of class, Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi were fighting in the class. Wen Renjun was scolded by the doctor. Luo Qiuchi came to Wen Renjun after class. Wen Renjun didn’t want to talk to Luo Qiuchi. I don’t know why Wen Renjun was angry. Ren Juan did not want to say. On the second day of the exam, after the test results came out, Wen Renjun scored a few points. The last arithmetic class was the worst that Wen Renjun took. Then Luo Qiu came to Wen Renjun late, and Wen Renjun didn’t want to Manage Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi told Zhao Qinghe that if Wen Renjun could not be angry with herself, he could help her pass the exam. Then other classmates heard it and ran over. Luo Qiuchi said that as long as Wen Renjun also took the exam together, it would be fine. Help everyone pass the exam together. Later, Luo Qiuchi summoned everyone and came up with a method. This method was used during the exam, but everyone had to give himself a buck. Everyone agreed.

Luo Qiuchi was thinking, and then Xie Ziyun brought a lot of people over. Everyone wanted the answer to the exam, but Wen Renjun also came over at this time. Luo Qiuchi promised to write the test paper for everyone, but the price had to rise. Everyone had two pennies, everyone agreed. . Luo Qiuchi said to Wen Renjun that he needs a manpower to cheat on the exam, so Luo Qiuchi called Xing Ruxue and needed him a favor. So Luo Qiuchi gave Xing Ruxue the money, but Xing Ruxue said that he had to take it for withdrawal. Youdao, afterwards, Hang Ruxue wanted to refuse, but Zhao Qinghe came out and met Hang Ruxue. Luo Qiuchi said that Hang Ruxue came here because he made Zhao Qinghe make a fool of himself in front of everyone last time, just to make up for it, so Luo Qiuchi pulled Hang Ruxue into the house.

Wen Renjun, Luo Qiuchi and Hang Ruxue entered the house of Zhao Qinghe’s family. Wen Renjun was surprised. He didn’t expect Zhao Qinghe to be so rich. Zhao Qinghe said, this is just a place for his family to rest in the capital. Called Comfortable, and then Luo Qiuchi said that he knew that Zhao Qinghe was rich, but he did not know that she was so rich.

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