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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 17 Recap

When Xuanyin came back from Jiangnan, his father was very happy. Lu Xingyun said to Luo Qiuchi that Wen Renjun always thought about what it meant. He came to ask himself last time. Luo Qiuchi was surprised. Lu Xingyun said that he came to collect books last time. When Ge was looking for evidence, he was suddenly interrupted by Luo Qiuchi. Now he found some information by himself, but I don’t know if it can be used as proof. Later, Lu Xingyun showed it to Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi said that the last time the fire came was too strange. Lu Xingyun said to Luo Qiuchi that the last time I heard that he found an uncle sweeping the floor, that person was the one who set fire. Believe it? Luo Qiuchi said that he just thought the fire had come very strange.

Luo Qiuchi said that the last fire was not a coincidence, but the uncle who swept the floor later admitted that he had set the fire, so the clues of the investigation were broken, and the list he was looking for had been burned, and the list that Lu Xingyun wanted to find was also It was burned, but there was still a clue left, so Luo Qiuchi took out his waistband. Lu Xingyun said that he had never seen this waistband, but there was a place specializing in selling such things. Therefore, Lu Xingyun told Luo Qiuchi that he could find it at the strange goods store.

Luo Qiuchi was very grateful to Lu Xingyun. Then Luo Qiuchi asked Lu Xingyun and said that Wen Renjun wanted to know love, so Lu Xingyun didn’t want to talk to Luo Qiuchi anymore. Luo Qiu late went to the odd goods store and ran into the proprietress. At first, the proprietress was unwilling to help Luo Qiuchi, but after some conversation, the proprietress took out a jade pendant, but the proprietress said that every jade pendant has a different pattern. Ren Jing and Prince Kang bought them, and then Luo Qiuchi wanted to know the name of the buyer, but the proprietress refused to tell Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi wanted to leave, but the proprietress sent someone to chase him out. Luo Qiuchi rushed out of the odd goods store and happened to be on the street.

Seeing Prince Kang, Luo Qiuchi continued to run away after a while. Luo Qiuchi told Wen Renjun that he had found the buyer for the waist wear. It was Prince Kang. Wen Renjun asked, is Prince Kang alone? Luo Qiuchi said yes. Then Wen Renjun went to the academy, but he did not see Luo Qiu late. Class. Wen Renjun went to find Luo Qiuchi, and the two of them arrived at Prince Kang’s mansion and sneaked into Prince Kang’s study to find the waistband. At this time, Prince Kang just rushed to the room, and the two hid. When the two were about to leave, There was a movement, so Prince Kang called the subordinates, and the two sides moved their hands. After Prince Kang came, he saw that Xuanyin was hijacked, so Prince Kang was threatened and asked the subordinates to retreat and let Wen Renjun and Luo Qiu go away. .

Luo Qiuchi remembered the evidence he had found, and found that Wen Renjing was suspected of killing himself after embezzlement, and felt very upset. The next day everyone came to the academy and someone reported that Dr. Xuan had entered and exited the Fengyue place. Then Dr. Xuan apologized to everyone. Dr. Xuan said no need to say more. Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi went to the brothel to investigate Dr. Xuan’s affairs. Wen Renjun took out the money Zhao Qinghe gave them. After a while, Luo Qiuchi, like the ladies in the brothel, inquired about Dr. Xuan, but the ladies did not want to care about them, but Miss Miao Miao almost spoke out. Luo Qiuchi showed her personal charm to Miao Miao. After a while, the proprietress came to see off the guests. Dr. Ouyang saw Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi, and Luo Qiuchi and the people from the brothel started to work.

A few days later, Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi went to find Miss Miaomiao, and asked Miaomiao to take them to find Dr. Xuan. Then Dr. Ouyang also arrived. They all came to the place where Dr. Xuan was. It turned out that Dr. Xuan and Wang Xiaqing were there. Teach little children to class. That day, Wang Xiaqing met Dr. Xuan when he was about to leave. Dr. Xuan hoped that Wang Xiaqing could stay, so Wang Xiaqing stayed. Dr. Xuan said that some children could not participate in the scientific examination. Do you think it is fair? Then Wen Renjun asked and announced Why didn’t the doctor tell Si Cheng the truth? Dr. Xuan said that the obsession was too deep and it was useless to say it. Then Luo Qiuchi also planned to come over to teach.

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