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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 16 Recap

Wen Renjun still wanted to burn books, but His Majesty did not allow Wen Renjun to burn books. Wen Renjun said that he was not His Majesty and had to take care of so much. Then the child said that he was His Majesty, and then changed his words. After grabbing the book, Luo Qiuchi rushed over, so Luo Qiuchi hugged the child to the railing. After a while, Luo Qiuchi saw the yellow robe worn by the child and covered it. Luo Qiuchi told His Majesty that if he promised himself one For the matter, let Jindao Da Caiya meet him.

After Wen Renjun knew that the child in front of him was His Majesty, he was very surprised. His Majesty said that he escaped from the palace by using the method described in the book, and escaped the eyes of those annoying eunuchs. Then his Majesty said that Wen Renjun could follow When you go back to the palace, you can write a story for him in a room. How about the queen’s palace? Afterwards, Luo Qiuchi said that he had already told his Majesty the identity of Jindao Da Caiya, whether it was time to mention his own conditions, then if he needed his majesty’s help in the future, could he go to his majesty and say yes. His Majesty and Luo Qiuchi were playing the role of catching the robbers, and then his Majesty took the people back to the palace. Luo Qiuchi found Wen Renjun.

Wen Renjun said that he did not expect that the aloof His Majesty would be so cute. Luo Qiuchi said to Wen Renjun that he actually said He was cute, Wen Renjun knew that Luo Qiuchi was jealous. Then, the two of them packed up the book written by Wen Renjun and took them away. Wen Renjun returned to the house and saw his father waiting for him. Wen Renjun took Wen Renjun to Xiaomei’s tomb. Wen Renjun learned about his mother’s past. Wen Renjing asked Wen Renjun what he wanted to do in the future. Wen Renjun said that he should behave like a mother. Ren Jing brought Wen Renjun back to the mansion and gave Xiaomei’s double swords to Wen Renjun. Wen Renjun was very happy, and then Wen Renjun returned to the academy.

Wen Renjun came to the academy to find Luo Qiuchi and told Luo Qiuchi that he already knew about his mother and got his mother’s double swords. Luo Qiuchi said it was a good sword, and then Wen Renjun said that when he was standing at his mother’s grave Before that, I knew that this was the first thing I wanted to tell Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi was very happy. Then Wen Renjun said that he was going to find the master, and told him about this. Wen Renjun came to Lu Xingyun. Wen Renjun said to Lu Xingyun, the younger sister is his mother, Lu Xingyun sighed and said nothing.

Everyone was reading in class, and then Luo Qiuchi expressed his opinion on Meng Zhinian. Luo Qiuchi said that Meng Zhinian took the money from his father’s generation to help the poor. He didn’t know if this was true kindness or shame. Then he asked everyone present, himself How much money has been earned and a few people have been rescued, whether it is true or shameless, and then after hearing that people said how dirty their mouths were in class, everyone laughed for a while, and Si Cheng came, Si Cheng agreed with Luo Qiuchi’s view .

Luo Qiuchi came to Wenren’s Mansion. Lu Xingyun was there at this time. Wen Renjun saw Lu Xingyun coming out of his father’s room. Luo Qiuchi and Lu Xingyun met each other, and the two started their hands. Lu Xingyun thought that Luo Qiuchi was Wen Renjing’s person, and said that he had obtained Wen Renjing’s guilt. He had been a servant in the middle school for a while, and then Luo Qiuchi said that he had taken the list of guards, and Lu Xingyun said that he had taken it. It was a list of ministers. It turned out that this was a misunderstanding.

Then Wen Renjun arrived. Luo Qiuchi and Lu Xingyun cooperated with each other and deceived Wen Renjun’s question. Luo Qiuchi said that Lu Xingyun was looking for Xiaomei’s relic. Then Lu Xingyun walked away. Luo Qiuchi learned from Lu Xingyun that Wen Renjing was not a good and diligent official as he showed. Lu Xingyun said that Wen Renjing is now in charge of the household department and can do as many bad things as he wants. Many years ago, Wen Renjing could marry a woman she didn’t love for her official career and hurt another woman who loved her. What kind of person can such a person be.

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