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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 18 Recap

Xiao Taozi and Qiu Fen fought and fell into the wind. Luo Qiuheng arrivedwhen he almost died. Xiaoan rescued Xiao Taozi but he was in danger. Fortunately, Su Wenli quickly turned off the power and let Xiaoan escape. Qiu Fen also admitted that he was arrested.

Aunt Han Rong came to Su Wenli’s house to apologize to Ruqing, and by the way, she wentssip about the life-long events of the two individuals. She thought that Wen Qiuming Ruqing fell into grief. The other half Xiaoan told Xiao Taozi not to do this next time, and Xiao Taozi did. Vaguely agreed. At this time Suyun came back, Xiao Taozi thought that Suyun was in trouble, and she was relieved after learning that it was because of the Spring Break, and Suyun also participated in the Narcissus Competition. Su Wenli told Luo Qiuheng about Ding Rushan , and gave the letter to Luo Qiuheng to know his opinion, and Luo Qiuheng said that you know what to do and then returned the letter to Su Wenli, and then Su Wenli tore the letter. Got to be crushed.

Zhao Yali asked Zhao Yafang to take photos of warm colors. Li Xinrui asked about Zhao Yafang’s hairstyle but asked her to ask Zhao Yali. After getting advice, she went to Cui Xu Peihua’s clothes making progress, because Mrs. Wang was the largest shareholder, and Mrs. Wang and Mr. Wang came. Zhao Yali quickly asked Xu Peihua to take off Mrs. Wang’s custom-made clothes. After the two chatted for a while, they asked Mrs. Wang to try on the clothes in their exclusive fitting room, and asked Xu Peihua to change her size. On the other hand, Su Wenli happened to be trying on clothes in this shop. Several people were complimenting Su Wenli for her good figure.

Zhao Yali also praised Xiaotaozi for her tailoring skills. After a while, Yuehuan screamed. Mrs. Wang was dead. Then he called the police and asked Inspector Luo to come. Luo Qiuheng asked Xiaoan to make a transcript. He and Su Wenli went upstairs to find evidence. Luo Qiuheng thought the person downstairs. It was Mrs. Luo’s son but Su Wenli said that her husband was surprised. Su Wenli told Luo Qiuheng that everyone was locked, only the front door was open, so all the suspects were downstairs. Su Wenli saw Wang The hairpin on the wife’s neck thought that the murderer was an accident.

After the two went downstairs, Xiaoan asked Xiaoan to search the man’s body, while Xiao Taozi and Su Wenli assisted them in searching the woman’s body, but no pearls were found on several of them. When Li Xinrui left, she found Xiaoan and asked him to help him button the buttons. Then Xiaoan’s eyes followed Li Xinrui’s movement and Xiao Taozi walked away angrily.

Luo Qiuheng and Xiaoan began to question everyone, while Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi searched for evidence outside. Su Wenli also took photos with the camera and took the negatives. When Luo Qiuheng asked Zhao Yafang, Zhao Yali frequently interrupted, and even quarreled in front of the two people later, while the other half Su Wenli found Mr. Wang’s cup. When Luo Qiuheng asked Xu Peihua, she said that she had been ironing clothes in the tailor’s room, but Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi found that the iron was cold in the tailor’s room and no one had ever moved it.

Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi were about to leave. They received the flowers for Miss Xu as soon as they arrived at the door, and they took them calmly. After returning home, Su Wenli arranged for Lao Song and Xiao Tan to check the address of Mr. Flower and develop photos. Little Taozi found Xiao’an and still tolerated her anger, and she gave a hint of snorting, and asked her what is different now. Xiaoan couldn’t answer, and Xiao Taozi left without looking back.

Luo Qiuheng asked what Zhao Yali and Mrs. Wang were arguing about. Zhao Yali said to Mrs. Wang that Mrs. Wang suspected Li Xinrui to seduce her husband. On the other hand, Xiaoan asked Li Xinrui if she seduce Mr. Wang. Li Xinrui dismissed her and said that she did not like her at all, and said for a while. Xiaoan also took the opportunity to ask some questions.

Xiao Tan found out that it was sent by Qiu Jingwei or sent it by telegram. The photos were completely washed down. Inspector Luo and Su Wenli were discussing the case while drinking, and the more they discussed, the more they felt motivated. , And also said that the little tailor lied.

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