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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 17 Recap

Luo Qiuheng beckoned to Su Wenli tolet her come in, and then asked her to show him face and cooperate with the police on the condition of showing her the evidence. Then Luo Qiuheng found Qiu Fen to question and learned that the scene was another brewed ginger tea. Xiaoan’s female worker, Xiao Taozi, saw Xiao Taozi almost showing her feet. Fortunately, Luo Qiuheng stopped him in time. Luo Qiuheng learned through Huang Qiaoman that the last one Huang Yusheng saw was Liu Ruqing, and suspected that Li Jinquan had a motive for murder.

Su Wenli found Luo Qiuheng to apologize sincerely and learned that Ruqing was the last person Huang Yusheng saw. Then the two ran to the hospital and asked Liu Ruqing. Liu Ruqing responded fluently and also said the specific time. The key is that Huang Yusheng’s medicine is Huang Qiao. Man kept, Ruqing was sad because of suspicion. After going out, Su Wenli comforted Liu Ruqing and told her about Ding Rushan’s letter to herself. Liu Ruqing’s suggestion is to stop tossing.

Luo Qiuheng came to the Korean forensic doctor to learn that Huang Yusheng had a heart attack caused by bleach, and that the bleach was injected intravenously. All the corpse evidence pointed the murderer’s finger at Liu Ruqing.

Little Taozi gave Su Wenli the note she found, and the two also discovered that Huang Qiaoman was working at night as a squeezer. Lao Song and Xiao Tan planned to go to the yarn factory at night when they learned about it. Little Taozi volunteered to lead the way. Wenli first reception for the King to go after Han Rong aunt, the aunt said Han Rong such as green was suspended, and it is not finished Su Wenli Luo Qiuheng stormed ready to go, Luoqiu Heng told Han said the forensic results, The timing and modus operandi of all this were very similar to Liu Ruqing. Su Wenli did not believe that Liu Ruqing was such a person and argued with Luo Qiuheng. The reason was that the medicine was diverted, and Xiao Taozi also told the clues that Xiao Taozi found, and then left.

Old Song Xiaotan and Xiao Taozi arrived at the spinning mill and found that a large truck had entered the spinning mill. Xiao Taozi was infected a little by Su Wenli’s ingenuity, suggesting that they were drinking, and the two of them froze for a moment before realizing what Xiao Taozi meant. So I took out the remaining stock and drank and pretended that two drunks quarreled to cover Xiao Taozi to investigate, and found that there was gauze in the goods, which seemed to be used in hospitals, and the thick cloth was green. Several people quickly told them after they returned. Su Wenli, Su Wenli decided to tell Luo Qiuheng tomorrow and fell into the confusion of Ding Rushan’s letter.

The next day Su Wenli went to the prison to find Ding Rushan and told him clearly that if he wanted to go out, he would confess the crime she committed, or the death penalty, but Ding Rushan said that even if Su Wenli did not help her, he would go out. .

Luo Qiuheng approached Huang Qiaoman to tell her about her shipment, and also said that the relationship with Japan is bad. Huang Qiaoman said that he did not know and would go down to look for it. Su Wenli found bleach, and Luo Qiuheng I also asked Huang Qiaoman about the bleach, and then Xiaoan was going to the trash can to find the medicine bottle that he had discarded before. The effort paid off, and Xiaoan found it. Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli found Qiu Fen and knew that she would have some privileges, such as entering any place in the factory and searching anyone. Qiu Fen told Su Wenli that Liu Ruqing and Wen Qiuming had an impure relationship, so Su Wenli found Liu Ruqing and asked questions again. Ruqing also admitted and talked about what happened between herself and him. Su Wenli learned that Wen Qiuming had said that she had to deal with the rabbit before.

Su Wenli got the medicine bottle and asked Liu Ruqing again why she had two pinholes. Ruqing said that she didn’t pay attention to it because she was angry that day, and that the medicine bottle was placed directly on the table that day. She took it and went to give Huang Yusheng an injection. As a last resort, Huang Qiaoman was invited over again. This time Huang Qiaoman admitted that he had gone to the warehouse, but it was because she had a good relationship with Li Jinquan and didn’t tell the truth last time, and she didn’t get the medicine that day. I learned that the logistics supervisor Qiufen had the privileges of the boss, and her nickname was also Rabbit. Su Wenli realized that Little Taozi was in danger, and several people ran out quickly.

Little Taozi said that she had left the key at home, and then Qiu Fen set up an operation to let Xiao Taozi know how to open the lock, and this happened to be a trap set by Qiu Fen. After Qiu Fen left, Xiao Taozi took it out. The letter she saw was originally written by Wen Qiuming, but she turned around and saw Qiu Fen. Xiao Taozi fled in a panic, but Qiu Fen was forced to a dead end. The two wrestled Xiao Taozi and fell into the wind.

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