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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 16 Recap

Su Wenli said that because of Yang Zhengjun’s identity, it is easy to get poison, and Sun Weiwei also mentioned that he had repaired Liu Jimei’s music box before, because the fusion of cyanide and acidic substances will produce highly toxic gas, which is why Liu Jimei and The reason why her parrots would die was that Yang Zhengjun tried to escape and was arrested. When Yang Zhengjun was in prison, Ding Rushan suggested that he wanted paper and pen.

Yao Huimin took pictures of Natasha and wanted her to be the cover of the next issue of the magazine, but she wanted to dig a little peach to be her soulmate sister and was rejected.

Su Wenli successfully invited Luo Qiuheng to dinner again, and Luo Qiuheng also jealously mentioned that Tibalide was briefly taken by Su Wenli, and the two toasted to each other to celebrate. Ding Rushan applied for release from prison and was rejected by the chief depending on his mood.

Liu Ruqing found Su Wenli and told her that her friend Wen Qiuming was dead, hoping that Su Wenli could help her find out the truth, because she felt that this was not an accident. Wen Qiuming is a person who is very familiar with machines and is very familiar with technology. It is impossible for such a person to die accidentally, and when she went to give Huang Yusheng an injection in the morning, she found that he was ordering his subordinates to lock down the audience, so she asked Su Wenli to pretend to be a nurse to find out the truth with her.

Su Wenli arrived at the spinning factory and saw Xiaoan vomiting more than ever. If Qing took Su Wenli in and was rejected, Su Wenli had to show her identity as a detective, but she didn’t expect Huang Yusheng to be even more disgusted. She looked good when she asked Aunt Han Rong. Su Wenli and Ruqing were sent off angrily. Su Wenli found Xiaoan and asked her to take her in. Su Wenli only watched for a while and was driven away by Huang Yusheng.

Su Wenli approached Luo Qiuheng and asked him to help him investigate again, and said that it was not an accident. Luo Qiuheng took out Xiaoan’s report to refute Su Wenli, but Su Wenli said her own opinions and Luo Qiuheng also felt that this was not an accident. She returned to the spinning mill again, expressing her desire to learn more about the plot. Su Wenli interrupted to ask questions and was stunned by Huang Yusheng. She had no choice but to go out to evade. She also quietly went to the crime scene to take pictures. She was beaten by Li Jinquan as soon as she took a few pictures. When it was broken, Su Wenli showed that her identity didn’t work and was invited out by Li Jinquan. After returning home, Luo Qiuheng said that Wen Qiuming should have no enemies if he is gentle. He felt that Su Wenli was tossing around. He also took out the autopsy report because the center of gravity was unstable and slipped. Su Wenli said that he did not slip and fall any day but today, in short I just feel strange at this time.

Su Wenli found Ruqing and showed her the photo and expressed her suspicion. From Ruqing’s mouth, she learned that Wen Qiuming said before: There are some things that should not be done in the factory, which makes Su Wenli more curious about the spinning mill. So she was going to send Xiao Taozi into the spinning mill to help her continue to investigate.

Xiao Taozi went to the spinning mill to find Huang Qiaoman under the pseudonym Du Xiaofeng and wanted to work in the factory. He was rejected because he was not familiar with the machine. Then Huang Qiaoman said that ginger soup was not good and was heard by Xiao Taozi, so Xiao Taozi said the solution was Huang Qiaoman was lucky to stay in the back kitchen after hearing it. Xiao Taozi found Qiu Fen to report. After Qiu Fen briefly talked about Xiao Taozi’s work, the two of them went to deliver ginger soup. They were scolded when they gave Huang Yusheng and Huang Qiaoman ginger soup, but Xiao Taozi saw Huang Qiaoman sharply. I wrote something in a small notebook, but when I saw them, I hid it in a panic. After I went back, I told Su Wenli about it. Su Wenli asked Xiao Taozi to find a way to steal it. Then Aunt Han Rong said that Su Wenli was fooled by Su Wenli’s clever words because of Huang Yusheng’s complaint.

The next day when Xiao Taozi and Qiu Fen sent ginger soup, they directly asked about what happened in the spinning mill. Qiu Fen was annoyed by him, so Qiu Fen asked Xiao Taozi to send it by herself, but she had something to leave. Xiao Taozi saw that Liu Ruqing was secretly right. The ciphers were separated. Little Taozi came to the office and knocked on the door and found no one, so he hurried in and found the little book. Hearing Huang Yusheng’s voice, he quickly tore off the page and hid under the table and escaped. After returning, Xiao Taozi Yang Cai’e’s name was found on it. On the other hand, Su Wenli received a letter from the prison. Ding Rushan told Su Wenli that he wanted to know what happened to her sister after her death and let him trade Ding Rushan’s freedom for the truth.

Little Taozi approached Yang Cai’e and asked her how to make extra money. Yang Cai’e asked her to take care of herself. Soon after they had finished speaking, they saw Huang Yusheng falling from the window. So Xiao Taozi hurried out and notified Su Wenli. When Luo Qiuheng came to the scene of the case and saw Su Wenli, he greeted her and wanted her to come in.

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