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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 15 Recap

Little Taozi began to act as a friend’s sister. Xiaoan took this opportunity to pick up a blank sheet of paper to tell Little Taozi the little things he had between herself and her. And Xiaoan also understood Xiaoan’s implication and said. This girl must like you, and both smiled tacitly.

In the evening, Su Wenli asked Uncle Xiang how the dinner was prepared, and by the way asked Luo Qiuheng whether it was enough. After hearing this, Uncle Xiang was surprised and said that Mr. Bai had come and brought his fiancee Natasha. Bridal asked Su Wenli to help Natasha. The reason was that Natasha was being watched. After Su Wenli agreed, Brid left in peace. Su Wenli went up with Xiao Taozi to prepare Natasha’s suitcase. He found a red notebook in the forehead suitcase, and Luo Qiuheng happened to be here at this time. He found that he was cooking a Russian feast, because Uncle Xiang thought the guest was Bailey, so Su Wenli had to ask Uncle Xiang to change the knife and fork. Chopsticks will do. Su Wenli showed Luo Qiuheng the blank paper left by Sun Weiwei. Luo Qiuheng learned the specific time and place of the meeting between Sun Weiwei and the person, but when Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli arrived, Sun Weiwei had fallen from the window and died.

Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli came to Linglong Magazine again. Su Wenli mentioned a person Sun Weiwei had seen before. She thought she was suspicious. Then Xiaoan called Luo Qiuheng over and told him and Xiao Taozi to find out. Afterwards, several people searched for the clues based on the address on the envelope and successfully caught the desperate husband Chen Axing. Chen Axing told Luo Qiuheng that his family was ruined because of his sister, and expressed his anger. Luo Qiuheng asked, so you killed his sister? Chen Axing expressed his innocence, saying that he only wrote the words “unfortunately dead”. He also threw a brick and said that a vendor saw it at the door. Luo Qiuheng also confirmed that what Chen Axing said was true.

Luo Qiuheng found Su Wenli and told her what Chen Axing had said. Su Wenli couldn’t sigh that the clues were finally gone. Then Luo Qiuheng took out the information she found and still believed that Yao Huimin was completely motivated to kill, because she could learn from Liu Ji. Su Wenli firmly believed that Yao Huimin was not such a person. She also quarreled with Luo Qiuheng in front of Yao Huimin. Yao Huimin couldn’t stand it anymore and said that she didn’t want to argue with him, and she recalled it. The happy time before, so angrily left.

But she accidentally smashed the pen holder when she left. When the two saw the water, they remembered what Mao Jiakang said: He was the pipe that was repaired the next day, indicating that there could be no water before. Based on what Sun Weiwei and others said before, the two judged Mao Jiakang lied, so the two approached Mao Jiakang again. Mao Jiakang admitted that he had repaired the water pipe at six o’clock in the evening, and said that Yan Mengdie didn’t work overtime at all that day.

Yan Mengdie was still telling Yao Huimin that she was going to give herself a short holiday. When she returned to her seat, she found the note in the book. She quietly put it in her bag and went to hotel 701. She didn’t wait for Yang Zhengjun but Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiuheng overturned Yan Mengdie’s remarks and said that he was dating Yang Zhengjun at the hotel.

Natasha helped her when Xiao Taozi looked for Yunifang at home, and she also suspected Natasha.

Luo Qiuheng told Yan Mengdie and Yang Zhengjun that both had an alibi, and then Luo Qiuheng received a call from Xiao Taozi, so he sent Su Wenli back. Su Wenli and Natasha directly opened the skylight to speak up, and learned about it. She contacted Yang Zhengjun and stated that she would protect her. Then she found Brad and talked about Natasha. The two said that although they liked chatting with each other very much, there would be no results because they had different pursuits. Natasha saw it.

Su Wenli found the report that Yao Huimin wanted new immigrants from Shanghai but did not find any clues. The gentleman with a bald shirt casually mentioned made Yao Huimin’s impression and took out his photo. Su Wenli got the husband’s photo studio from it.

Xiao Taozi and Xiao set up as a couple and went to the photo studio to find this Mr. Qiu to take wedding photos. After taking the photo, Xiao Taozi asked Mr. Qiu who got the photos, and then sent them to Su Wenli. The two were still studying the photos. I learned about Natasha’s disappearance. I just went out and saw the license plate number and other information, so I quickly called Luo Qiuheng. After receiving the call, Luo Qiuheng successfully intercepted the car. Several people said that Natasha was a spy, but because there was no Luo Qiuheng successfully rescued Natasha for any evidence. It turned out that Su Wenli had replaced Natasha’s suitcase with a magazine from Linglong Magazine.

Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli came to the magazine to arrest Yang Zhengjun. Yan Mengdie expressed his disbelief, so Su Wenli told Yang Zhengjun’s motives and methods of committing the crime. It turned out that he was a traitor and killed Liu Jimei for fear of revealing his identity. Because of that topic, Sun Weiwei got the photo that Liu Jimei got before and also knew the identity of Yang Zhengjun. She was obsessed with threatening Yang Zhengjun to be killed for money.

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