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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 5 Recap

Ju Muer and Long Yue discovered that there was a secret room behind the house. Long Yue took Ju Muer in with him, and from the remaining daily necessities, he concluded that the child in this secret room should be a child. However, the two children under Shi Zechun’s knees are all grown-ups. Who is the child in this secret room and why No one was born or dead or a corpse was seen, and layers of doubts swept across. Long Teng, who was working in the palace, accidentally ran into Shu Ruochen and planned to send her out of the palace. The two spoke at the same time. When Long Teng turned around, Shu Ruochen looked at Long Teng’s back through the sunlight, and his heart throbbed inexplicably.

Long Fei, who was sent by Long Yue to investigate the population of the historian, rushed back and told Long Yue that half a month ago, the boxer of the Shifu Deng teacher returned home and escaped a catastrophe. He is now living in Qingzhou and should know the situation in the Fuzhong, so Long Yue and Ju Muer decided to go to Qingzhou in person to investigate. Just before leaving the city, Yun Qingxian showed up and handed the address of Teacher Deng to Ju Mu’er. Seeing that the two were called cordially, Long Yue couldn’t help eating in his heart. He left Ju Mu’er and left, but he didn’t wait long for Ju Mu’er to walk. Long Yue’s carriage was waiting in front.

He thought that Long Er knew his mistake and changed it. He didn’t want the two to lose their faces and regain their contradiction. Finally, Long Yue hugged Mu’er and stuffed it into the carriage and ordered Li Ke to hurry. When the two rushed to the place where Teacher Deng was, they found that he was not going out on business, and the inn he was running was actually the first-floor branch in the world. Long Yueqi would rather not stay in the rain than stay in Zhu Fu’s shop.

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