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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 4 Recap

Long Teng learned that Long Yue took Ju Mu’er to trespass into the town government office and went home to find Long Er and Long San planning to start a teacher, but because Long Yue found out the doubts, he was threatened by him, so he had to agree to take him to an autopsy. Explore the truth. Therefore, when Yun Qingxian sent Ju Mu’er home, he was cut off by Long Yue halfway, pulling Ju Mu’er and leaving. Long Yue, Long Teng and Ju Mu’er went to the morgue for an autopsy and found that the extra corpse was an eunuch in Kundian.

If Kundian was involved in the case of the historian, it indicates that Shi Boyin is expected to reverse the case, just as Long Teng will be suspicious. When he pointed at Shu Bo, a fire broke out outside the door and the three of them were besieged. Long Yue sacrificed himself to save Ju Mu’er and escaped. However, the evidence was destroyed, and Ju Mu’er’s eye disease became more and more serious, and his eyes were already blurred. Before Shi Bo Yin started the trial, Long Teng personally went to Shu Mansion to inquire about the truth about Shu Bo. Shu Bo admitted that his piano art and swordsmanship were indeed taught by Shi Bo Yin, but his torture was just to avenge the bereaved son of Concubine Shu, Long Teng.

Did not find suspicious, and returned without success. In the town government department, Wu Jinwei, Kundian, and the Xing Department heard the trial together. Until the interrogation, Shi Boyin never made any defense, but pleaded guilty in the hall, saying that he was the only one who committed the destruction of the door by the Shi family. Ju Mu’er was shocked when she learned about it and stayed behind closed doors until Yun Qingxian came to visit, Ju Mu’er still couldn’t believe it.

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