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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 2 Recap

Wu Jinwei, headed by Long Teng, broke into the Long Family Inn to investigate Shi Bo Yin. Long Yue was deeply troubled by his elder brother’s selfless behavior, but after Long Teng reminded him, Long Yue was surprised that Ju Mu’er’s behavior was particularly suspicious, so he informed Long Teng Ju Mu’er. They are Shi Boyin’s only apprentice, and the two have a close relationship, which diverts Long Teng’s attention. Shi Zechun met with the Queen Mother and wanted to reveal the real purpose of Uncle Yin’s return to Beijing, but because of the arrival of Concubine Shu Gui, he had to change his rhetoric, and obtained the Fuxi score of the treasures of the former Tang Dynasty as an excuse to conceal the truth.

However, the recurrence of Fuxi’s musical scores came to Long Yue’s ears, and Long Yue sniffed out business opportunities from it, and secretly managed to obtain musical scores. Ju Mu’er incited Zhu Fu to claim the repair cost of the first floor from Long Yue, so as to force Long Yue to promise her that she would definitely help her find the teacher. Ju Muer did not expect that the second master of the dignified Long Family would enter the Shifu by bribing the back door. Ju Muer wanted to find the teacher’s voice in the mansion, and he knew that Fuxi’s spectrum was hidden in the Shifu from the prescription of Long Yue. The two accidentally hit Shi Zechun and hid in Shi Zechun’s study. They accidentally touched the organ and found Fuxi’s score. However, Long Yue couldn’t understand the rhythm, but Ju Muer remembered Fuxi’s score by the side.

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