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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 1 Recap

No one in the capital knows that the rich emperor and merchant Long Erye and the daughter Ju Muer of the home restaurant have reached the marriageable age. The matchmaker has come to talk about matchmaking several times, but is repeatedly rejected. Long Erye is a well-known profiteer, and he will never lose a bit of money in everything, so even the matchmaker’s tea money when talking about matchmaking is considered fine. Ju Mu’er is different, leaving room for others to be kind to others. It happens that these two people with very different personalities, because Ju Muer went to the Longjia Inn to deliver the wine, but did not meet each other.

In his early years, Qin Sheng Shi Boyin fled the capital because of madness caused the imperial concubine to have a miscarriage. Now the news of returning to Beijing came back. The queen mother secretly planned to meet with Shi Bo Yin, so Long Yue arranged to join him on the first floor of the world. In Long Yue’s heart, he was unhappy because the Queen Mother had chosen the first floor of the world, which was opposite to the Longjia Inn. When Long Yue’s hard work was arranged, Shi Bo Yin did not appear, and the player who came to play the piano was actually Ju Muer who had a dispute with him. Long Yue didn’t understand the sound of the piano and wanted to expel Ju Muer, but she was the queen mother who wanted to see her, so Ju Muer ridiculed her for failing to understand the rhythm.

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