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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 45 Recap

Du Juan sat beside Li Jianjian and said that after a whole night of deliberation, he decided to expel Zhou Miao and also broke up with Zhou Miao. Du Juan also said that Zhou Miao played games with his friends all night and lied, and this time he also slandered Li Jianjian for plagiarism. Didn’t he know that he didn’t say it just because he liked it. Dujuan was very sad after Zhou Miao left. Li Jianjian comforted her that the garbage should stay in the trash can. Next time Dujuan will find someone she likes in the park. He Ziqiu took the flowers to the hospital to visit his grandfather.

The people outside the bed were all talking about He Ziqiu. Zhao Huaguang took He Ziqiu to the outside cafe to talk. He Ziqiu said that he and Zhao Huaguang had different understandings and that he had accumulated too much resentment. Zhao Huaguang felt that he still regarded He Ziqiu as a son, but he did not understand why He Ziqiu was not willing to recognize him. He Ziqiu affirmed that Zhao Huaguang was a man and that many people would come to see him. This was the first time he felt that Zhao Huaguang was his biological father. He Ziqiu said that he and Zhao Huaguang have always been like dumplings rather than family members, and finally promised to see the old man more. After He Ziqiu left, Zhao Huaguang sent the photos of San Xiao Wu Guai to He Ziqiu and said that they would never see each other again.

Tang Can found her parents and told them that she had already gotten the opportunity to perform in a drama. Although she earned less money, her family didn’t need her to buy a house or a car. Tang Can’s father is very supportive of Tang Can, and thinks that as long as his daughter is happy and happy. Tang Can’s mother thought that Tang Can had just stabilized not long ago and now she is whimsical again, and she went to fortune to Tang Can not being a star. In addition, he said that Tang Can had missed the previous interviews, which proved that Tang Canhong could not get up. Tang Can retorted that his mother chose the first two because the girl was more suitable than herself.

There was also a time when a brokerage company signed her mother but said she was Tang Can’s. The agent can do the same. The last time Tang Can went to a normal university because she didn’t take the art exam when she went to acting, it was Tang Can’s mother’s heart disease and left. Tang Can’s father encouraged her to act well and fully supported her. On the other side, when Zheng Shuran received the photos of San Xiao Wu Guai sent by He Ziqiu, he also dug up the black material of the brother and rushed to the studio to tell Jian Jian and Du Juan. Jian Jian and Du Juan saw Zheng Shuran’s post before they knew about this brother Yu Fei. I copied someone else’s copy when I was abroad. In the end, Jianjian was very happy and decided to invite Zheng Shuran to eat hot pot at night.

Chen Ting moved to invite Feng Xixi to dinner, Qin Meiyang told Chen Ting not to make Ling Xiao angry, but Qin Meiyang disagrees. Ling Xiao and Feng Xixi met Qi Mingyue when they went home, and Qi Mingyue also knew that it was Chen Ting’s dinner. At the dinner table, Ling Xiao saw that Feng Xixi was only invited, and was very angry. When Feng Xixi went to the bathroom, Ling Xiao and Chen Ting quarreled and left. Feng Xixi found out that Ling Xiao had left and guessed it.

Finally, Feng Xixi told Chen Ting that she only regarded Ling Xiao as her younger brother and that she also envied the relationship between Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao, and finally posted what Li Jianjian Shudong wrote. After giving it to Chen Ting, he left. After Li Jianjian came home, Qi Mingyue asked Li Jianjian and Chen Ting to treat her to dinner, only to realize that Chen Ting didn’t invite her at all. Tang Can was very angry and asked if Li Jianjian was particularly annoying when she was a child. Li Jianjian said that maybe it was because he had sent walnuts to Ling Xiao. Then Qi Mingyue told Qi Mingyue that sister Ling Xiao was choked to death because she ate walnuts. Qi Mingyue thought Chen Ting hated Li Jianjian. Li Jianjian knew the bad things that happened when she abandoned her son and locked her daughter at home.

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