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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 44 Recap

In the end, Qi Mingyue’s parents agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce at two o’clock in the afternoon the next day after dinner. Qi Mingyue told Jin Yuxiang that he had two months to go to Beijing and he could move back to spend two months with her. Jin Yuxiang refused because Qi Mingyue had to leave sooner or later, so she simply let herself adapt to a person’s life sooner. After that, Jin Yuxiang was surprised that Qi Mingyue helped her speak. Qi Mingyue said that he is a reporter and does not help relatives. Chen Ting mopped the floor at home.

Qin Meiyang knocked on the door and returned home. Chen Ting asked Qin Meiyang what she did not go home these days? Qin Meiyang said that she worked in Ziqiu’s shop. Chen Ting forbids Qin Meiyang from going to He Ziqiu ‘s shop, because He Ziqiu didn’t come when Ling Xiao celebrated his birthday, and now he doesn’t know what An’s heart is. Qin Meiyang did not agree with Chen Ting’s words and said that Ziqiu was not such a person at all, and that everyone had a lot of things to do every day, so there was no time to speak ill of others. Qin Meiyang said that Chen Ting had delusions of persecution. Chen Ting said that Qin Meiyang and Ling Xiao were both brainwashed by them. How could being their mother harm them?

He Ziqiu brought coffee to Li Jianjian’s studio to pick him up from work. After Li Jianjian left, Zhou Miao told Du Juan that Boss Li didn’t care about photos at all. Does it take so long to find a photo? Zhou Miao thought that maybe Li Jianjian had no photos at all. Why should the brothers in the world copy Li Jianjian’s when he is famous? Zhou Miao told Du Juan that Li Jianjian might have plagiarized, and that plagiarism meant compensation for breach of contract, but this matter had nothing to do with Du Juan, so as long as Du Juan and Li Jianjian stopped working together, it would be fine.

Du Juan had believed in Li Jianjian very much, and felt very uncomfortable after listening to Zhou Miao’s words. Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu stopped in the noodle restaurant and told them that Mae had spoken for Li Haichao that day, and they agreed to go to the bookstore tomorrow. Li Jianjian was very happy because He Ziqiu could be on the same account page with her, and Li Jianjian proposed to follow Li Haichao and Anna Ma on a date. When Zhuang Bei sent Tang Can home, he ran into Qi Mingyue and Jin Yuxiang who came back. Qi Mingyue asked Tang Can to take her mother upstairs first and then talked to Zhuang Bei. Qi Mingyue expressed her apologies like Zhuang Bei. Zhuang Bei comforted her parents to divorce and refuse to confess it is not a bad thing. Zhuang Bei said that he had rejected other people’s confession at the beginning, so now he regrets it very much. The last two people added back to WeChat.

Tang Can tells Qi Mingyue that she was very successful in her performance and that she had resigned, and she was going back to fight her mother. Qi Mingyue asked Tang Can to go home and talk to her mother. Then she said that her parents were divorced. At night, Jin Yuxiang and Qi Mingyue slept and cried secretly. Qi Mingyue hugged her mother and made her laugh. Li Haichao and Anna Mae saw a book in the bookstore. Anna Ma ridiculed that Li Haichao and the teacher were in love because they did not like reading. Li Haichao hurriedly explained that he and Teacher Zhang were just friends, and that he knew only because Mae said he liked reading before.

Anna Mae laughed when he saw that Li Haichao was serious. At this time, Li Jianjian, who was hiding in the dark, wanted to continue to follow, but He Ziqiu felt bad. When the two were arguing, Anna Mae and Li Haichao appeared behind him. The four people didn’t know what to say in the restaurant. Li Jianjian said that he didn’t think the two of them were dating, but Anna Mae directly expressed that they were dating. He Mei then asked He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian for their opinions. Li Haichao and He Ziqiu bowed their heads and drank the soup without speaking. Li Jianjian applauded and agreed. Li Jianjian was very happy and then told Ling Xiao that Li Haichao finally solved the lifelong event. On the other side, Du Juan called Li Jianjian to come to the studio, preparing to talk about the plagiarism of San Xiao Wu Guai.

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