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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 43 Recap

In the name of his family, episode 43, the plot introduces Tang Can, the female role in the drama, Qi Mingyue, parents meet and divorce.

After Zhuang Bei and Tang Can watched the play, Zhuang Bei received a call from a friend of the play director, so he took Tang Can to the play rehearsal. Tang Can looked at the actors performing on stage and was very yearning. After the rehearsal, the director came to chat with Zhuang Bei Tang Can. The director said that the original heroine could not come because of injuries, so the play could only stop and now he is worrying about finding substitutes everywhere. .

Tang Can asked that there should be a substitute actor, but the director felt that it was not appropriate. Then the director looked at Tang Can and felt that her bangs and big eyes were very similar to the middle color of the play. Zhuang Bei also said that Tang Can had acted since childhood and memorized lines. Also very powerful. At this time, Tang Can seemed a little hesitant. The director took out the script and gave it to Tang Can to let her look at the script and give himself an answer before noon tomorrow.

Tang Can hesitated very much that he was already working in the museum and his family was very happy. He finally gave up acting and now let himself act, and he has never acted in a drama and worried that he would not perform well. After the director left, Tang Can kept staring at the script Zhuang Bei to see her thoughts. Zhuang Bei encouraged Tang Can to look at the script and try it out if he thought it was okay, and then go back to the museum to work again. Tang Can also felt that he could give it a try. Anyway, there was still a way out. After Li Jianjian went home, Tang Can told Li Jianjian his thoughts. Li Jianjian also knew that Tang Can could not completely put down his acting career, and encouraged Tang Can to give it a try. Tang Can took time off the next day to rehearse. The excellent performance made the director recognized her ability and got the heroine.

Lee pointed to knock on the door called Qinmei center out to dinner, after the US central bank opened the door for Li Qin pointed into the house. Li Jianjian found that Qin Meiyang had cleaned everything in the room very neatly, and Qin Meiyang bought Li Jianjian a speaker as a gift. Qin Meiyang then apologized to Li Jianjian when she fell and wronged Li Jianjian when she was a child. Li Jianjian had forgotten about it a long time ago and was not angry with Qin Meiyang at all.

Qin Meiyang took the initiative to call Sister Tang Can when she went out to dinner and said that she was going home to live, and she would not grab the remote control with her in the future. Tang Can also said that he had never concealed the remote control, just that he liked to throw it casually. Li Jianjian was doing woodcarving in the studio. Du Juan asked her if she found the photo. Zhou Miao was anxious to see Li Jianjian’s calm appearance, because if there is no more evidence that Li Jianjian did not plagiarize, then the studio will do it. Will face compensation.

He Ziqiu called Zhao Huaguang and asked if he could see his grandpa today, and then Zhao Huaguang looked for photos of himself. Zhao Huaguang said that he is now surviving and worshiping Buddha everywhere, and he will not return in two days. He Ziqiu anxiously said that he needed the photo very much. Zhao Huaguang said angrily that the photo was so important? Why did the Zhao family give birth to such an unfilial thing like He Ziqiu and then hung up the phone. On the other side, Qi Mingyue took Jin Yuxiang and her mother to meet.

Jin Yuxiang asked Qi Mingyue’s father that there was someone outside, and now she wants to abdicate and let her be a good man. Dad said that he was not the kind of person who had walked around and talked about Jin Yuxiang’s arbitrariness by himself for so many years. Especially the purchase of a house this time made him see that Jin Yuxiang would not reflect on it. Jin Yuxiang was very sad and could only say to leave. Qi Mingyue hugged Jin Yuxiang and told her father and mother that she would regret the divorce. Qi Mingyue said that he and his father were both escaping, so he indulged his mother to become his current character, and his father wanted to let go. Qi Mingyue said that even if the divorce is true, she will take good care of her mother with her.

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