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Blues Strike 蓝军出击 Episode 5 Recap

Mountain Leopard Brigade uses psychological warfare to delay 909 travel army speed

After the 909 Brigade Chief of Staff Zhu Rong Artillery Battalion learned that the combat news had been spread, he was worried that the Mountain Leopard Brigade would ambush in the middle. If a car encountered a problem, the entire convoy would have to stop, so he ordered the troops to stop temporarily. Chu Zhan was very angry when he heard it, but he also knew that Zhu Rong’s consideration was reasonable.

Han Peng ordered the artillery battalion of the 909 brigade to be detained for more than two days, so even if the artillery battalion of the 909 brigade arrived at the Langshan base, it would be useless. Ge Yun told Han Peng that the marching speed of 909 Brigade Middle Road had slowed down, and Han Peng asked Tong Fei to stay and guard the rear, and he was going to the acting scene to see the excitement.

But the follow-up plan has not yet been worked out, and Tong Fei will not let Han Peng go away. Ge Yun also mentioned that the materials in their hands have been used up, and the current script must be too late. Han Peng asked Feng Xiaosheng to upload Hao Jianguo’s combat plan to the theater LAN. Ge Yun also agreed with this plan, but must conceal the key details, so that they can’t tell the truth.

As soon as Zhu Rong saw Chu Zhangang’s complaint, he asked Chu Zhangang to go to the military area to sue Han Peng. Chu Zhangang was calm and gentle, saying that this was the psychological warfare of the Mountain Leopard Brigade, in order to hinder their marching speed. The soldiers of the 909 Brigade and the Mountain Leopard Brigade scolded them on the Internet. Chu Zhan just said that they were fooled, and Zhu Rong hurriedly told everyone to turn off their computers.

The Smurfs posted on the Internet the combat plan of the Mountain Leopard Brigade, which stated the specific location of the ambush of the 909 Brigade. Chu Zhangang concluded that this was the Mountain Leopard brigade’s desire to cover up, deliberately leaving the news to confuse them and let the troops proceed according to the original plan.

Chu Zhangang was suddenly overwhelmed by the invisible and intangible style of the Mountain Leopard Brigade, which also slowed the marching speed. Zhu Rong proposed to lead the guard camp to explore the way forward, and Chu Zhangang told him not to fall in love with war, and to do his best to move forward.

The Blue Army Chief of Staff received the news that the Red Army would send scouts to investigate and attack by bombers out of the hole, and the position would be completely destroyed in an instant. The Minister of the Senate announced to withdraw the blocking troops, but his subordinates did not agree. If the artillery arrived at Langshan, they would receive a devastating blow.

The Minister of the Senate has his own plan, and he will give up blocking the position if he catches it. The head of the Senate prepared a fake position and confuses the Red Army based on Tong Fei’s psychological warfare contact.

Hong Yi and his comrades disguised as nearby farmers, and went to a ravine near Langshan on the excuse of going uphill to graze cattle. This was formed by the rain that was washed down before. He wanted to see if the troops could come from here when they launched a blockade. Go up. The soldiers patrolling the Mountain Leopard Brigade found them, and Hong Yi had done enough to deal with them before, so he did not show his feet. Before leaving, Hong Yi took advantage of the patrolling soldiers not paying attention, and secretly left the water bottle in the grass.

Chu Zhangang wanted the troops to advance as soon as possible, so he ordered the engineering battalion to advance forward to clear the obstacles for the advancement of the artillery regiment. Hao Jianguo and others attacked the 909 brigade at the previously announced ambush site. Now Xu Xiaocun believed that the Blue Army’s post issued by the Smurfs was true.

Chu Zhangang ordered the Second Motorbike Battalion to advance forward as soon as possible and not to stay. At this time, many people came to visit the 909 brigade with things one after another. Before long, the 909 brigade was ambushed. There was a minefield in front of him. Chief of Staff Ding ordered mine clearance, but only a few of them were real and the others were fake. Just as soon as Chu Zhan saw them procrastinating, he decided to come to the front to supervise the battle. .

For Chu Zhangang, the indentation of time means that victory will be discounted. Chu Zhangang drove the engineering truck in front of him, letting the chief of staff and others follow. Shen Jun saw Chu Zhangang’s desperate look at the headquarters, and said with a smile that the mountain leopard brigade’s psychological warfare was indeed effective. Even Chu Zhangang, the brigade commander, personally took the battle, but Han Peng’s next move was not easy.

Hao Jianguo asked the engineer platoon to create a landslide, which could effectively stop the 909 brigade for three hours. But this time is far from enough. Hao Jianguo asked the special brigade to support the engineering platoon, doubled the explosives for the engineering platoon to create an explosion, to clear the 909 brigade at least until dawn, and named it Junk Tactics, but the soldiers felt that the Blue Army was Stinky tofu, smelling and fragrant.

Chu Zhan just learned that they would have to wait until tomorrow morning to get through the road, and the whole person would be bad. Fortunately, Zhu Rong found a detour. Chu Zhan just asked the 3rd Mobu Battalion to continue to open up this road, and other troops went around, and had to arrive at the dock before the prescribed time to control the port and shipping.

Chu Zhangang and Xu Xiaocun had been busy all day, and finally found time to eat. Xu Xiaocun sighed that the psychological warfare of the Mountain Leopard brigade should indeed arouse their attention. At the end of the day, they are all new styles, which is refreshing. Chu Zhangang knew that Xu Xiaocun was conservative, and to be precise, they should be difficult to cope with.

It seems that psychological warfare really needs attention. Xu Xiaocun said that his previous acting opponents were all familiar with each other. From the marching route to the strategy and tactics, they were all the same, so winning and losing were mixed. But now the Mountain Leopard brigade is unfamiliar to them, not even half of the brigade can be regarded as a blue army, so they were caught off guard. It was a bit like encountering a foreign army.

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