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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 8 Recap

My best friend said that Lu Jia was silly at work and the string was too tight, so she planned to take Lu Jia to a spa. Lu Jia remembered what Xu Jiaxiu had said to herself, so she said to herself, is Xu Jiaxiu early? I knew something, and then my girlfriend asked Lu Jia what to say, so Lu Jia asked the master to stop, and the girlfriend asked where Lu Jia was going. Then Lu Jia asked her to get out of the car first and went to Xu Jiaxiu’s company.

Lu Jia returned to the company and saw that everyone was busy, so he rushed to Xu Jiaxiu’s office. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu how the intimate tree was taken off the shelves. Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jiaxiu didn’t need to take care of this matter. She had already resigned. Then Lu Jia blocked Xu Jiaxiu. Not letting him go, Xu Jiaxiu said that the intimacy tree had an impact on society. In order to create an inevitable situation, the service of the intimacy tree was suspended first.

There was no room for maneuver. Lu Jia asked if the company would be in trouble, Xu Jiaxiu said , It’s not a big deal, just lose some money. Then Lu Jia said that if he loses money, he has a certain responsibility. Xu Jiaxiu said, not to mention that he had an appointment, and then left. When Lu Jia met Zhou Yunbo, Zhou Yunbo told Lu Jia that the tree of intimacy caused disharmony between husband and wife and between lovers. Xu Jiaxiu had already been called to talk. After that, Lu Jia was very worried. Xu Jiaxiu and Ye Angtong were criticized, and the two went to the street to have a drink.

Lu Jia then went to Xu Jiaxiu and told Lu Jia that he had agreed to her resignation, why did she show up? Then, Lu Jia said that although she liked money , But never owe money to others. Because of my own reasons, I owe more than 1 million yuan to the intimacy tree. I am the escalator of the project and bear 15% responsibility, so I have to pay back the money. Then Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia to send money to the account. Lu Jia said that he was a bit tight and couldn’t find the next home. Can he discuss the installment payment? Xu Jiaxiu said that installment payment was not good. Ye Angtong said that it was almost enough. Jia returned to Voya to work.

Lu Jia returned to the company the next day. Everyone welcomes Lu Jia’s return. Colleagues said that Xu Jiaxiu has attracted an investment and the project is in the next stage. After that, Lu Jia analyzed the company’s project situation and found that he was again caught by Xu Jiaxiu. The routine is gone, Xu Jiaxiu pitted himself 60,000 yuan. During the meeting, Xu Jiaxiu said that the core technology of the Intimate Tree has been used, and the development direction and thinking are still in accordance with the original path. Then everyone expressed their views. The express delivery that Janice bought arrived. Janice told Lu Jia that she thought she was leaving, so she bought something and gave it to her. In the end, Janice gave it to Lu Jia, and Janice went to Xu Jiaxiu’s office. ,

Put her feet directly on the table, and then Xu Jiaxiu asked Janis to be a little bit more feminine, but Janice still did her own way. Xu Jiaxiu said that her parents must be thoughtful when naming her, and then said Zhan Niss’s original name was Lin Jiaojiao. Janis suddenly got emotional and stood up. Then Xu Jiaxiu asked Janis to try on her dress. Janis was surprised and thought Xu Jiaxiu was crazy. Janice told Lu Jia what Xu Jiaxiu said to him, and then Lu Jia returned home. Lu Jia asked Lu Dad whether Aunt Jiang would sew a skirt. After talking with Dad for a while, he went out.

Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu were asked by Teacher Zhang to do the test questions. A high school student came to the teacher and said that he had a math problem, and then Lu Jia wanted to help the student solve the problem, but did not solve it. Xu Jiaxiu helped Lu Jia solve the problem. But the two of them were very close, Lu Jia was shy, Lu Jia laughed at Xu Jiaxiu’s appearance, after a while after the students left, Lu Jia said to Xu Jiaxiu, Xu Jiaxiu was handsome, and Xu Jiaxiu was embarrassed, so the two of them sat down. Waiting for the teacher to come back together, Xu Jiaxiu came to Lu Jia’s house after a while.

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