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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 7 Recap

Di Ge decided to give Lu Jia the Intimacy Tree. If the Intimacy Tree can really help the development of the company, he is willing to give up the Intimacy Tree. Janice said that Lu Jia’s move is very powerful. , And then Xu Jiaxiu said that he just got the power of attorney. What if he loses money in the future? The next day, Lu Jia started a close cooperation with everyone in the company, and then the money of the close tree was paid in. Lu Jia was very happy. Xu Jiaxiu came to the company.

Lu Jia called her best friend and told her that she missed their hot pot, and then she was upset when she heard Lu Jia say this. Lu Jia said that now that she removes the ransom money, she still has leftovers. The best friend is happy for her. . Lu Jia invited everyone to eat hot pot. Lu Jia came to his girlfriend’s shop and ordered Mandarin Duck Pot. My girlfriend didn’t understand why she ordered Mandarin Duck Pot, because Lu Jia always eats spicy pot.

Lu Jia said that because she also invited Xu Jiaxiu, girlfriend Thinking that Lu Jia is interesting to Xu Jiaxiu, my best friend also said to Lu Jia that if she was Xu Jiaxiu, she would not come. Because acute appendicitis happened, how could she come to eat hot pot? Isn’t this a death? After a while, colleagues all came, but Xu Jiaxiu still Did not arrive. Everyone thought that Xu Jiaxiu would not come, but Xu Jiaxiu arrived in a while, and he ordered takeout in the hot pot restaurant. Lu Jia said that only Xu Jiaxiu could do it in the hot pot restaurant. Then everyone ate hot pot together, Ye Angyu It’s boring to eat hot pot, play games together, and talk about the rules of the game. During the game, Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu played each other frequently.

Everyone drank too much. Only Xu Jiaxiu drank tea because of his appendicitis. Xu Jiaxiu wanted to leave for a while, but Lu Jia grabbed Xu Jiaxiu and told Xu Jiaxiu that although he looks good, this is not the reason why he wears small shoes every day. Lu Jia then told everyone that Xu Jiaxiu bullied herself every day and was late. I deducted my money for two hours in one minute, not because I wanted to leave everyone, but Xu Jiaxiu let myself go. Then Lu Jia wanted to check out, but Lu Jia jumped on Xu Jiaxiu’s back and refused to let Xu Jiaxiu go. Xu Jiaxiu let Lu Jia go down, but Lu Jia didn’t let it go, so Xu Jiaxiu took Lu Jia away.

Lu Jia’s best friend told everyone that Xu Jiaxiu had already settled the bill, and you could eat whatever you like. The best friend also told her husband that a sign will be posted at the door tomorrow and ordering is forbidden. Xu Jiaxiu sent Lu Jia to the car and took her home. Lu Jia drank too much, so he went to Xu Jiaxiu’s house to feed the cat, but he bumped his head, Xu Jiaxiu sent Lu Jia home, and the next day Lu Jia woke up and found that her head hurts, so she went to wash and looked in the mirror. There was a red envelope on his head. The roommate saw it, and then asked what happened. Lu Jia said that he bumped his head. Janice said that Lu Jia climbed on Xu Jiaxiu’s back last night and couldn’t survive. Janice also said that Lu Jia scolded Xu Jiaxiu so badly yesterday that Lu Jia slowly remembered. Lu Jia went to the company and asked Xu Jiaxiu to resign.

Ye Angyu knew that Lu Jia was leaving, so he went to Xu Jiaxiu and asked why Xu Jiaxiu wanted Lu Jia to leave. Then, Xu Jiaxiu asked Ye Angyu to read a document, and Ye Angyu understood. Why let Lu Jia go. But after Lu Jia offered to resign, she was not as happy as she imagined. Everyone sent Lu Jia away. After leaving the company, Lu Jia asked her girlfriends to eat together, but Lu Jia’s mood was not so high. The girlfriends asked Lu Jia how he left Xu Jiaxiu. Not happy, Lu Jia told her girlfriend that Xu Jiaxiu probably remembered what she had a crush on him back then. Because of the love letter, she put on small shoes for herself every day. The girlfriend said that since Xu Jiaxiu can remember this for so long, Xu Jiaxiu should be very I care about Lu Jia, but Lu Jia doesn’t think so. Lu Jia asks her girlfriend to open the intimacy tree, but her girlfriend can’t open it, so Lu Jia asked Janice.

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