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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 5 Recap

Xu Jiaxiu’s stomach hurts, and Lu Jia is very anxious, so Lu Jia pushes Xu Jiaxiu into a wheelchair, sends Xu Jiaxiu to the hospital, to the hospital, the doctor touches Xu Jiaxiu’s stomach, Xu Jiaxiu’s expression is uncomfortable, and then the doctor prepares Lu Jia to prepare Lu Jia was very surprised, because Xu Jiaxiu was dying. The doctor told Lu Jia that he was going to have an operation because it was acute appendicitis. Then Lu Jia went to make preparations.

Lu Jia fell asleep outside the operating room. After the doctor came out, Lu Jia woke up. Then Lu Jia went to see Xu Jiaxiu in the ward. Lu Jia found that she was still very kind. Although Xu Jiaxiu abused herself, she still treated Xu Jiaxiu very well. . Lu Jia found that Xu Jiaxiu’s long and beautiful man was still very good-looking, and then he muttered to herself, not knowing why his colleagues had not come. After a while, Lu Jia packed Xu Jiaxiu’s clothes and saw the cat jar, only to realize that Xu Jiaxiu refused to come to the hospital. When I went back to feed the cat, my colleagues came after a while, Lu Jia was eating fruit, and Xu Jiaxiu woke up.

Ye Angqi found that Xu Jiaxiu was hungry, so he gave him something to eat, but the nurse went into the ward and refused to let everyone feed Xu Jiaxiu, so he asked the patient if he was exhausted. He also hoped that everyone should let him exhausted. anything. Ye Anggu went out of the ward and saw the person who had gone to Ward Technology to collect debts before. Then Ye Anggu ran back to the ward. The group of people followed in. The group said to Xu Jiaxiu, thank him very much last time. To help him, he also sent a lot of food to eat, and then left. Xu Jiaxiu was sick and couldn’t eat those things, so his colleagues helped Xu Jiaxiu to eat. Lu Jia went to give Xu Jiaxiu a report of his illness. When he came back, the shrimps were already there. Was eaten up.

After a while, everyone decided to take turns to guard Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia was the first one to guard Xu Jiaxiu. Ye Angjin hoped to stay and take care of Xu Jiaxiu with Lu Jia, but other colleagues pulled Ye Angjin away. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu went for a walk together. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu if he was exhausted. Xu Jiaxiu said no. Then Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that he might be able to exhaust when he ran. So he took Xu Jiaxiu to walk quickly, but Xu Jiaxiu’s slippers fell off. Jia hurried to get him back. After a while, Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu went back to the ward. Lu Jia showed Xu Jiaxiu the exhausting video. Xu Jiaxiu couldn’t watch it, so he let Lu Jia get started.

Lu Jia touched Xu Jiaxiu’s belly everywhere. Xu Jiaxiu grabbed her hand. . For a while, Xu Jiaxiu wanted to let Lu Jia take herself out to eat, but Lu Jia said that he hadn’t exhausted himself and couldn’t eat. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that he had a cat in his house and no one was feeding it. It was very pitiful. Then Lu Jia said that he would go back and feed the cat. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia to shovel the cat feces. Lu Jia agreed. After Lu Jia left, Xu Jiaxiu vented. Lu Jia and Janice went to Xu Jiaxiu’s house to help feed the cat. Janice was very scared when he saw the cat, so he avoided the cat, and the cat ran around, messing up the house. The two of them packed up in a while. Lu sent a video to Xu Jiaxiu.

The project that Lu Jia received before has been successfully completed. Lu Jia felt that he could finally leave. Lu Jia came to the hospital. At this time, Xu Jiaxiu was exhausting. Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that he could finally go. But Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia could not leave yet. Lu Jia said Xu Jiaxiu was playing tricks. Xu Jiaxiu said she had lost. The working hours had changed from one month to three months. If she really wanted to leave, she would pay three months’ penalty. So the two of them pinched, Lu Jia compromised and decided to continue working.

Ye Angqi came in just to see Lu Jia go away angrily. Lu Jia returned home. Lu Jia’s father was cooking for Lu Jia. At this time, Lu Jia received a message from her girlfriend saying that Yang Shanni and her boyfriend William had broken up. Lu Jia was surprised. Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that the profit of the project can be avoided by himself, which is equivalent to liquidated damages. Xu Jiaxiu disagreed. Lu Jia said that the project was very good and would be profitable in the future, but Xu Jiaxiu didn’t think so. Lu Jia left angrily.

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