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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 4 Recap

Lu Jia was planning to move out. Lu Jia’s father told Lu Jia that if Lu Jia lives at home, he can still cook for Lu Jia, but Lu Jia said that if he lives at home, it will delay him and Aunt Jiang. Later, Lu Jia’s team came to Lu Jia’s house to help Lu Jia move. Two boys and one girl knocked on the door.

Janice called Ye Angyu, Ye Angyu said that he would not help Lu Jia move, because Ye Angyu said that he was afraid to go to Lu Jia’s house, and then Zhanjiasi got in the car together. . Lu Jia and his colleagues went upstairs together. It happened that Xu Jiaxiu was confessed. Lu Jia and the others returned to the room. Janice told everyone that when he first came, Mr. Xu had already lived there. Then Lu Jia Go downstairs and throw out the trash. I saw the girl who gave the cake to Xu Jiaxiu just now crying. The girl gave the cake to Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia refused the girl and said no. If Lu Jia didn’t want it, she could throw it away, so she was not a fortress. Give the cake to Lu Jia, and Lu Jia accepted it. Lu Jia took the cake and went back to the room. Janice said that the birthday cake is used to eat into his stomach, and he will give the cake to Xu Jiaxiu. He won’t take a while.

Everyone sang the birthday song and gave it to the next door. Boss Xu celebrated his birthday. When Boss Xu got out of the elevator, he heard the noise in Lu Jia’s room, so Boss Xu entered the door of the room, not wanting Lu Jia and his colleagues to be frolicking, Lu Jia was holding a cake in his hand, and accidentally fell on Boss Xu. , Boss Xu asked them what they were doing, then Janice said he was celebrating his birthday, Boss Xu said that he had never seen a birthday like this before, and he did not call it himself. Then, Boss Xu threw away the soiled clothes. It was given to Lu Jia, and he said that whoever soiled the clothes washed them, and Lu Jia felt that he was guilty of the Five Elements.

The next day, although Lu Jia said that he lived close, she was almost late, and Janice happened to arrive at the company. At this time, the five people joined the company. Ye Angyu told Lu Jia about how the project proceeded, and then installed the image processing software on Lu Jia’s computer. Ye Angyu told Lu Jia about how the project proceeded, and then gave Lu Jia the image processing software.

Jia’s computer was installed, but the computer suddenly crashed, and Lu Jia thought that Ye Anggu was installing a virus. Lu Jia took the computer to Xu Jiaxiu and asked Xu Jiaxiu to change himself to a computer. After that, Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia to go through the process, that is, let everyone in the office sign, but some colleagues were not there. Then Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu, who is not there. How to be sure? Xu Jiaxiu said, WeChat confirmed, so Lu Jia finally finished the confirmation, and finally Xu Jiaxiu also confirmed the signature. Lu Jia was very happy. Lu Jia was repairing the picture in the afternoon. It was already two o’clock and he had to finish it quickly.

Then Xiaodi told Lu Jia that Xu Jiaxiu asked her to go to the office. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu what was happening. Xu Jiaxiu took the half-year statement back to Lu Jia for verification. Later, Lu Jia was dissatisfied with this work arrangement, so Xu Jiaxiu said that although Lu Jia took the order, she still had to do her job well. Lu Jia took the statement back. At this time, Xu Jiaxiu said that it was time to settle the old accounts. Forget it. Ye Angjun came to see Lu Jia. Lu Jia told Ye Angjun that he was making a statement, and the picture had not been edited yet. Ye Angjun looked at the statement and found that there were a lot of them.

Lu Jia was eating with Ye Angyu and Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia said to Xu Jiaxiu that he hated herself, because of Yang Nishan and him, Ye Angyu and Xu Jiaxiu both peeled shrimps for Lu Jia. Lu Jia said they were naive. The two of them were very naive when eating. After eating, Xu Jiaxiu walked out and sat on the floor. Xu Jiaxiu’s stomach hurts. Lu Jia came out and saw it. In the evening, Lu Jia fell asleep while working, Xu Jiaxiu helped Lu Jia put her sleeping position, and then Xu Jiaxiu sent a message to Lu Jia because Lu Jia’s meal bill had seriously exceeded several hundred yuan.

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