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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 3 Recap

Lu Jia said to Ye Angji that he hoped that he could be with him. He didn’t want to be a gangster, but just want to regain freedom. Lu Jia said that it was written in the employee handbook. As long as he fell in love, he would be expelled. Hand is a bit tight, so there is no way to pay liquidated damages, only through this method to regain freedom, and then Ye Angjin agreed. Ye Angqi told Lu Jia that her tricks could be easily seen by Xu Jiaxiu. If you want to act, you have to listen to her, Lu Jia agreed.

Lu Jia was late for work, but Lu Jia deliberately, then Lu Jia deliberately sent a wrong message to the work group, saying that she missed her boyfriend, and then Lu Jia sent a message in the group saying that she had sent it wrong, colleagues Seeing it all, Xiaodi guessed it was an office romance. Later, Xu Jiaxiu showed Lu Jia the eighth of the employee handbook. If the director-level fell in love in the office, he would be fined 500 yuan. Later, Lu Jia distributed 500 yuan to the work group. He wanted to grab a red envelope. But when he grabbed the red envelope, only a few cents were left, and Lu Jia was very angry. Ye Angtong told Lu Jia that he had overestimated Xu Jiaxiu’s emotional intelligence. He didn’t expect Xu Jiaxiu to notice the ambiguity between him and Lu Jia. Then the two showed affection outside the company where Xu Jiaxiu talked about business, but Xu Jiaxiu did not. Without seeing the two of them, Lu Jia wanted to enter the store.

Ye Angqi and Lu Jia entered the store, but Xu Jiaxiu had already finished the business talk and was about to leave. Ye Angyu and Lu Jia showed off their affection on the street. Lu Jia’s eyes got something. Ye Angyu helped Lu Jia blow, and Xu Jiaxiu saw him. Xu Jiaxiu got in the car and left. Lu Jia chased the car and Lu Jia showed off. Xu Jiaxiu said that he was in love, and the person who fell in love was Ye Angjun, and now he can pack and go. Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu’s employee manual that the office romance had to be expelled, which still counts, and Xu Jiaxiu said that it counts as long as she and Ye Angjin are separated.

Lu Jia tells his girlfriend that he works in Xu Jiaxiu’s company. Xu Jiaxiu’s company is very weird. Lu’s father told Aunt Jiang that he planned to talk to Lu Jia about their affairs. After all, Lu Jia’s mother had been away for many years. Lu Jia returned home and saw that Aunt Jiang was there. Dad Lu said to Lu Jia that Aunt Jiang was patching up pants for herself.

Aunt Jiang said that if there was anything that needed to be patched, she could find herself, and then Aunt Jiang went home. , Lu Jia found out that Lu Jia’s shoes had changed, and Lu Jia said that these are the sweet shoes of a girlfriend. Lu Jia was late for work the next day. Ye Angyu brought her the shoes that Lu Jia had dropped last night. Lu Jia said to Ye Angyu to break up. Let’s stop acting. Xu Jiaxiu intends to break up the office romance, and then Ye Angyu. When asked if Lu Jia would resign, Lu Jia said no, but he would think of other ways.

At this time, Zhou Yunbo brought a project to Xu Jiaxiu, but Xu Jiaxiu refused. Lu Jia saw it and took the project. He bet with Xu Jiaxiu that he would be able to take this project down. If it was taken down, let him go. , Xu Jiaxiu agreed. Xu Jiaxiu believed that Lu Jia would suffer in the future if he took this project. Lu Jia’s project is about programming. Ye Angji said that Lu Jia’s luck was very good. This project happened to be his main direction. Zhou Yunbo told Lu Jia that this project does not have much money, and the technical content is very high, but there is more to live and less money.

They picked the project by themselves, but Ye Angjun said that although time is tight, he will use the current project with less living and more money. Zhou Yunbo wishes everyone good luck. Lu Jia told Sister Lan that Xu Jiaxiu was very strict, but Sister Lan said that Xu Jiaxiu was a very good boss and needed time to work with him. Lu Jia said that she did not sleep enough for six hours a day, and then Sister Lan suggested that Lu Jia stay. Renting a house next to the company, Lu Jia took a look at the rent, 3000 yuan a month is a bit expensive, and Janis returned to the company in a while.

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