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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 2 Recap

Ye Angyu took Lu Jia to visit the company. He also introduced the company’s development. After that, Lu Jia looked at the company’s cafeteria, and felt that it had nothing to do with the self-service in his imagination. He also looked at the fitness place and it didn’t seem to work. Afterwards, Lu Jia also met with a few colleagues. Lu Jia asked everyone what the company’s current project is. Everyone said it was very big, but there weren’t any good projects. Lu Jia felt that what Xu Jiaxiu’s company had released was false news, so he planned to hope that Xu Jiaxiu would let herself leave, but Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that his salary would increase by another 30%. Lu Jia considered it again and then signed the contract.

Lu Jia was very happy after signing the contract. Ye Angtong said to Lu Jia that Lu Jia was very good. He became the chief financial officer when he first came. Later, Ye Angang introduced the company’s members Wang Di and Zhang Liang to Lu Jia. The members of the company’s R&D department and the cashier Xiaodi, colleagues told Lu Jia that Xu Jiaxiu was very good. Xiaodi said that his presentation was only a few millimeters away. Xu Jiaxiu could see it. Zhang Liang said that he should not have enemies with his boss. Lu Jia thought to herself whether kissing Xu Jiaxiu in public would count as a vengeance. Lu Jia went home and told her father that she was very tired today. He also said that the boss was Xu Jiaxiu, a former high school classmate. Her father said that Xu Jiaxiu had been dating a little girl and was caught by himself, and he criticized him for reporting. Then Lu Jia knew that Xu Jiaxiu was by his father. Those who criticized the bulletin were very helpless, thinking that if Yang Shanni knew that she would definitely put this account on her own. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu called Lu Jia and asked Lu Jia to finish the last quarter’s report. There is still a little bit of the last quarter’s report. Xu Jiaxiu believes that it can be done with Lu Jia’s ability. When I came to the company, I didn’t know the company yet, but Xu Jiaxiu didn’t think so, and let Lu Jia finish the report tomorrow. The next day, Xu Jiaxiu checked attendance at the front desk of the company. Lu Jia was late for work. Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that he would be deducted two hours’ salary for being late. Lu Jia was helpless about this, but Ye Angqi was also late in the end, but Xu Jiaxiu did not. Taking down Ye Angyu’s name, Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that Ye Angyu was willing to give up a quarter of his salary in exchange for two hours of sleep, and Lu Jia was helpless.

Then Lu Jia started to make financial statements. When he was ready to do it, Lu Jia’s computer had a problem, and it took a long time to fix it. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu to join in. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia how his financial statements were done. Lu Jia said to do it. It’s almost there, but the computer suddenly broke down. Xu Jiaxiu said that if he didn’t, he didn’t do it. Lu Jia refused to accept what he said. He was very angry and wanted to leave the company. However, Xu Jiaxiu reminded Lu Jia of the stipulation in the contract, which added a stipulation. Ye Angyu and Lu Jia were chatting. Lu Jia said Xu Jiaxiu was targeting herself. Ye Angyu asked Lu Jia if he had offended him. Then, Lu Jia remembered that he kissed Xu Jiaxiu in public that day. Ye Angyu felt that it must be because This incident offended Xu Jiaxiu, and Ye Angjin returned to the office. His colleagues said that Lu Jia was too pitiful. When it was time for get off work, everyone left. Only Lu Jia was outside the door trying to peek at Xu Jiaxiu. Unexpectedly, when Xu Jiaxiu was behind Lu Jia, the two ran into each other. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia if his report was finished, Lu Jia After saying no, Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia to continue to make the report. Ye Angtong looked at Lu Jia and remembered Lu Jia’s appearance in high school. He also drew Lu Jia’s head on the phone. Lu Jia was about to go home. Ye Angyu sent Lu Jia back. Ye Angtong said to Lu Jia, Unexpectedly, Lu Jia would leave Beijing and return to Dongzhou for development. She thought she would stay in Beijing and never come back. She also said that Lu Jia was still so beautiful, but she didn’t look like she used to be at school. Lu Jia then told Ye Angjin that she hoped he could Ye Angjin was surprised to be with himself.

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