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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 1 Recap

Lu Jia decided to clean up his boss. After finishing the cleaning, Lu Jia went out of the hotel, not knowing where he was going next, as if there was nowhere to go. At this time, Xu Jiaxiu was waiting for the elevator at the door of the elevator. Lu Jia just got out of the elevator. The two passed by. Lu Jia got on the car, Xu Jiaxiu entered the door, Zhong Jin called Xu Jiaxiu, Zhong Jin said He was about to get married, and his girlfriend called Lu Jia and said that he was going to get married. Zhong Jin told Xu Jiaxiu that the bridesmaid was Lu Jia, and then Lu Jia also knew that the best man was Xu Jiaxiu, and both of them said they didn’t want to go to the wedding.

Father Lu told her mother that she dreamed that Lu Jia was coming back yesterday. Aunt Jiang said how it was possible. Then the Lu family returned home. Lu Jia looked at the photo of her biological mother and felt that her mother was still the same. Later, my girlfriend called Lu Jia. It was only when my girlfriend knew that Lu Jia had resigned and resigned naked. The girlfriend asked Lu Jia if she had told her father. Lu Jia said she hadn’t. If her father knew about it, she would have to talk about herself again. , I resigned after having such a good job, and then Dad Lu heard it at the door. When Dad Lu knew, Lu Jia hoped Dad Lu would leave him alone, and he could eat fried dough sticks every day when he went home by himself, and cook for his father. How great, Dad Lu wanted to sue Lu Jia after seeing the photo of Lu Jia’s biological mother. Lu Jia said that he would let her father go out first, and that her affairs had been arranged, and then Lu Jia planned to submit a resume. A group of debt collectors came to Xu Jiaxiu’s company. Ye Angtong told everyone that Xu Jiaxiu was the boss, but Xu Jiaxiu told everyone that his company was Woya Technology, and they were looking for Ward Technology. Then everyone went I went to the opposite company, but the opposite company was empty. Xu Jiaxiu helped everyone find Zhou Yunbo, the boss of World Technology.

Zhou Yunbo told everyone, don’t slap your face, and told Xu Jiaxiu that the balance has been shown to them. Party A’s father ran away and he had no money. Then everyone wanted to send Zhou Yunbo to the police station, and then Zhou Yunbo threatened Xu Jiaxiu that he belonged to the house. The landlord, Xu Jiaxiu was not afraid, and then Zhou Yunbo said that Xu Jiaxiu’s rent could be reduced, so Xu Jiaxiu stopped Zhou Yunbo and asked him how much. Lu Jia was applying for a resume and was interviewing, but there was no reliable company. Then Lu Jia tried her last hope, found a company, and met with the interviewer. Lu Jia told the interviewer that she needed some time to think about it. , And then the other party agreed, and then Lu Jia went to the wedding of his girlfriends. Lu Jia came to the wedding site and did not find Xu Jiaxiu. Then Lu Jia told her best friend why Xu Jiaxiu hadn’t come yet, so her girlfriend teased Lu Jia. Lu Jia said that she didn’t mean to him, and then Xu Jiaxiu arrived. Xu Jiaxiu gave the red envelope to Lu Jia. During the meal, Lu Jia had been watching Xu Jiaxiu secretly, and Xu Jiaxiu was also watching Lu Jia secretly.

After a while, Lu Jia helped her girlfriend deal with the possible accidents in the store, and then she said that if Lu Jia didn’t help, she would tell her about her resignation. Lu Jia was helpless. After Lu Jia dealt with the matter, she and her old classmates Sitting down together to reminisce about the past, Lu Jia saw Ye Angqi.

Old classmates were very happy after knowing that Lu Jia was going back to Dongzhou to develop, and Ye Angjun was also very happy. Then everyone asked where Lu Jia worked. Lu Jia thought in her heart, it would be embarrassing to let everyone know that they did not find a job. At this time, the interviewer has sent a notice. Everyone asked where Lu Jia worked, and then Lu Jia told everyone that her company is very powerful and the boss is a returnee. After that, Lu Jia drank too much and kissed Ye Angjin and Xu Jiaxiu. The next day, Lu Jia was on the way to the interview and saw a video sent by her best friend. She felt very embarrassed. Then she went to Voya Technology for an interview. He knew that the boss of Voya Technology was Xu Jiaxiu and Ye Angjun knew Lu Jia. I’m the new treasurer, very happy.

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