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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 19 Recap

A series of urgent reports came from the palace, saying that the Wei people and Xiyi were fighting at the same time. The emperor at the court discussed the offenders from outside the border at this time. The minister admonished and hoped that the emperor would send troops to send troops as soon as possible. The emperor directly ordered Chen Yanyi to be the general of Zhenxi. Willing to go. After Eleven received his father’s letter, he immediately set up and set off. Wang Er heard that he rushed to see him off, and told Eleven to come back safely and invite him to drink on Eleven. Eleven said that he could not hurt himself because he was dead. Wang Er hugged Ten. He watched Eleven to leave.

The Wei people and Xiyi raised their troops at the same time, attacking Xiaguan in the north, and Qiulangyu in the west. General Da Chen fought bloody battles in a critical situation. A city has been lost in the west. King Qi and eleven stood on the tower of the capital, eleven said that they heard that a city had been lost in the western region, and it seemed that the people of Xiyi were coming aggressively. King Qi said that Xiyi was only now instigated by the Great Wei, and there must be a way for them to withdraw their troops and support the northern border. Eleven said that Your Highness needn’t worry about the North Realm. My father and son are not vegetarian.

King Qi said that he definitely believed in General Han, but the current leader of the Wei people, Tuoba Xun, knew our tactics well, and should not underestimate the enemy. Speaking of taking out personal items from his neck and hanging it on Eleven’s neck, and then showing herself with the bracelet to Eleven, Eleven smiled, Qi Wang said that although the separation is far apart this time, we will always be there. At the same time, returning from victory this time, I will ask my father to restore your daughter’s body and become the princess I am marrying. I must come back safely. The two applied to embrace each other and said take care, and then led the army.

Wang Xiang came to the second prince’s mansion. Wang Xiang said that now that the Wei people and Xiyi are raising troops at the same time is not an opportunity for us. The second prince said that the father had only cursed himself not long ago, or don’t fight. Wang Xiang said that there is no turning back now. If the winner and the loser let Chen Yanyi ascend to the throne, will he let you go? After hearing this, the second prince said that it seemed that he had to fight with the second prince. Wang Xiang said that he would make arrangements freely, so you don’t have to worry about it. Guozi Supervisor Liao Jichang told Wang Er that we should join the army too. Wang Er said that you may not be admirable when you go to others, and it may be a disservice. After receiving the chapter on the side, he knew the importance of civil servants and generals. Cheng Jun said that he planned to be a counselor in the western region, and the chapter said that he was willing to go together.

Eleven returned to the northern military camp. General Han asked Eleven to look at the map and analyze the current situation. He said that Xiaguan is temporarily stable. The enemy commander Tuoba Xun is not proficient in our tactics at this time. underestimate the enemy. Eleven said that His Royal Highness had also talked about this person with himself. Both of them were apprentices of the mysterious sect, and he still had some understanding of His Highness’s logic.

This time, he would surely defeat them. Now General Han commanded the soldiers and asked General Cheng what he thought of him. General Cheng said that he had no actual combat, and General Han was in charge of everything. The two armies have fought more than ten times, and the losses on both sides are not heavy. This Tuoba Xun seemed to be waiting for something, Yin Zi said that the two armies were fighting for food, so it was strange to drag. General Han stepped forward and asked what was happening to the supervising army sent by the capital. Eleven said if this person was a member of the prime minister, but before his Highness left, he still had to be careful of this person, and told him to deal with it directly if someone restrained him.

General Han Da said that this was sent by the emperor. After all, the emperor could not believe us, so let him be the eyes and ears of the emperor, otherwise our loyalty would not be considered loyal. Eleven said that what should be defended is still to be defended, and General Han said that the military still has its own decisions. The eleventh told General Han Da before that His Highness had told himself that if someone restrained him, he would just kill him. General Han Da said that since you came back this time, your Highness has always been ahead of schedule. After the eleventh prevarication, he said that Daddy’s hair is white, and he has not been able to help you. General Han Da said that eleven was his pride, and the two chatted for a while, talking and laughing.

In the West Frontier Barracks, King Qi analyzed the battle situation. Master Qi said that although they raised troops at the same time as the Wei people, it was only to contain the West Frontier army and delay the attack for the Wei people. His Royal Highness could take this opportunity to win Xiyi’s record and praise the court. Stand firm. King Qi scolded how to confuse personal interests with the dispute between courts and courts. The battle should be ended as soon as possible and then support the North. Master Qi said that General Han Da is his old friend and a capable person, so he can rest assured. King Qi said that he certainly believed in his General Han, but this time Tuoba Xun, the leader of the Wei people, was also the apprentice of Master Xuanji, and this person was extremely tricky and could not underestimate the enemy.

If Han Jiajun can control the situation, it’s okay, if the court is worried that Han Jiajun has two hearts to send people to check. King Qi said that this was exactly what he was worried about, so he had to end this battle as soon as possible to support the North. Master Qi said that as long as you eliminate the main force of the barbarian, you will give it to me, but if you tell your majesty about this matter first, you will be suspicious and say that we are going to rob his country. of

The court ministers reported that they had their own winners and losers. In the last seven days, the Han family was defeated in three battles and three defeats. All the soldiers who defended the town were killed. The Langyaguan has been lost. The Chinese and Korean generals in the northern camp ordered the beheading of General Cheng, because General Cheng had informed Wei Jun that the traitor had sworn to the death to defend the border.

Eleven said that Langyaguan fell into a dilemma, unless there is imperial court reinforcements before and after they can get away. General Han Dafa said that Deng court’s reinforcements may be too late. If I know that I have a garrison, I have written a letter and now I only need someone to send it. The eleventh said that we do not have the right to transfer troops, I am afraid that the Lintang garrison will not be willing to support. General Han Da said that I believe they would support him, so he ordered 11 to deliver the letter.

Eleven and Kaneko came to Lintang together and explained their intentions to the guards, but the garrison was unwilling to support and did not open the city gate. Eleven was very angry. Kaneko said that if the generals were not invited to the reinforcements, let me write this letter. Here you are, in the letter, General Han told him that he should not go back again, and go directly to Beijing to explain the situation of the battle and cover the reputation of Han’s army. After reading the letter, Eleven insisted on going back, but Jin did not let Eleven have to stun Jin before returning.

Han Jiajun and Yinzi have been surrounded by the Wei army regiment, and in the end they were not undermined by the ferocity of the Wei army. On 11th, they returned to the battlefield and saw a scene full of corpses. Asked the soldier General Han Da. Very uncomfortable. Master Lu informed King Qi of the battle in the northern border. King Qi said that he would immediately support the northern border and hand it over to General Peng. Wei Jun came over and forced Eleven to the edge of the cliff. Tuobaxun persuaded Eleven to return, but Eleven refused to jump off the cliff.

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