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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 18 Recap

Dingguo Gongfu Jin and Yin dress up the sweet girls in the village. Eleven tells the sweet girls that their brother is ready, you first When she used to wait for Miss Qin to be brought back to the mansion, Tian Niu said she would listen to the adults. Yinzi told Eleven that now everyone outside is talking about you and His Highness Five who sacrificed their lives to help the disaster. Eleven said that you are too successful recently. This is not good for the emperor’s health. It seems that she has to do something recently to make the emperor feel at ease. The next person came to report that there was a letter from Miss Wang. Eleven smiled after reading the letter.

Eleven was invited to Li Jinxuan. After Xiyuan ordered the food, Eleven immediately stopped and said that it was almost enough, not to waste. Eleven thinks this room is more familiar, Xiyuan said it was the room where the blind date was before. Xiao Er put up the wine and dishes, and eleven asked, but rice wine, Xiao Er said it was rice wine, so he went down specially for the two. Xiyuan said aggrievedly that she had a blind eye and missed her true face. Eleven did not know what she thought to Xiyuan.

She immediately said that she could not afford Miss Wang’s praise. She was about to marry a daughter-in-law. Hey, Xiyuan held eleven and said that you wanted to leave when you didn’t drink a sip of wine. When eleventh came, you would have a drink by yourself, and when you picked up the glass, he wanted to leave. Xiyuan stopped eleven and said At least three cups, Xiyuan smirked as she watched the eleven drink, and after drinking, she said that she was still waiting to talk to Xiyuan’s wedding wine and then left, and she fell to the ground without taking a few steps.

Wang Er came to Li Jinxuan and asked Xiao Er which room the son was in. Xiyuan dragged the drunk Eleven into the room and kissed him and said that she must get you today. It happened that Wang Er came and told Xiyuan to get the sober soup and feed him. As soon as I drank the sober soup and still did not wake up, Wang Er asked Xiyuan what the hell was going to do. Xiyuan said that she wanted her husband to cook mature rice. This was all learned from your words. Wang Er felt that she was helpless by doing evil. When I woke up, I told Xiyuan that I was fine today, and I was about to get married, so I won’t go back and forth again. Then he glared at Wang Er, and Wang Er had to take his sister and leave.

When Eleven returned to the mansion, Jinyinzi told Eleven that all the articles of association were here. Eleven told them to spend whatever money they should spend on the steward. Whatever the extravagance of their wedding, they must make a sensation in the city. . Kaneko tells the elder son that the richest man in Bashu, the Li family, will also get married on the day of the wedding. On the eleventh, the eldest son of the Li family has also seen him, and his life is different from others. The Li family’s pomp must be extravagant. , We must not lose to them, silver said that we understand now we order to spend a lot of money, the emperor will feel at ease when eleven speaks of this.

Eleven and Jin Jin looked at the wedding things. Eleven asked why they were all red. Pointing to one of the pieces of cloth and talking about embroidering a landscape painting, Xiu Niang said that the daughter-in-law usually embroiders dragons and phoenixes, and then pointed to the bride and groom clothing Eleven, Eleven stretched out his hand to look at the bridal gown, but someone immediately ordered Jin Jin to take the embroidered mother to rest, and took the bridal gown to the room to change it.

At this time, King Qi came in, and the eleven was about to change his clothes when he saw King Qi asked in surprise, why did his Highness come. King Qi saw that Eleven was wearing a bridal gown and said that there was something wrong with you. Others said that you came here by yourself and praised Eleven for its beauty and smiled happily. King Qi hugged Eleven in his arms and the two smiled into the mirror. Eleven wanted to change, was stopped by King Qi and kissed affectionately. Speaking of Eleven, our wedding will definitely be more beautiful than today. The two embraced each other. Eleven Speaking of these things, King Qi must believe in himself on Eleven.

On the eleventh day of the wedding, on the way back to the house to welcome the bride, I happened to meet Li’s sedan chair. When the two sedan chairs happened to be together, a dart came and hit the eleventh, and the eleventh fell off the spurs and the assassin took the cloth strip on the side of the road. Cut it off, and then cover the sedan chair with a cloth strip. Then a flying needle stunned the bride. Eleventh thought that the assassin just kept throwing darts so it was not easy to succeed.

It was definitely not Wang Xiang’s person. This was Master Qi came with soldiers. Eleventh quickly said that Master Qi had assassins, and I was relieved when you came. Master Qi talked about asking Shizi to go back to the mansion as soon as possible. Only then did they order the bride to be retrieved, and the Dingguo official’s mansion said that someone had come to tell Wang Er that there was nothing wrong.

After visiting the church, send the bride back to the new house. On 11th, I told the bride that you must be tired. The outsiders are my dead classmates. You must have 300 cups. You rest and leave.

When I came to the front hall on the eleventh, I told the visitors that I could not help but talked about the three cups of self-punishment. Liao Jichang joked that the son had forgotten when he entered the bridal chamber. On eleventh, he said how it was possible and then toasted one by one. Everyone was worried about the son’s body. But eleven indicated that he was drinking well. When King Qi arrived here, I sat next to King Qi. King Qi said that you just recovered from a serious illness and suffered so much alcohol damage. King Qi said that today is the day of my dude son’s wedding.

A handful, besides, this wine was mixed with sugar and water, so Wang Qi could not get drunk, so Wang Qi drank the wine of eleven toasts with confidence. After the toast, the two girls sent Eleven to the study and asked Eleven to drink more water and ask Eleven if there was anything wrong. Eleven opened one eye and said that she was fine and told Jinjin to inform the new house that she had drunk too much tonight. Rested in the study. Yu Ye stepped forward and reported the situation of the eleven to King Qi. King Qi got up and said that he was taking a step forward. Wang Er stepped forward and said that the assassin on the way to the wedding today is a masterpiece of His Royal Highness. Eleven of hearts. King Qi said that Eleven was his own, and he would not hurt Han Eleven and left.

The next person came to Xinfang and told that the son was drunk and slept in the study today. The bride lifted the hijab. The girl didn’t see her as her own girl. It was Wang Xiyuan. She asked where she hid her girl. Xiyuan said she didn’t know, you The girl didn’t get married to Shibhaitang at all. Kaneko went to the study to tell the story about Eleven. Eleven woke up and came to the new house. Xiyuan was particularly surprised to see the bride. Xiyuan was very happy to see Eleven. She asked Xiyuan where Miss Qin was on Eleven. Xiyuan told On the eleventh, it was not Miss Qin but Miss Bai that sat on the sedan chair, and she hid Miss Bai in the tavern.

At this time, Yinzi reported that Miss Qin had hit the corner of the table with her head in Li’s new house, and she was still being treated. Wang Xiyuan told the story for eleven, saying that she was just buying the scary Qin family to find time to stop the sedan chair. Eleven clarified the ins and outs of the matter. Miss Qin said that Xiyuan’s girl was the cause of the incident. Xiyuan said that it had nothing to do with her. Eleven angrily said that a good happy event had been made like this. She didn’t know what happened outside. What do people say about themselves.

Eleven and Jinyinzi walked out of the new house and discussed what to do when they ran into King Qi in the corridor. They came to the study Eleven and asked if the assassin is from His Royal Highness today, right? King Qi said yes, this is what he can give to Girl Qin. The best destination, Bai Yueru said hello by herself, and will stay away from you after marrying in. Eleventh complained that Your Highness should discuss with yourself in advance. King Qi said that he would discuss everything with you in the future. On Eleventh, he smiled, and then Wang Qi said that it was not Miss Bai who came in to marry, but Wang Xiyuan. The layoffs were carried out a second time.

Wang Qi said that this Wang Xiyuan was really troublesome. Eleven said that she was just a domineering lady, but he had to think of a way to get her to leave. And that Miss Qin just heard that she hit the corner of the table to find her death, then I hurt her. The King of Eleven Qi said how he had harmed her. The richest man in Shu, the Li family, is not a good home. It is impossible that he will spend his life with you as Feng Xuhuang.

Eleven said that it seems that the Li family is also a member of His Royal Highness. This family background is the second best. What is the character of Li Chengxuan? King Qi said very confidently that people who can follow me are of good character. Eleven said that King Qi was overconfident, King Qi was very surprised and said that you think you have a problem with your character. I didn’t care about it anymore, it was better than marrying into my family anyway. It’s just that I’m thinking of a way to send Xiyuan back. Qi Wang said that it’s okay to just tie it back. Eleven said that he is just a woman who loves herself, so she can’t do it too terribly, as if she’s too handsome. Qi Wang smiled when it caused such trouble.

The next day Jin Jin told eleven that Miss Qin had come, but did not want to live without taking medicine. Eleven said that this happened because of me, I still go to see her. Xiyuan is out now, making Eleven not allowed to go. In order to avoid telling Jin Jin that her past is even more discredited, you let Miss Qin’s girl Zi’er come. Go back to the living room on Eleven and tell the next person to choose a good ginseng to send to Li Mansion. Xiyuan said that everything will be sent.

My mother saved a lot for me and pretends to be sent together. Eleven said that you are willing to spend money. The temper is really like himself. At this time, Zi’er arrived and begged the son to send herself to take care of her girl. Eleven said that I would take you there, but you brought a few words to your girl, saying that she was married to the Li family. People, good fortune and tricking people can only be fate. Xiyuan received that it was me who was paying respects to the first son.

On the eleventh, Xiyuan asked Xiyuan not to talk. Xiyuan only shut up on eleventh and said to Zier that she and Ms. Qin were fate, as if her sister was married to the Han family. The daughter who went out, so that the Li family would not underestimate Ms. Qin, she would ask me directly if she had anything to do and ordered Jin Jin to send Zi’er to the Li family. Xiyuan took Eleven’s arm and called Shizi affectionately. Eleven pulled her hands away and said that you are annoying, Xiyuan shook her head and smiled happily.

Zier came to Li’s house and passed on the words of her elder son to Ms. Qin, and Ms. Qin had no intention of committing suicide. Prime Minister Wang came to determine the dignitaries of the government. Eleven was hiding from Xiyuan and asked Xiyuan where she was right. The next person came to tell that the Wang family had come to dignitaries. On eleven, I saw Wang Sang respectfully and said that she hadn’t touched Xiyuan’s half of her hair. Xiyuan said that she had already worshipped the eldest son and was already the Han family.

On eleven, she said that we are really not a good match, so she went to Wang Er. Pulling forward, Wang Er pulled Xiyuan away. Xiyuan did not want the Wang Xiang to order Xiyuan to be tied back. Xiyuan said that she would come again, and returned to the prime minister’s house. Wang Xiang shut Xiyuan in the room, Xiyuan Begging mother to let herself go out, Madam Wang now says that this time your father is really angry and she can’t persuade him. You apologize to him and let him let you out.

Dingguo’s servants were in Dali’s Han Mansion. King Qi came to the mansion on the eleventh and said that although Miss Qin became Wang Xiyuan, it’s really funny. Fortunately, the matter was resolved. He also sent someone to investigate the Li family’s integrity. No matter how they all started at this time, I still hope they can be happy. King Qi said yes, I believe they will accept each other soon, and the relationship needs to be managed just like you and me.

When you say that, you hug the eleventh in your arms and say you can rest assured that one day you will definitely reply to your daughter and become me The princess that the Ming media is marrying, eleven said, but now he is still a man. King Qi said that you are the most beautiful in my heart no matter what, eleven happily smiling. Kaneko stepped forward to report that there was an urgent report from the north. On the eleventh, I opened the letter, saying that the Wei people and the Yi people raised their troops at the same time, and called for a quick meeting in the north to support the safety of the north.

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