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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 17 Recap

Wang Er knocked on the door so hard that he could open the door so that he could call his father to come. The servant came out of the room with an umbrella, and Wang Xiang scolded him angrily. Nizi, what else do you want to do? You disregard your family’s interests. The Wang family no longer counts on you. Wang Er said that if Han 11 dies, he will never live alone. Wang Xiang was very angry and ordered his servants to take care of the young master as soon as possible, and send him back to the capital tomorrow. Everything in Tianshui Village withered after the rain. Eleven woke up hungry and looked at the carried corpse. Wen Lizheng still had no food in the village, even if it had some rice soup. Lizheng said that the village is already like this where there is food.

Xiyuan came to deliver food to Wang Er and asked her elder brother and father if he wanted to harm Han Xi. Wang Er asked Xiyuan to go to Licheng anyway to tell the Fifth Prince that Eleven was in danger in the epidemic area. While walking on the eleventh to find a way, a villager shouted for murder. All the villagers took their own sticks and headed to the village. On the eleventh, an aunt was pulled down. The villagers said that a village wanted to take someone out. As a result, they were killed by officers and soldiers, and they wanted to seek justice with them. On eleven, I asked the aunt to stop the villagers and said that she was thinking of a way to stop the villagers from going. The aunt said that you wanted a way to leave and go to the entrance of the village. Xiyuan rode a fast horse to Licheng. The guard said that this place could not go down immediately on horseback. Xiyuan said that it was time to find the fifth prince.

The second prince and the prime minister said that the cousin was really amazing and she just hit the doorman and rode to Licheng, but Wang Xiang calmly said that only Xiyuan would notify Chen Yanyi to come to the epidemic area. As long as Chen Yanyi reached the epidemic area, everything would be fine. , As long as Emperor Chen Yanyi won’t treat you like that. Master Lu persuaded King Qi not to go alone. King Qi said that he had already made a mistake, and he must go there in person this time. Yuye said that you can rest assured that I will protect His Highness, saying that these people will go on horseback. Master Lu asked Xiyuan why he didn’t beg your father to release eleven. Xiyuan said that her brother said that begging father was useless.

Eleven in Tianshui Village was investigating the mountain. Suddenly the soldiers called out all the soldiers. As long as Eleven had been stalking himself, he would say it. It has been so long. At this time, the little girl stood up and asked the little girl why she was following herself on eleven. The little girl said that she was letting herself follow you for fear that you would run away without permission. Speaking of having not eaten for several days, the villagers brought the drowned animals back to cook and eat. It was too stinky to eat the wild fruits that my brother had picked before, so I comforted myself very well at picking wild fruits and returned to the village. , To help the little girl take care of her brother.

The little girl’s elder brother wanted to tell the little girl not to eat meat, but the voice was too small to hear clearly. The villagers who were sick on November saw that most of the men were sick and the women were sick. Is it that the disease is only passed on to men? The eleven little girl said to herself before asking if the villagers who were taking care of the sick ate the meat of dead pigs and rabbits before they got sick. The villagers returned to yes. Eleven said that they should quickly tell the other villagers not to eat the dead animals that were caught up. If they eat them, they will get sick. Only then followed the villagers to the river to stop the villagers from salvaging.

When I returned to the village, I drank some water. I wondered why there was no movement all day, and immediately realized that they were just fishing bait. The little girl picked a lot of flowers and asked if the eleven flowers look good? At this time, a villager pushing a cart full of stones was hit by a stone on the ground, and hit the previous straw hut. On the eleventh, he immediately spread his body on the little girl’s body, and the fallen hayloft hit the eleventh. Body.

When King Qi came to Zhangzhou Mansion, he was eager to know where the epidemic area was. The second prince pretended to persuade me to find someone to take you there. On the way to Tianshui Village, I ran into a little girl. Wang Qi saw the hairpin in the little girl’s hands. Where did the little girl Wen come from? The little girl confirmed that it was King Qi and said that Master Han prevented you from entering the village, they would set the village on fire as soon as you entered the village. The little girl told King Qi how she came up, and passed the hairpin in her hand to King Qi and said that Master Han said you recognize this.

The eleventh was to send the little girl out of the hill, and the injury was particularly serious. Lying in an old tree in the village, I recalled how I met with King Qi at a young age. King Qi stopped the officers and soldiers who were transporting firewood to the village, and He Lin Baozi put on the officers and soldiers’ clothes and entered the village. Eleven fell asleep under the tree, dreaming of King Qi calling his name, and he wanted to reach out to King Raqi and King Qi disappeared.

King Qi found eleven, and eleven thought he was dreaming, saying that he always dreamed of you. King Qi embraced eleven after eleven knew that King Qi was coming, and said that he actually liked your highness but he was about to die. Wang Qi, looking at the injured Eleven, felt very painful and said that since the promise has been kept for a hundred years, Eleven fainted when he said that he would be with His Highness in the next life. King Qi kept calling the name of eleven.

King Qi and Baozi Lin sent eleven back to Zhangzhou. King Qi kept swaying eleven and calling eleven. Lin Baozi asked if you want me to get your pulse. King Qi immediately got up and Lin Baozi got up and asked King Qi. What happened? Lin Baozi didn’t speak and just shook his head. King Qi thought that Eleven was out of order and immediately knelt down and begged Lin Baozi to save Eleven, and then cried and called Eleven. Lin Baozi said that eleven was just starving.

King Qi kicked Lin Baozi to the door, and Lin Baozi complained about you. I don’t care if you do this, and I will go to see other patients. King Qi stayed with King Qi day and night. He woke up on eleven and saw King Qi with a beard. When it came to when His Highness was covered with beards, he looked very ugly. Jiye complained that our Highness was all day and night. Watching you, you are really awake, and the number of people is coming. Eleven wants to get up and be held in the arms of King Qi, saying that the second prince intends to burn the village and save the people anyway.

King Qi told the eleven villagers that they only had bowel problems, and that Lin Baozi had been given the medicine and had begun to give porridge. Only then did he feel relieved to ask what the second prince said. Qi Wang said that the second prince denied burning the village and that the village was closed just to prevent the spread of the disease. The 11th praise place is better because I am hungry. I don’t know if there is anything to eat, chicken, duck and fish can be used. King Qi said that you were just getting right. To save you Lin Baozi took a lot of effort, so he had some clear porridge first, and when he said that, he ordered Yuye to bring the porridge to himself. When he was about to feed the eleven, he grabbed it and said Come by yourself, Eleven gobbled up porridge and choked accidentally. King Qi said that you eat slowly, I have to leave beforehand.

Eleven asked if it was going to the dynasty. Since the second prince can deny burning the village, it means that he has reported to the emperor before. King Qi said that since the emperor can acquiesce to him Burning the mountain will naturally make him do a good job avoiding what the civil servants write, and then tell Yuye to stay and take good care of Eleven. The eleventh said that although the temple below Wu Shuangquan, Yu Ye left a particularly long-winded, you should take Yu Ye away. Yu Ye was very unconvinced and asked if he had been long-winded. King Qi said that he had left Yuye for fear of accidents, so he obediently left, and said nothing on eleven. Thinking of what he said to His Highness before fainting, he smiled.

The emperor in the palace told Grandpa Wan that the secret report of the second child had been pressed, wondering if the second child would understand his painstaking efforts. The little eunuch came to report that the fifth prince asked for a meeting, and the emperor asked why the fifth prince came to see him in such a hurry. The fifth prince expressed his intentions, saying that Tianshui Village was not suffering from a disease but a bowel disease, and that it would not be contagious. It is recommended to press this matter first, and then deal with it later. The emperor listened to the suggestions of the five princes and hoped that the five princes could help him more in the future. King Qi said that his father was in his prime and he hoped to take care of his health.

In the class of Guozijian Middle School, Dr. Xia asked everyone to talk about the experience of the disaster relief. Before the eleventh, I was too arrogant, always looking for the fault of the sages. Now I want to come to the sages, although they are mortals, they can summarize what they think and think. It is not easy to come down. Liao Jichang said that he had lost more than a dozen catties, and now he feels guilty when the wine is served. The students said that they dare not waste food now. Wang Er said that everyone has their own worries, and those who see the beautiful scenery just don’t worry about food and clothing. After the doctor summed it up, he asked the five highnesses. His Highness said that he was no different from the people, and that he had concerns in his heart. The doctor agreed with His Highness very much and asked King Qi to sit down. After sitting down, he held Eleven’s hand tightly.

Wang Er felt very uncomfortable when he saw it. After school, King Qi in the Prince of Qi’s mansion fed eleven fruits. He said that he may be very busy recently and cannot take care of you. Speaking of eleventh, it’s okay. My future father-in-law is urging him to get married. I must have no time to see you before the wedding. King Qi asked if you really plan to marry her, what about me? The eleventh has already said the words, only since I have been with you, I have another understanding of happiness, and I don’t want her to marry in, but right now, isn’t there any way?

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