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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 16 Recap

The Eleventh in the Licheng led honors and merchants to visit the situation of the victims. Both honors and merchants expressed their willingness to donate. Shen Chengjun and Eleven said that the donations are all merchants from Bashu, and there are no wealthy merchants in Jiangnan. They are afraid that it will be more difficult for merchants in Jiangnan to raise food prices for disaster relief. After all, Jiangnan is the hometown of Prime Minister Wang. Seeing Prime Minister Wang’s expression on his face, he couldn’t help it. Cheng Jun said that he could only take a look first and ask how the officials were.

The eleventh said that at the beginning, he faltered, and since he learned about the disaster, he has started to cooperate. No one from the Criminal Ministry dared to look for it, so he had to build a bridge by himself. Don’t mention it now. On the eleventh, I returned to the camp to drink water, and the servants came to report that someone outside who claimed to be a rich businessman came to ask for King Qi’s calligraphy, like Miss Wang’s. On eleven, I saw Xiyuan, who was disguised as a man, praised her for being handsome and she wanted to donate rice as soon as possible. She had a lot of calligraphy.

Xiyuan said that she had come to ask for King Qi’s calligraphy. Not everyone can ask for it. If you want to get some special identities in calligraphy to take the lead, you can go to the eleven to discuss about one or two, such as the wealthy merchants in Jiangnan. Xiyuan was immediately happy to lie that she was Wang Xilin, a merchant in the south of the Yangtze River, and on eleventh she led the prince to the camp of the king of Qi. On eleventh, her Royal Highness introduced Xiyuan to Xiyuan and asked the Wang family what to say. Xiyuan said as long as it was written by her highness.

Any word will do. King Qi wrote about the descendants of Fuyan. After reading the characters on the eleventh, he thought if he could not harm his descendants in the future, Xiyuan was reluctant to leave after getting the characters, and asked what else? Xiyuan thanked her Majesty Calligraphy, and left reluctantly.

King Qi asked what happened to Eleven. Eleven said that merchants all over the world have already donated, but Jiangnan is still waiting for the Wang family’s face. I will spread the news of Wang Xilin’s donation and more supplies will arrive. , Miss Wang is sincere to you. King Qi scolded him for not mentioning this, and eleven said he would arrange it. When Xiyuan came out, a few victims winked and followed Xiyuan. She saw this scene on November. So he followed, Xiyuan walked to the woods and a few victims came out to stop Xiyuan, and pulled Xiyuan’s beard. Xiyuan said that she wanted money for her own business.

Who knew that the victims didn’t want money and continued to molest Xiyuan, saying She put her mouth close to Xiyuan’s face and wanted to be frivolous. She was blocked by Eleven’s hands. The victims were caught by other soldiers and left. Xiyuan thought that her reputation would be ruined, so she started to cry. Xiyuan grabbed Eleven’s arm and slapped indiscriminately. Eleven complained that she had to be beaten to save people. Then she sent Xiyuan to the entrance of the village. Xiyuan didn’t want to leave Eleven and said that if your family came, she said it was your highness.

Didn’t it cause trouble for your highness if you were kidnapped, Xiyuan felt that it made sense, so she got into the carriage, and eleven ordered her servants to send Xiyuan back to the mansion. When I came back from 11th, I met Cheng Jun and asked how the victims who had just returned to raise their lives. Cheng Jun said that they were recruited after a few fights. They were not refugees from Licheng at all, they just collected money and waited for the opportunity to make trouble. There are other people. But they don’t know each other. Eleven said that they were handed over to the Criminal Ministry. Behind the scenes, the master made everyone aware that, fortunately, he just saved his daughter, but he wants to fix us to death.

The food donated by merchants from all over the world has arrived, Jiangnan’s most active scholar said. Eleven said that they didn’t want to cut off their back because of the instability of the political situation, just because of Prime Minister Wang. Cheng Jun said that he is all right now. Without using a grain of rice from the court, the disaster has been brought under control. Gold and Silver came in with rice. Eleven was extremely happy to see the food. The scholar was surprised that Shizi could share the joys and sorrows of the victims. Eleven said that His Highness was different, and the scholar said how could it be the same.

Eleven jokingly said that because he is usually different from the dude, Qi Wang smiled and did not speak. Cheng Jun quickly persuaded that he could not eat the rice after he finally saw it. At this time, Shiye ran in and informed that the emperor had sent someone to Beijing. The other doors all looked at His Royal Highness, and eleven asked His Royal Highness what it was. King Qi said that he received a secret report that someone from the court had impeached him for selling an official. Eleven was so angry that he went back with His Royal Highness and gave a lesson. King Qi asked Eleven to eat first.

The imperial emperor asked about the disaster in Licheng. King Qi said that the disaster had improved and he did not know what was going on when he returned to Beijing. Master Shang Shu started to hear that his Royal Highness asked officials to present calligraphy for supplies, which was indiscriminate. King Qi asked whether the lives of the people were important or the official body was important. Eleven said that as long as Master Shangshu lives in Licheng for a period of time, he is guaranteed to lose a few catties. Since the disaster relief has not received a grain of rice from the Ministry of Households, Master Shangshu can go to experience it.

The ministers who have been there all echoed that as long as they have been there, they know the difficulties of the people’s livelihood. After hearing this, the emperor furiously said that the five princes were rewarded for the disaster relief, and the household department was not able to find out the truth before making a decision to retreat. Eleven and His Royal Highness went down to the court and said that it was very unexpected that Wang Xiangzhi did not come. King Qi told Wang Xiang that Zhangzhou was sitting in Zhangzhou for Wang Zheng and he could not come back. Wang Qi said that you used to think you were too clever, but today I feel this Good teeth. Eleven said even if you praise me, you can hold it. Wang Qi said that now he officially likes you like this, eleven pretending not to hear, Wang Qi said that this is his own heartfelt words.

Eleven and King Qi arrived in Licheng. Lin Baozi was waiting at the gate of the city. Eleven asked him to come to pick us up. Lin Baozi said that after the disaster, it is easy to cause an epidemic. Although Licheng has been cooked for protection, it can be elsewhere. not at all. King Qi said that it was his own care and wanted to order people to go to other reminders to do a good job of protection. Lin Baozi admired King Qi’s move very much. Eleven said that he had to go there himself. Others were afraid that the second prince would be perfunctory. King Qi told Eleven to take care.

Xiyuan in Zhangzhou Mansion was imprisoned and was throwing things. Wang Er recently stopped and said no nonsense. Xiyuan told Wang Er that she wanted to go to Licheng to help the victims. Wang Er said that you pretended to be your cousin Wang Xilin to donate materials, and let Jiangnan merchants donate to destroy Dad’s plan. Do you know how much trouble you have caused? Besides, it is impossible for you and Chen Yanyi to do so . Xiyuan said that she was not for the sake of her Royal Highness this time but for Han Eleven. Before, she had seen him by mistake. She looked like a woman and wanted to hook up with His Royal Highness Five. Wang Er defended the eleventh and told the son that the Han family had come. To guide our epidemic prevention work, the second prince and the prime minister will let you pass. His Royal Highness and Wang Er hosted a banquet for eleven, saying that His Royal Highness was still generous, and that His Royal Highness five could only serve porridge and even pickles.

The second prince said that they are usually very simple, only when the elder comes. Wang Er liked to eat fish until Eleven. Eleven said that he had no time to eat fish bones or hoofs. Xiyuan immediately handed eleven hooves. The second prince said that he would actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention, so it was good to discuss with Wang Er at this time. Eleven said that there was nothing serious about epidemic prevention. Eleven and Wang Er went to check the disaster situation. Eleven asked that you had already received food. Why haven’t you set up a porridge shed? Did you go around to save people? Wang Er said that he would go right away. On Eleven, he said that he had brought medicinal herbs for epidemic prevention.

The second prince and Prime Minister Wang discussed what Qi Wang kindly reminded him to prevent the epidemic. The Prime Minister said that no matter what the conspiracy, this is his territory after all. The subordinates came to report that there might be a plague in Tianshui Village. Several people have died. The second prince blamed the subordinates for reporting now. Wang Xiang said that there is no need to worry. Didn’t Han 11 come to prevent the epidemic? , Arranged for someone to go to the barracks to monitor him.

Wang Er led Eleven to Tianshui Village. The victims were everywhere. Lizheng wanted to Eleven and said that the patients were all in the village. When they took the medicine, the people in the yamen said they would pay to buy the medicine. Eleven said that the medicine was used to help the court. Selling to the victims, your conscience has been eaten by dogs. Wang Er wants to explain, but Eleven does not want to hear that Rang Lizheng takes himself to see the patient. Lizheng said that all the patients are here. Eleven saw an old man lying on the ground and foaming at her mouth. The medical officer stepped back a few steps. Eleven ordered the medical officer to see the doctor quickly.

After the diagnosis, the medical officer said it was a disease. Your identity is precious. Leaving here quickly wanted to run. Eleven said that you wanted to run, so you hurried to help the patient. The medical officer said that he had no medicine and had nothing to do. The eleventh asked the medical officer to list the medicines needed, so that Wang Er must deliver the food and medicine before dark. Wang Er returned to Zhangzhou Mansion and asked where the key to the drug store was. The next person said that he must have a warrant from the king. . . Before I finished talking, Wang Er slapped it and scolded if the epidemic spreads, can you afford it? The servant gave the key to Wang Er.

His Royal Highness ran to the Wang Xiang and said that the medical officer had come to report that there was an epidemic, and complained why it happened in Zhangzhou at this time, not in Licheng. Wang Xiang said that there is no need to worry, now there is only one village and the village will be burned after being closed. His Royal Highness said that the emperor father would eventually be scolded like this. Wang Xiang said that the emperor would take the royal face into consideration to suppress the matter.

After hearing this, the second prince said that I would call out eleven and cousin. Wang Xiang stopped the second prince and said that he had sent someone to intercept the second prince. As for the Han family, he would wait for him and the villagers. The second prince asked how to explain to the Han family. Wang Xiang said that life and death had their destiny in front of this epidemic, and he was looking for the five highness who had sent eleven.

Eleven in Tianshui Village is comforting the victims and organizing refugees to boil water to find dry straw. The outside of the village has been blocked by officers and soldiers. Wang Er came with supplies. The officers and soldiers told Wang Er that he could not enter Tianshui Village at will. Wang Er knew this was. He wanted to close the village but insisted on going in, but was knocked unconscious by officers and soldiers and sent back to the mansion.

Eleven watched Ran carrying a corpse passing by in the village. She saw a little girl in the distance. Eleven stepped forward and asked why she was crying. The little girl asked Eleven to save her brother and took Eleven to find the little girl. The girl’s elder brother, Eleven and the little girl took the boy to the place where the patients gathered, and Lizheng came to tell Eleven officers and soldiers that the village had been closed. Shiyili was at the entrance of the village together and called the officers and soldiers to ask about the reason. The officers and soldiers told the eleven of the orders at this time, and the eleven reported their own life experience and asked the soldiers to call the people above to talk. , Eleven took out the token from his waist and gave it to the soldier.

Unexpectedly, the soldier said that Eleven pretended to be, and then ordered the soldiers to guard the village strictly, and no one should leave, or else they would leave without being killed. Lizheng said that you were an impersonator. Eleven said that now it doesn’t matter whether you are in the world or not. What’s important is that I’m trapped here like you guys. On 11th night, I looked at the fire and guessed that Wang Xiang wanted to burn the village and stop the epidemic. I must stop them myself.

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