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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 15 Recap

Yidian Xuan eleven was eating melon seeds, Wang Er asked about the assassination of the Eleventh hunting ground and staying on the mountain. Eleven said that there is nothing about himself and the academic chapter and success. Jun walked closer, and asked Wang Er what kind of scene was he acting today? Wang Er didn’t reply directly to Guanzi, saying that he would know after a while, and wanted to let eleven see if it could be red. Eleven said it’s okay, it’s best to watch a movie if you don’t. Then Hong’er and Luan’er began to perform on stage. On 11th, they were surprised when they watched the plot. Wang Er said that this is the final episode of the female son.

How did the 11th brother feel about the protagonist’s emotional drama in the drama? Eleven said that you are this drama. The author of, why would you ask me? Wang Er continued to say that the prince ascended to the throne and forgot the agreement with the daughter. In fact, the daughter can choose to fly away with people who like him. Eleven curiously asked why Wang Er always asked some questions. Wang Er frankly felt that the figure of Eleven was different when he knew that Eleven was a woman and frankly discussed the ceremony before.

Eleven knew that Wang Erfang had caused the fire in his mansion earlier, and asked Wang Er what he wanted to do now, because he wanted to use his handle to threaten him to stand on the side of the Wang family. Wang Er received his disdain to do this. Originally, he was only observing so that he could write a script for himself, but later found that he had you in his heart, and he knew about you and the fifth prince, just as the script said you would not have results , But I can put down the status of the king and take you far away. Eleven angrily rebuked that if he was sick, he went to see the illness and left first.

Eleven rushed out, and Wang Er followed forward and called Eleven and said that escape was not a way, and it was to face after all. Eleven saw King Qi coming in the distance and thought of his father’s instructions before leaving. Second, whether he really likes himself, and because he can give up his eleventh status, Wang Er said yes without hesitation. Eleven said yes, he was thinking about it. Wang Er asked the five princes? Eleven raised the volume and said that I have nothing to do with the fifth prince. He went to his Highness and said that King Qi saw the intimate behavior of Eleven and Wang Er. He stepped forward and called Eleven to stop, saying that he was hiding from him these days Dated him.

Wang Er asked back and saw that His Highness Fifth said that it seemed to be different from our Eleven. King Qi declared his sovereignty and said that he did have the same relationship with Eleven, and reached out to pull Eleven’s arm after speaking. Eleven took the hand of King Qi away and said that His Highness might have misunderstood. When did we have a different relationship? King Qi said that when he was stabbed in the farmhouse, the hillside and himself. Eleven said that His Highness had never given him a chance to refuse, and he had only said those words before to comfort His Highness.

I must have just heard that I was going to retreat with Wang Er. This is my life. Wang Qi said with tears in his eyes ironically with comforting words, and then grabbed Eleven’s hand and said that he could give you and I could give you the same. At this time, Wang Er guarded Eleven and said that he could abandon his status, can you? The eleventh continued to ask His Royal Highness to lay down his position and power? Wang Qi said angrily that this period was his own wishful thinking, and then walked away. Wang Er looked at the tearful Eleven and comforted and said that the play was over. Although he knew that Eleven was using himself, he was still very happy. If King Qi finds you in the future, you still don’t want to be yours. The shield left. Eleven watched Wang Er leave, turned his head and looked at the direction Wang Qi had left, crying.

The subordinates of the prime minister’s mansion told Wang Xiang that Peng Kun had all recruited and the confession had been submitted to the emperor. I don’t know where they caught Cheng Mingsi. Cheng Mingsi had confessed to the assassination of the five majesty and all the arrangements he knew, Wang Xiang I couldn’t believe it. The subordinates said that the people from the Criminal Department are arresting our people everywhere.

The previous three-division interrogations were just acting, and this time it was true. Wang Xiang said that they wanted to bring themselves down together, and ordered the servants to do something. The soldiers escorted Peng Kun to walk on the street, and the far distance Yoyo stared at one side. An arrow shot at Peng Kun’s chest. The soldier shouted that there was an assassin, so Yoyo left and returned to the Qi palace to report to Wang Yuer. Having already taken the bait, King Qi ordered Yuye to continue staring.

The emperor above the court was angry that such a violent thing happened at the feet of the emperor, and he gave me a thorough investigation. After the three divisions were named, they asked what else was going on. The minister said that the Hujiatan embankment of Dongping Mansion was overflowing with a crevasse and that Licheng, Zhangzhou and other places were affected by the disaster. He also hoped that the emperor would make an early decision to order relief. The emperor asked the ministers about the disaster relief measures, and the Ministry of Households said that it was not yet the autumn harvest season. He was afraid that there would be no sufficient food. Master Qi said that people should pay attention to the behavior of the people to avoid chaos. The two quarreled, and the emperor was very angry and said that he had not given any constructive measures. He asked the two princes for their opinions, and finally decided to let the second and fifth princes go to the disaster relief.

Dr. Guozijianzhong said that the disaster in Dongping Mansion was serious. His Majesty sent the second prince and the fifth prince to deal with the matter. The students of Guozijian are the pillars of the country and should be involved. On November 11, I looked at the empty seats next to me. I was very sad. The school chapter said that the people are the foundation of the country and we are willing to go. All the students stood up and expressed their willingness to help the victims through the crisis.

In the Prince Qi’s mansion, Lu Long, Xue Zhang eleven and others said that the two princes had asked themselves to help Zhangzhou. They must have investigated the details and left the most severe disaster to His Royal Highness. King Qi didn’t say anything but told everyone today On the journey, Eleven said that Lin Baozi must be brought, and King Qi agreed. In the prime minister’s mansion, Wang said to Wang Er that now it is not your aunt who wants us to support the second prince, but now that he must support the second prince. Wang Er said that he has no retreat. Wang Xiang told Wang Er to help the second prince, Wang The second agreed that Wang Xiang wanted a secret guard token, Wang Xiang only wrote a secret order to Wang Er, and Wang Er left with the secret order.

When King Qi and his party came to Licheng, they were very sad looking at the starvation and ambition. Master Lu said that we should first ask the prefect to find out the situation. Lin Baozi saw her mother-in-law lying next to her and took her pulse. How about it, Lin Baozi said that he was hungry, and immediately handed the dry food he brought to her mother-in-law. Lin Baozi said that now she can only eat and rice soup for her mother-in-law, and asked the school chapter to see if there is rice porridge nearby, Cheng Jun said. There are a lot of people around. Let’s see if there is anything that can help. Eleven promised to the mother-in-law that the rice porridge would be here soon. Eleven looked at the people who were taken away by the soldiers and felt very sad.

Wang Qi and others listened to the prefect’s report and said that the disaster in Licheng was serious. Now the warehouse in Yamen is full of grains and there is no grain waiting for disaster relief. King Qi said that he already knew the specific situation and praised the prefect’s good work. , He instructed Lu Long to find out about the dike situation with local officials, set up porridge sheds on November, and distribute them twice a day. Shen Chengjun and Zhou Xuezhang organized the surviving villagers to row a boat to search for the trapped villagers. They must search for details and not give up any surviving people. .

Lu Long went to the camp and informed that it was not due to the lack of officials’ work, but the long time to repair the dyke. It has been repaired. King Qi said that he still can’t carelessly let Lu Long continue to focus on the repair. I need items, saying that the terrain is low. For the comfort of his highness, I hope to camp at a high place. King Qi said that it’s OK to get a better understanding of the situation here. Eleven handed the items needed for statistics to King Qi, saying that there is no Yamen. A surplus of food is very important for disaster relief.

If this is the case, people will starve to death every day. King Qi said that he immediately ordered people to go to the household to pick up things. Lin Baozi handed a few sets of anti-epidemic medicine to the soldiers by the side, and ordered the soldiers to cook them in a cauldron and drink a bowl if they were sick. Eleven stepped forward and asked if there were enough medicinal materials? Lin Baozi said, “Is it enough? These are all the medicinal materials I brought back. What can I do if I don’t have enough? The household supplies were lost. Eleven said that it should be more than anxious and safe journey.

The eleventh chapter and Cheng Jun came to the camp of the king of Qi, and the eleventh told the king of Qi that the carts and horses sent to ask for supplies had returned empty? King Qi couldn’t believe he would really come back empty. Cheng Jun said that Lord Hubu Yu was the king’s protégé. Although the power of the king is not as good as before, there are still two princes and queens. The winning or losing is not determined by the king. Eleven said that they are the king.

I want to borrow materials to help the second prince collect people’s hearts and help the second prince successfully ascend to the throne. Now Zhangzhou has already received the materials and has set up porridge sheds along the way. We have reached the day when the congee shed has not been set up, and some people are making trouble. Fortunately, the Xinting Pavilion has been prepared for it and held the troublemaker early. Cheng Jun said that only after the trial was the money to come to make trouble. Eleven said that he would simply go to the household department to collect the grain himself.

The academic chapter advises Eleven not to be impulsive. If the treasury is really shot, the final accusation will still fall on His Royal Highness. Eleven said yes. If you really rob the treasury, your Majesty still doesn’t know how big a hat will be on the Han family, Qi Wang said that he should quickly order people to go to the mansion to bring the money and food from his house to relieve his urgent need. He said that both eleven and Cheng Jun were willing to donate the money and food in the mansion. Shen Mansion and Shen Chengjun’s grandmother ordered the subordinates to pack the food, saying that it was not enough. buy.

The second prince of Zhangzhou Fuzhong heard that his servant told Licheng that the porridge shop had been set up, and said anxiously that his cousin was out of our control now. Wang Er calmly said that the food in their house is limited. Although they have solved their urgent needs, they will not be able to make it for a few days. The prince said so, after these few days, as long as the head of the household is killed and there is no food, then the victims will have trouble if they can’t get the food. We will fight one or two in it. Once the victims rush into the capital, the father will surely condemn him.

Cheng Jun in the Licheng found eleven and said that the food in our Fuzhong is limited and can last at most for five days. After five days, he still needs to find a way. Eleven said with emotion that it is so difficult for the people to just want to live. If the wealthy businessmen see it, they will rush to the King of Qi Camp and say that he knows where the food for the relief is. King Qi will say it quickly. The eleventh said that I have already donated all of it, but the wealthy businessmen are different. They will hoard a lot of food if they are willing to invest in disaster relief. Lu Long said that this is a whimsical one, and how can merchants have always made a big profit and can easily make capital contributions.

The eleventh said that we give the merchants a profit, and the inscriptions of different officials can be exchanged according to the amount of the merchant’s investment. King Qi praised the elder son for his wonderful plan. Cheng Jun analyzed and said that this method could not be better since ancient times. However, Lu Long said that he was afraid that this would give Wang Xiang and the others a handle to sell officials. Eleven said that nothing is as important as the people’s stomach. King Qi felt that it was reasonable and ordered to do it. The others left, and King Qi stopped. Praise Eleven if a man will be the pillar of the country, don’t let the eyebrows, you know that you can’t force your feelings, and yesterday’s things have not happened, we are still getting along as before, Eleven said good and then left.

The people in Beijing discussed the notices one after another, and several businessmen in the tavern discussed not to miss this opportunity to deal with the government. Eleven said that there were many wealthy businessmen who promised to donate, but not many officials who promised the inscription. Xuezhang complained that the minister of the DPRK had no conscience in disregarding the lives of the people, but Cheng Jun said that he could understand it. After all, he did not know when the king would come back. It was reasonable to choose Mingzhe to protect himself.

The eleventh said that if you want these honorable guests to agree, you have to take a trip yourself and let Cheng Junhe return to Beijing together. After all, Cheng Jun and Xungui have a lot of contact with each other and it is much more convenient to visit. In addition, your Highness’s autograph letters, if there is any kind deeds Can be solved. I met Liao Jichang and Gu Wan at the gate of the city after I had done a good job on October 11. They asked why you guys were here and didn’t help Wang Er. Liao Jichang said that the doctor said let us help you first, Wang Er has money and food. Eleven joked that you are not allowed to be hungry after arriving in the disaster area.

When a group of people arrived in Licheng, Liao Jichang complained that there was nothing to eat. So far, the Ministry of Household has only sent a bag of rough grains, which is only enough to cook a meal of porridge. Gu Wan said to Eleven what is there. In spite of the order, the eleventh will arrange for you to take care of the victims and pay attention to safety in everything. Teasing Liao Jichang said not to go to the porridge shed and be careful of being eaten by the victims. Liao Jichang said that he had come to help sincerely and teased himself. Eleven said that they were very moved. The two patted each other on the shoulders and smiled. King Qi was studying with his servants about repairing the dam. Zhang Fuan said that he was willing to donate all the surplus food.

King Qi thanked him, and ordered his servants to leave first and ask Zhang Fuan what else was going on. Called King Qi and said that most of the nobles had agreed to come to the disaster area, but they had sent their children and grandchildren to come for many years, but Master Gu would be there in person. As soon as Zhang Fuan heard that he was the son of the Han family on eleven, he immediately knelt down and said that his ancestor was rescued by the Han family before he was willing to donate the surplus food. He hoped that the son would inscribe himself. On the eleventh, I immediately helped Zhang Fuan and said that I would not write if you kneel again.

Then I came to the camp and wrote a piece of writing to Zhang Fuan on the eleventh. After Zhang Fuan left on eleventh he saw that there was still a lot of ink left. It’s a pity that it would be better to write a few more and not need to write it. When he said that his Highness would write a few pictures, King Qi picked up the pen and wrote the four characters of “Man Men Zhongyi”.

Eleven asked that this was given to me and thanked His Highness for my father. Qi King just lifted up and did not speak. After I finished writing, I used to go out for a walk and saw Eleven sitting in the grass dozing off. He stepped forward to sit next to Eleven and took Eleven into his arms. I thought that no matter what difficulties you have, you will be on your side. As I said before, my princess in this life is not that she would rather not marry, but now it’s good to be by your side silently.

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