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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 23 Recap

Chu Yueying and the Six Major Sects didn’t believe Mu Juechen’s words, so Mu Juechen asked Qian Zhan to catch the disciple of Youyougu’s new entry, and asked him to recite the Heart Sutra in public. Chu Yueying heard that the Orchid Art of Divine Power, Mu Juechen found out that Shen Nantian had adapted Youlan Jue into Long Palm, and recruited disciples so that they could practice according to them. Mu Juechen asked Chu Yueying to go to Youyou Valley to see what happened.

Qianyu exposes that Shen Nantian inflicted harm on the public losers’ family, put the blame on Qianyun Villa, and then killed Mu Zhuangzhu and Mu Juece, and put the blame on Qianyu, Mu Juechen and Qianyuhua turned their battles into jade silk, and the two showed their affection in public. The martial arts were very impatient, and Mu Juechen promised to come up with a countermeasure. Shen Mingxiu hid aside and saw clearly.

Mrs. Mu finally agreed to the marriage between Qianyu and Mu Juechen, and Qianyu respectfully offered her tea, but the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were secretly competing. Mu Juechen brought Qianyu to the woods to fly a kite, admitting that he had recovered his memory, and the two couldn’t help but kiss each other affectionately. As the leader of the martial arts, Mu Juechen convened a meeting of various big sects and publicly announced that he would use violence to deal with Shen Nantian. Mu Juechen would formally fight Shen Nantian. One month later, he would fight to the death. This matter was quickly uploaded in the world. There was an uproar, someone took the opportunity to set up a gambling game, which attracted many people to bet.

Shen Mingxiu went home to account to Shen Nantian. Shen Nantian repeatedly claimed that he was not for himself, but for the benefit of the Shen family. He did not want to be suppressed by the public transport family all the time. Shen Nantian was worried that the public transport family would come to seek revenge, so she blamed Qian Yu and let him She became a target of public criticism. Mu Juechen was overwhelmed with alcohol, and was so drunk by the head of the six sects. Qianyu took him back to the room and told him his own worries. He was worried that Shen Nantian would wait less than a month and Mu Juechen had no time to recover. Skill.

Shen Nantian sent people to watch Mu Juechen closely, and found that he was eating, drinking and having fun every day, unable to extricate himself from the beauty. Shen Nantian relaxed his vigilance and wrote a letter promising to fight Mu Juechen a month later. Mu Juechen stepped up his time to exercise, sleeping only one hour a day, but with little effect, Qianyu urged him to go back and rest. Mu Juechen fell into Qianyu’s arms because of exhaustion, and Qianyu was very distressed.

Qian Yu secretly went out while Mu Juechen was asleep, and met Qian Ran head-on. He lied that she went out to find a medicinal pill to help Mu Juechen regain her skills. Qian Ran guessed that she was going to find Shen Nantian for Mu Juechen’s fight, and agreed to make peace. Go with her, Qian Yu disagrees, please don’t tell the secret. Qian Xiao saw that Qian Ran had something on his mind, so he wanted to catch her and forced her to speak a thousand words to find Shen Nantian for a decisive battle. Qian Xiao immediately informed Mu Juechen.

Qian Zhan was acupuncture for Mu Juechen, Qian Xiao reported the matter to him, Mu Juechen stayed at Qian Yu every step of the way, he finally couldn’t stand it, and kept yawning, Qian Xiao chose many women for Mu Juechen The book he loves to read made him try his best to please Qian Yu, Qian Zhan brought a book of double repair cheats, so that Mu Juechen could get her martial arts in full with Qian Yu as soon as possible. Mu Juechen took Qianyu to camp. Mu Juechen lied that he was cold all over. Qianyu believed it to be true, and hurriedly put on his coat. Mu Juechen wanted to take the opportunity to make love to Qianyu, but was frozen by Qianyu’s kung fu on the spot.

Mu Juechen gradually regained consciousness. Qianyu guessed that he had read the Shuangxiu Cheats and didn’t want to watch him go to Shen Nantian desperately. Mu Juechen was even more reluctant to go to Shen Nantian. Qianyu helped him solve problems as his wife , Mu Juechen gave up her anger and she didn’t agree to take the risk. Shen Nantian stayed awake for seven days, and finally understood the true meaning of the Heart Sutra of Yongying. The highest realm was not the eighth level, but the silence.

Qian Yu woke up early in the morning and saw a note on the table and asked her to meet at Fengming’s house. Qian Yu rushed over and Mu Juechen took Qian Yun Sanjue to congratulate her on her birthday, and also prepared longevity noodles for her.

Qianyu only remembered that today is his birthday. After the meal, Mu Juechen and Qianyu played an ensemble, and they cooperated perfectly. Mu Juechen didn’t want Qianyu to go to Shen Nantian desperately, begging Qianyu to pass on martial arts to him, promised to come back safely, and then gave birth to a child with Qianyu, Qianyu was reluctant to take risks, but he had no choice but to be silent.

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