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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 22 Recap

Mrs. Mu sent someone to call the wife and daughter Jin Yan of the City Lord of Heavenly Bless City to Qianyun Villa, and wanted her to be Mu Juechen’s concubine. Qian Yu and Jin Yan grew up together, and the two began to fight when they met. , Mu Juechen joked with each other, and then Mu Juechen rushed over and promised to let Jin Yan stay in Qianyun Villa for a trial period of three months.

Shen Nantian practiced the Heart Sutra of Yongying in retreat every day. Shen Mingxiu reported to him that Chu Lanxiang was killed by the palm of Yingying. Rumors were made by Qianyu. Shen Nantian pretended not to know. Shen Mingxiu wanted to take Qianyu back to Youyougu. Shen Nantian excuses that the timing is wrong, not wanting to have a grudge with Qianyun Mountain Villa, and wanting to wait for the success of his practice before he can pick up Qianyu. Shen Mingxiu accidentally saw the handprint on the cliff, knowing that his father has been trained to the point of perfection, he couldn’t help but chuckle .

Qian Yu saw that Mu Juechen and Jin Yan were in pairs, affectionate and warm, and was reborn from jealousy. He spread all his anger on the flowers and plants. Mu Juechen knew that she was jealous and couldn’t help but mock her. Qian Yu couldn’t help vomiting bitterness to Qian Ran. He wanted to write a letter of divorce and make a clean break with Mu Juechen. Qian Ran bitterly persuaded him and firmly believed that Jin Yan couldn’t stand Mu Juechen’s temper, and he would retreat soon. Thinking of going to meet Jin Yan for a while, Qian Ren advised her not to be too active, and to put her in the main room.

Qianyu sent people to make an appointment with Jinyan, deliberately filled a room with rare jewelry and limited edition gold and silver jewelry, and dressed himself up as jewels. Jinyan was eye-opening, and he loved these treasures so much that Qianyu kept the limited edition. The version of the headgear was given to Jin Yan. Jin Yan was so happy that she could not close her mouth from ear to ear. Qian Yu 㲀 reminded her to marry a good family and not to condescend to be Mu Juechen’s concubine. Jin Yan was helpless. She came by the order of her parents. Qianyu promised to introduce her to a better family, and also promised to give her all the jewelry in the house, Jin Yan naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Mu Juechen firmly believes that her charm can convince Jin Yan, and wants to wait for her to take the initiative to give her a hug, but Jin Yan is not here, but Mu Juechen has to go out in person and ask Jin Yan to act in a play with him. Just eat the same bowl of noodles. In the middle of the night, Qian Yu pretended to be Jin Yan to make a bowl of noodles and wanted to share it with Mu Juechen. Mu Juechen saw Qian Yu eavesdropping outside the door, deliberately loudly and Jin Yan show affection, but his eyes were always on Qian Yu. Every move.

Mu Juechen took a bite of noodles, and was coughing more than ever. Jin Yan kept urging him, he could only bite the bullet and eat, but Qianyu outside the window was not moved. Mu Juechen was disappointed. He wanted to make Qian After being jealous, Qianxiao came up with an idea to ask Mu Juechen to borrow a business allowance and take Jinyan out for a short stay, thereby angering Qianyu.

Mu Juechen brought Jinyan out of business, and determined that Qianyu was watching their every move nearby. Mu Juechen and Jinyan were happy to talk to each other, and soon became drunk unconscious. Jinyan helped Mu Juechen take off his clothes and asked Serving him to sleep, Mu Juechen Huang Huajian treated her as Qianyu, Jinyan seduce him in every possible way, Mu Juechen asked her to call Qianyu to spend a good night together, Jinyan saw that he approached himself to make Qianyu jealous and complain He shouldn’t agree to take a concubine, so Mu Juechen explained the affairs of the three-day agreement with Shenlimen, only Qianyu understood Mu Juechen’s good intentions, and watched Mu Juechen’s drunken state, with love and hatred in his heart.

Shen Mingxiu sent Erlong and Sister Hua to investigate the true cause of Chu Lanxiang’s death. After learning that she died of Youlanzhang, Shen Mingxiu concluded that his father had killed Chu Lanxiang and immediately set off for Qianyun Villa. Chu Yueying sent six gates to Qianyun Mountain Villa to catch Qianyu. Madam Mu firmly disagreed. Chu Yueying became angry and wanted to kill Madam Mu. Qianyu came in time to pat Chu Yueying and let Chu Yueying confirm her. Whether it was the real murderer, Chu Yueying insisted that Qianyu killed her mother, Qianxiao took out the picture of Chu Lanxiang’s back palm print and asked Chu Yueying to check it.

Mu Juechen rode a big eagle back to Qianyun Mountain Villa in time. Chu Yueying called six gates to party to Qianyun Mountain Villa. The two sides fought fiercely. Someone attacked Mu Juechen, Qianyu blocked him in time and was injured by the log. Mu Juechen gritted his teeth with anger, wanted to avenge Qian Yu, and explained that it was Shen Nantian who killed Chu Lanxiang.

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