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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 21 Recap

Shen Nantian went into seclusion to recuperate, and soon recovered as before, and his force increased greatly. He learned from Shen Mingxiu that Qianyu was still in Qianyun Villa, and soon married Mu Juechen, Shen Nantian went to the head of the gods at night and took the head of the head. He was killed on the spot and wrote a “language” at the scene, trying to blame Qianyu.

Shen Nantian wrote a book of Long Palm, which Shen Mingxiu could teach to his disciples, and revitalize Youyou Valley in the future. Looking for flowers until Mu Juechen is going to marry Qian Yu tomorrow, she hurried to tell Shi Bai a letter. Shen Mingxiu wanted to stop this marriage, but she refused categorically. If he dared to go to Qianyun Villa, he would be kicked out. Shen Mingxiu discussed with Xunhua, and wanted to take Qianyu back. Erlong spent a lot of money to find out the route to pick up the family tomorrow. He immediately reported to Shen Mingxiu that Shen Mingxiu wanted to rob the sedan chair halfway.

Madam Mu did not agree with Mu Juechen and Qianyu getting married, but she couldn’t change it. She made careful arrangements and vowed to stop this marriage. Ruthlessly heard about the marriage between Mu Juechen and Qian Yu, she hurried to escort Qian Yu, and Qian Yu was covered with a red hijab on the sedan chair. Matchmaker Wang found that Qianyu was very tall, and Qian Ran hurriedly changed the subject. The sedan chair went in circles in the city, and met a wedding party and a funeral party. The scene suddenly became a mess and took the opportunity to snatch the bride from the sedan chair. In fact, the bride in the sedan chair was ruthlessly posing.

Mu Juechen waited for a long time, but he didn’t expect that there was no one in the sedan chair. When he was at a loss, Qian Yu rode up alone. Mu Juechen and Qian Yu had their wedding. Seeing that the action failed, Madam Mu almost fainted with anger. Mu Juechen and Qianyu kneel down in accordance with the rules. Chu Yueying suddenly came to Master Qianyuxing to inquire about her guilt. She insisted that she had killed her mother. Mu Juechen tried her best to defend Qianyu and promised to help her find out after the wedding. The truth is that Chu Yueying resolutely refused to do it, threatening to kill Qian Yu to avenge her mother, Mu Juechen did not hesitate to stand in front of Qian Yu, Chu Yueying was knocked out on the spot, and the wedding continued.

On the wedding night, Mu Juechen refused to enter the new house for a long time. Qian Xiao persuaded him to enter the bridal chamber so as not to cause criticism. Mu Juechen came up with a good way and went into the house bitterly. He kept silent and waited. But, he had to take off the red hijab and seduce Mu Juechen in every possible way. Mu Juechen couldn’t stand her temptation, and desperately dodged. Qianyu took out a Nine Royal Pill and wanted to feed Mu Juechen himself, agreeing No longer pestering him from now on, Mu Juechen had to do it.

Qianxiao and Qianxiao eavesdropped outside their new house. When they heard Mu Juechen begging for mercy, they mistakenly thought that Mu Juechen and Qianyu were in the bridal chamber, and they passed by and saw this. In one scene, I couldn’t help making fun of them both.

Early the next morning, Qianyu got up early and forced Mu Juechen to go for a walk. Mu Juechen wanted to sleep in bed. Qianyu wailed him and woke him up. He changed into Qianyun Sanjue’s clothes and asked to verify. Mu Juechen didn’t restore his memory. Mu Juechen deliberately asked three questions. Qianyu hurried to find a ruthless settlement, but he had already traveled around the world, and Qianyu was too anxious.

Mu Juechen came up with a good way and asked Qianxiao to report to his mother. Mu Juechen did not recover his memory. She was obsessed by the girl flying the kite in her dream. She did not even spend her wedding night with Qianyu. Mrs. Mu was delighted. mad. Mu Juechen came to Chu Yueying and promised to find out the truth of her mother’s murder as soon as possible. She returned a thousand words to be innocent. Mu Juechen followed Chu Yueying to the head of the gods to investigate one by one, but did not find any useful clues. Chu Yueying identified Qianyu. It was the murderer. Mu Juechen asked to find out the real murderer three days later and gave Chu Yueying a satisfactory answer.

Shen Mingxiu heard that Qianyu was suspected of killing the head of the gods, and he used Yolan’s palm to kill people. He silently saw the yoyo gods’ palm written by his father, and he shook his heart. Mu Juechen wanted to get Qianyu’s palmprint as soon as possible, but could not say clearly. On the way home, Mu Juechen encountered Miss Jin Yan flying a kite. The two accidentally collided with each other. Jin Yan almost fell. Mu Juechen was in time. Hugging her, the maid hurried to call Jin Yan home.

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