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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 20 Recap

Mu Juechen remembered the past in a daze. He saw the two letters left by Qian Yu and the porcelain doll before he realized that she had left. Qian Yu expressed his heart to him in the letter, and Mu Juechen was very moved.

Mu Juechen stayed bored and asked Qian Xiao to accompany him to inspect the manor. Mu Juechen saw Qian Yu trimming the flowers and plants in the garden from a distance, and hurriedly called her to stop. He didn’t expect that she turned around and turned out to be a maid, Mu Jue. Chen knew that he had hallucinations, Qianxiao realized that he missed Qianyu too much and wanted to find Qianyu back.

Mu Juechen waited for a long time at the house before Qian Xiao hurried back. He didn’t see Qian Yu, but only inquired that Qian Yu and Ruthless appeared in the village infected with malaria. Mu Juechen suspected Qianyu and Ruthless were getting together, and immediately took Qianxiao to see what happened. As soon as Mu Juechen came to the village, he saw the villagers lying on the ground in all directions, ruthlessly and Qianyu rushing to hear the news. Mu Juechen spoke harshly to her and forced her to hand over the antidote to save the villagers. Yun Shanzhuang purifies the soul.

The villagers boasted a thousand words. She came to treat the villagers ruthlessly. Everyone soon recovered. They were lying on the ground just now, and Mu Juechen admitted that she had misunderstood Qianyu and wanted to take her back to get married, Qianyu decidedly Refusing, insisting on staying in this village, Mu Juechen pleaded hard, and the villagers congratulated them together, but Qianyu had to agree.

Madam Mu learned that Mu Juechen was going to marry Qianyu three days later. She wanted to find Mu Juechen without saying a word. The maid persuaded her to think twice, let her speak a thousand words first, and give Qianyu a bit of prestige. Mu Juechen took Qianyu back to Qianyun Mountain Villa, and Madam Mu pretended to welcome them. Madam Mu and Qianyu had smiles on the surface, but they were secretly competing.

Mu Juechen sent Qianxiao to Qianyu’s offer, Qianxiao promised, and Mrs. Mu offered to offer Qianyu’s offer. Ruthlessly heard that Mu Juechen and Qianyu were married, he came to Qianyun Mountain Villa ahead of time and promised to protect Qianyu well and let them complete the wedding smoothly. Ruthlessly touching the scene, he couldn’t help but think of his own painful experience. He fell in love with a girl and was separated by his mother alive. He was ruthless and deeply aware of the irreconcilable battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Ruthlessly persuaded her to handle the relationship with Mu Juechen first, Qian Ran wrote them down one by one.

Qian Xiao wrote the letter of appointment, Madam Mu was picky in every way, and Mu Juechen had to write the letter of appointment herself. Madam Mu was very satisfied. If this letter of appointment was handed over to Qian Yu, this marriage would surely fail. Mu Juechen carefully selected the “Tao Te Ching” in gold, and complained in a thousand words, but according to the ruthlessly taught secret book, he bit the bullet and praised Mu Juechen, and Mrs. Mu urged Mu Juechen to read the letter of appointment as soon as possible. In the letter of appointment, Mu Juechen praised himself to the top, and kept saying that he wanted to save Qian Yu. Qian Yu saw Madam Mu’s conspiracy. Not only was she not annoyed, she praised Mu Juechen and promised to stay with him forever.

Mrs. Mu hosted a banquet for Qianyu and ruthless. She deliberately made it difficult for Qianyu to sew eight-bed wedding quilt by herself. Qianyu promised, and Mrs. Mu sent someone to Qianyu to make the quilt fabric and sent Qianyu to write With a large number of invitations, Mu Juechen rushed to hear the news and sent someone to carry all these things away. Su Xin had to report to Mrs. Mu. Mrs. Mu was unwilling to give up and vowed to drive away Qianyu at all costs.

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