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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 19 Recap

Mu Juechen suddenly fell into a coma and found that he was poisoned ruthlessly. Madam Mu decided that Qianyu’s pill was poisonous, and ordered Qianyu to be arrested. Qianyu explained again and again, and promised to find out the truth as soon as possible. Mufu was willing to give up. It was ruthlessly found that Mu Juechen was not taking the Jiuyu Pill but the Five Poison Pill, Qianyu concluded that Shen Mingxiu had changed the pill.

Qianyu came to Shen Mingxiu for accountability. Shen Mingxiu admitted that she had changed the pill. Qianyu was angry with him and cut her righteousness. Shen Mingxiu persuaded her to be more sober and repeatedly claimed that Mu Sansi had killed her family. Qianyu had found out that Shen Nan was the one who killed her family. The murderer forced Shen Mingxiu to take out the antidote, but Shen Mingxiu was forced to take it out.

Qianyu let ruthlessly formulate the antidote, and mercilessly offered 5000 taels of silver to relieve those suffering, Qianyu promised. Relentless day and night, Qianyu used his internal strength to help Mu Juechen out the body toxins. Mu Juechen gradually became sober, but Qianyu fainted due to physical exhaustion.

Mu Juechen settled Qianyu on the bed, and overheard Qian Yun Sanjue saying that he was hit by Shen Mingxiu’s Five Poison Pills. Thanks to Qianyu’s work, Mu Juechen was saved. Mu Juechen wrote to Qianyu. A letter, he wanted to quietly put it next to the pillow, Qian Yu suddenly woke up and held him, let Mu Juechen give her the medicine by himself, and Mu Juechen had to do it.

It was ruthlessly exhausted to develop a very special Jiuyu Dan, which guarantees that Mu Juechen can restore his memory when he takes it, ruthless and a thousand words of resignation, and he left the Fu Dan manual before leaving, and read it. After a few pages, I found that it was an erotic picture, and my face flushed with shame. Qianyu stepped up preparations for the wedding. She personally supervised her. Mu Juechen came to her room to find her. He accidentally saw the handbook of serving pill and believed that Qianyu was a slick female demon. Mu Juechen smiled without saying a word. He Qian Zhan left.

Qianyu heard the news of Mu Juechen’s escape from marriage, and immediately took Qian Ran to chase him, and quickly caught up with Mu Juechen’s carriage. Mu Juechen never surrendered to Qian Yu, Qian Yu offered a condition to Mu Juechen three times Opportunity to hide yourself and promise to let them go if you are not found. Mu Juechen, Qian Xiao and Qian Zhan made a special disguise. When they went out, they ran into a few bullies who were robbing a sedan chair to welcome their relatives. The three of them rushed up and beat the bully away. They didn’t expect Qianyu in the sedan chair, Juechen failed to hide for the first time.

Qian Xiao came up with an idea and dressed up as a girl, Mu Juechen, Qian Xiao and Qian Zhan dressed up as three young girls. When they went out, they met Qian Yu and Qian Ran. Qian Yu recognized Mu Juechen at a glance, and secretly vowed to Let Mu Juechen show his true shape. When Mu Juechen passed by the teahouse, he saw the storyteller talking about his romantic affairs with Qianyu. The husband exposed Mu Juechen’s bad female appearance, and there were many rouge gouaches used by women in the room. Mu Juechen couldn’t bear it. He immediately stood up to defend himself, Qianyu rushed to hear the news, and exposed Mu Juechen face to face. Mu Juechen hid for the second time and ended in failure.

The more Mu Juechen thought about the fire, he was unwilling to admit defeat and decided to use a unique trick to deal with Qianyu. Seeing that it was the appointed time, Qianyu and Qianran were looking around on the street, but they did not find Mu Juechen’s figure, Qianyu was anxious. , I accidentally saw two kids playing hide-and-seek on the side of the road. Qianyu couldn’t help but think of her and Mu Juechen’s childhood. Suddenly, he remembered that Mu Juechen might be in the ice cellar. Qianyu asked Qianran about the ice cellar of Tianyou City. Address, the two of them hurried over.

Qianyu asked the janitor that Mu Juechen had been hiding in the ice cellar for two hours. She was worried that Mu Juechen was suffering from cold, so she hurriedly called him out, Mu Juechen came out trembling, he was frozen, Qianyu Hurrying to take him home, Mu Juechen gradually woke up. He hid his success, but he was not happy at all. Qianyu promised to keep his promise and never pester him again.

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