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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 17 Recap

Su Yiwen returned home with a heavy heart, and told Peng Xizhe that she had seen Shen Ruoyan today. Shen Ruoyan used to be a good student with excellent academic performance around her. Now she hasa restaurantfor Lin Feng ‘s family. Seeing her like this, she feels a little uncomfortable. While talking, Su Yiwen’s stomach was groaning with hunger. Peng Xizhe said that he wanted to teach her to cook, and the two went into the kitchen happily. After eating, Peng Xizhe also washed Su Yiwen’s hair very intimately.

Su Yiwen asked him why he had to wash his hair all of a sudden, and said that he thought he was a little weird. After all, he was so kind to himself these days, and asked him if he had something to hide from him. Early the next morning, Su Yiwen walked out of the room and said to herself what to eat this morning, but she didn’t get a response. Then she found out that Peng Xizhe had left and left a letter to herself. He said that he was already taking classes on the plane to Canada because he didn’t want her to see him crying at the airport, but let her rest assured that he would complete the rehabilitation training as soon as possible and come back to her.

Su Yiwu finally decided to return to the United States to fight a lawsuit with her ex-husband. Li Zhongli helped her find some new evidence that was beneficial to her, which greatly increased her chances of winning the lawsuit. Su Yiwu herself also said that she is just a mother. When Su Yiwen has a child, she will truly understand why she has to return to the United States to fight at this time. Su Yiwen walked into the car and saw the necklace she hung in the car. It was the one that Peng Xizhe gave to herself. She missed the owner of the necklace very much.

However, Su Yiwen still cared about Peng Xizhe’s leaving without saying goodbye, so she almost refused all contact with Peng Xizhe. She is still taking photos of the players on the ice hockey team, and she is also helping the newcomers to take wedding photos, all of which have gained considerable recognition. Su Yiwen returned home, took out the voice message Peng Xizhe sent to herself and listened repeatedly, while watching the sweet photo with Peng Xizhe. Every day without Peng Xizhe seemed to be a torment for her. Su Yiwen practiced cooking by herself and her movements became more and more adept, but she could always see Peng Xizhe at home.

Peng Xizhe’s rehabilitation training was finally over. He happily sent Su Yiwen a message that he was going back to China and asked her to wait for him. Su Yiwen was resurrected with blood in an instant, and she nervously cleaned up all the places in the house. Afterwards, she finally took out her mobile phone to reply to Peng Xizhe. Peng Xizhe was very happy. He told Ye Zijun that he could return to China tomorrow, and his own woman would forgive himself. Ye Zijun said he didn’t understand, why didn’t he discuss such a big matter with her. Peng Xizhe said he didn’t understand. He recalled that before he went abroad, Su’s mother had come to Su Yiwen’s house and was met by himself.

She asked Peng Xizhe what ability could give Su Yiwen happiness, although Peng Xizhe said that he developed the hot software on the market, and now he has the ability to support her. Su’s mother said that she is not selling her daughter, and neither Peng Xizhe nor his family can compare with Su’s family. After Peng Xizhe returned to China, he disguised as a doll to see Su Yiwen. The moment his eyes met, the two hugged tightly. Peng Xizhe said that he has fully recovered now, so he wants to make up for the happy time he had lost before, but just to make up for it, so he has to go to Su’s house to propose marriage.

Unexpectedly, Su’s mother suddenly seemed to have changed herself and began to take care of Peng Xizhe in every possible way. Su Yiwen asked Peng Xizhe privately how he managed to fix his mother. After the two left, Dad Su said to Mom Su that her performance today is exactly that the mother-in-law sees her son-in-law more and more likes it. Mom Su said that she is all based on Peng Xizhe’s obedience to Su Yiwen, as long as her daughter lives up to it. Happiness, I won’t say anything more. Peng Xizhe took Su Yiwen back to the yard where she lived when she was a child, just like a game played when she was a child, and formally proposed to Su Yiwen to marry him, and the two finally came together.

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