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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 16 Recap

Peng Xizhe was overjoyed when hesaw Su Yiwen who hadrushed over. Su Yiwen told him in a low voice that when he woke up in the morning and saw all his missed calls on his mobile phone, he knew that he must be dead. She said that she stayed with her until midnight last night and fell asleep when she went home. Although she set an alarm clock, she didn’t expect everything to be turned off by Su Yiwu. After arriving at the destination, Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe were happily discussing what to eat, and they met the other contestant who came up to taunt Peng Xizhe. Su Yiwen took out his mobile phone and took pictures of what the other party was doing to warn him not to go too far. . There is no way for the other party, and it will definitely make the Ants lose very hard to say.

The players seemed a little bit demoralized because of the opponent’s provocation, Ye Zishan looked in his eyes and worried in his heart. She took the initiative to find Su Yiwen and said that everyone was very unsure. After all, they changed the formation temporarily and they were not used to it. Su Yiwen had an inspiration and said that she wanted to take her to a place, maybe she could help everyone. Peng Xizhe also came to the lounge and told the players that every game that the university has participated in in the past few years has made him understand one thing.

Every score and victory in the game in the past are already in retrospect. It’s not so important anymore, but what is important is the strength that unites when everyone gathers together. He said that today’s game may be the last game of his life, so everyone must unite and cheer up. Su Yiwen took Ye Zishan to make roll-up frames for every team member, and promised that as long as they win, they would put these photos on the field. After the players came on the field, because the opponent’s offensive was too strong, everyone seemed a little confused. Peng Xizhe watched from the audience, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart.

He hesitated in his heart, and still did not hold back to go to the lounge to prepare to change into training clothes. Su Yiwen chased after him, saw that he wanted to play, hugged him tightly, saying that he knew that he couldn’t stop him from chasing his dreams, so I supported him. Even if Peng Xizhe’s arm becomes useless in the future, he will accompany him. By his side. The coach saw Peng Xizhe getting ready to play, and specially arranged for him a game strategy and asked him to play according to the established plan. Peng Xizhe really lived up to expectations, and soon tied the score and successfully achieved the lead.

After the game, Su Yiwen took Peng Xizhe to the ice rink. Peng Xizhe took out the necklace his father gave to him when he went to the ice rink and put it on Su Yiwen’s neck. The two sat in the garden to watch the stars together. Su Yiwen said that if life could be repeated again, he would still be willing to return to that compound and meet Peng Xizhe. Peng Xizhe also said, thank Su Yiwen for giving herself such a good love and all her care for herself. Both people think that each other is the right person and the best person. After experiencing Lin Feng , Su’s mother seems very concerned about Su Yiwen’s love life, no matter who she is going to meet with when she is going out. I have to ask all the details about the matter, and I took out a bunch of photos and asked her to pick one. Su Yiwen couldn’t get out of her body and pressed the help button set by Peng Xizhe on her mobile phone.

After the two people met, Peng Xizhe asked her if she hadn’t told Mama Su about the two people. He said that he understood Mama Su’s ideas very well and would definitely try to make her recognize him. A long time later, Su Yiwen found Shen Ruoyan in a restaurant , and learned that she had come out to open the shop by herself now, and Lin Feng’s family had already sold the property in order to reduce his sentence. Su Yiwen apologized to Shen Ruoyan, saying that if it wasn’t because of the report, everyone would not be what they are now.

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