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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 15 Recap

After Lin Feng was taken away by the police, Shen Ruoyan asked Peng Xizhe if he helped Su Yiwen set up today’s bureau. Su Yiwen hurried out to persuade Shen Ruoyan to stop her being so obsessed, but Shen Ruoyan said that she would definitely rescue Lin Feng. Su’s mother was very unacceptable. She asked Lin Feng’s parents how to educate their son, and even put such a big green hat on Su Yiwen. At this moment, Jiang Ping suddenly walked in and told them that Lin Feng had been taken away by the police. Only then did the Su family realize that Su Yiwen was missing.

Su Yiwen chased Shen Ruoyan to the swimming pool. She told Shen Ruoyan that she had already known what happened between her and Lin Feng, and said that if she said it earlier, Lin Feng would report her father. Shen Ruoyan told her that the orchid was bought at the flower and bird market by herself, and it was impossible to be evidence of bribery. Su Yiwen told her that Lin Feng had secretly hidden a million-dollar bank card in Orchid. She also said that there are huge loopholes in Lin Feng’s book, so she actually cares more about Shen Ruoyan. Shen Ruoyan was so emotional that she didn’t listen to her at all. Su Yiwen accidentally fell into the swimming pool between the two quarreling.

Shen Ruoyan panicked and said that she was going out to find someone, and she happened to meet Peng Xizhe. She was so nervous that she couldn’t speak, and only said that she didn’t mean to fall. Peng Xizhe rushed in and fished Su Yiwen out of the water. Father Su received a call from the police and asked him to provide the sky-high-priced orchids. Only then did he know that if it wasn’t for Su Yiwen, he would really have jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it. Mother Su also said that she blamed herself for leading the wolf into the room, it was her own fault.

After Su Yiwen woke up, she saw Peng Xizhe guarding her bedside, and she was a little embarrassed when she learned that he had saved herself and changed her clothes. However, she turned her head, said quietly, and agreed to him. The two quickly started their first date. Unexpectedly, due to a small accident, Peng Xizhe’s shoulder injury recurred. Su Yiwen quickly accompanied her to the hospital, only to learn that Peng Xizhe’s shoulder injury was already very serious.

When Su Yiwen was going to pay for Peng Xizhe, she unexpectedly met Su’s mother who was also in the hospital. Su Yiwen hurriedly asked her what she was doing in the hospital, and learned that her grandfather’s blood pressure suddenly went up again because of hearing the wind of Su’s father being investigated. She asked Su Yiwen whether Peng Xizhe was still in her apartment and asked her to drive Peng Xizhe out. Su Yiwen said that Peng Xizhe helped the Su family so much, and he shouldn’t say that anymore.

Peng Xi Zhe about the Yip Tsz Chun, and with his own interpretation leaves fir relationship, but fortunately Yip Tsz Chun feelings for him full of things to understand. Su Yiwen came to his grandfather’s ward to visit him, and told his grandfather that all of this was caused by himself, but fortunately he did not come to the wedding. Lin Feng was really disappointing. Fortunately, Peng Xizhe was there, which must prove Su’s innocence. But this time Peng Xizhe helped the family so much, Su’s mother still couldn’t let go of the prejudice against Peng Xizhe, and she didn’t know what to do.

Grandpa Su suddenly opened his eyes and asked Su Yiwen if he fell in love with Peng Xizhe, and asked her to tell herself the truth. In the evening, Peng Xizhe took Su Yiwen to a square, saw a very beautiful light show, and sincerely confessed to her. Peng Xizhe and the team members were ready to participate in the finals. Su Yiwen did not show up as a special photographer. Peng Xizhe quickly called her. Fortunately, Su Yiwu took her to catch up with the team.

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