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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 49 Recap

Chu Xuanji came to Lize Palace and wanted Wuzhiqi to tell her the whereabouts of Yu Sifeng. Although Wuzhiqi knew about it, he did not tell Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji said that Juntian Cehai was the one who sealed Liulizhan, please return it to her. Wu Zhiqi asked Chu Xuanji curiously, what did Chu Xuanji see in the Demon Realm that year, and then he turned his temper and turned against the heavens. Chu Xuanji didn’t know, because the heavens erased this memory of her,

Wu Zhiqi told Chu Xuanji that Tian Cehai was on Yu Sifeng, and that Yu Sifeng had taken the Wangqing Pill, and probably had forgotten Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji must find Yu Sifeng back, and Wuzhiqi gave Chu Xuanji no trouble fruit, which can help her hide her breath in the Three Realms. In order to find Yu Si, Chu Xuanji gave Teng Snake the Lu Gong lock that Yu Sifeng had given her before, and asked Teng Snake to find Yu Sifeng based on the above breath. Lu Gongsuo suddenly ran away and was opened afterwards. Only then did Chu Xuanji know the secret inside. It turned out that Yu Sifeng didn’t lie to her.

Wu Zhiqi make purple fox to leave, but purple fox have been waiting for him for a thousand years, purple fox asked him in the end is not do not like her. Wuzhiqi drank too much and did not answer, but she was not reconciled. She was still with Wuzhiqi the next day, and she decided not to leave him anyway. Ruoyu took a feather from Yuen Long and came to the Demon Realm , and wanted Yuen Long to tell him to hide his sister there. Yuen Long told him. Ruoyu went to the dungeon to find his sister, and met Xiao Yinhua on the road, and Xiao Yinhua went to the dungeon with him. Ruoyu went to find his sister, but his sister died after getting out of trouble.

Ruoyu is very sad, Xiao Yinhua also knows about them. Ruoyu promised Xiao Yinhua to help Xiao Yinhua find a way to terminate the contract with Yu Si. If Ruoyu said he was going to the Demon Land to destroy Yuen Long, Xiao Yinhua followed him. Chu Xuanji bid farewell to the head of Chu, and wanted to leave the Shaoyang faction to find Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng has never deceived her. The head of Chu said that Yu Sifeng didn’t want to see her anymore, so he kept looking for them. Chu Xuanji said she just wanted to be an ordinary person, and Chu Xuanji went to find Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji didn’t want Teng She to follow, and wanted to terminate the contract with her. Teng She did not agree, but Chu Xuanji turned around to leave. Chu Xuanji promised not to mention this matter in the future.

Chu Xuanji came to the place where they went down the mountain for the first time. There are many good memories with Yu Sifeng in this place. Chu Xuanji and Teng Snake came to Qingmu Town. Chu Xuanji recalled the past bit by bit, and Teng Snake comforted him. Don’t be sad Chu Xuanji, maybe these are fate. Chu Xuanji came to Qingyang City again. Liu Yihuan lived here. Chu Xuanji felt that Liu Yihuan must know the whereabouts of Yu Sifeng, so she looked for it. Liu Yihuan did not welcome them, saying that there was no food to entertain them.

But Yuer was very happy to see Chu Xuan. Chu Xuanji asked Liu Yihuan to tell her the whereabouts of Yu Sifeng, but Liu Yi was unwilling to tell her, saying that as long as he passed this life peacefully, everything would be fine. Chu Xuanji said that she really knew she was wrong, and she regretted it very much and misunderstood Yu Sifeng. Teng She said to Liu Yihuan that maybe Yu Sifeng was waiting for Chu Xuanji to untie the knot, so that he could tie them well. Chu Xuanji also said that she wanted to have a good ending with Yu Sifeng in this life. Even if Yu Sifeng didn’t remember her things in the end, she would always be by his side. Liu Yihuan heard them say this, and told Chu Xuanji that he could go to a place with abundant spiritual power in the south to take a look, maybe he could find Yu Sifeng.

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