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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 47 Recap

In Shouyang Hall, Chu Linglong and Zhong Minyan came to the head of Chu in their wedding gowns. Yuen Long told Yu Sifeng that they could not treat him like this. He had done everything for the demon world over the years and let Yu Sifeng let him go. Yu Sifeng said that he was not the evil evil star at all. Yu Sifeng told the truth, and Yuen Long told Wuzhiqi not to be deceived by Yu Sifeng. But Wuzhiqi did not believe what he said, because Yuen Long betrayed him thousands of years ago, Wuzhiqi wiped out the ashes of Yuen Long. However, Wu Zhiqi said that Yuen Long had become particularly weak. He remembered that Yuen Long would still do the avatar technique.

Yu Sifeng and Wuzhiqi went to Shaoyang School. Yuen Long was not dead. He was attached to the corpse of King Shura. Yuen Long was going to get a glass cup. Hao Chen was still stabilizing the Liulizhan, but his body was getting worse and worse. He wanted to find a way to destroy the Liulizhan. At this time, Yuen Long appeared beside him and fought with Hao Chen, and Wu Tong fought with Zhong Minyan. If Ruoyu came out, it was said that he had taken the spirit key and slandered Yu Sifeng. Only then did Zhong Minyan know that he had wronged Yu Sifeng . Yuen Long was about to kill Hao Chen and was stopped by Yu Sifeng, but Liu Lizhan had changed.

Chu Xuanji found that someone had moved the glass cup and rushed to the Shaoyang Secret Realm. Chu Linglong was waiting for Zhong Minyan, but Wu Tong didn’t want to uncover Chu Linglong’s hijab. Chu Linglong was about to collapse. She was held by Wu Tong and wanted to leave. Zhong Minyan stopped him and fought Wutong, but Zhong Minyan was not Wutong’s opponent, and Chu Linglong let him let go, so that he would die. Chu Linglong begged Wutong to let him go, and she agreed to go with him. Wu Tong was unwilling to let him go, so he was about to kill him.

The head of Chu came to rescue them, Wu Tong also left. Yu Sifeng was still fighting against Yuen Long, but Yu Sifeng restrained Yuen Long and once again defeated Yuen Long. Wuzhiqi said that now that his grievances with Yuen Long have been understood, the misunderstanding between him and Chu Xuanji can be resolved. Yu Sifeng wanted to heal Haochen, but it didn’t work. However, when Chu Xuanji arrived, Hao Chen made Yu Sifeng stabbed himself with a sword, causing Chu Xuanji and the others to misunderstand Yu Sifeng. Haochen said that Yu Sifeng wanted to seize the glass lamp, he wronged Yu Sifeng, but they would not believe how Yu Sifeng explained. Haochen also let Chu Xuanji destroy the glass lamp, Chu Xuanji could only agree to him, Hao Chen is dead.

Chu Xuanji thought that it was Yu Sifeng who killed Haochen, but she didn’t believe how Yu Sifeng explained it. Chu Xuanji pierced Yu Sifeng’s chest with a sword, but Yu Sifeng did not hide. Yu Sifeng was still explaining to Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji said that she regretted being connected with Yu Sifeng and regretted being with him. Yu Sifeng was heartbroken, and he finally understood why his previous ninth lives would be the result. Wuzhiqi left with Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji knelt beside Haochen’s spiritual position, and remembered what happened between Haochen and her. Wuzhiqi felt that the colored glaze had changed, and Chu Xuanji was casting a spell to destroy the colored glaze.

Yu Sifeng wanted to stop her, because Liulizhan would destroy her and die. Teng Snake explained to them, but was prevented by the rules of the heavens. Yu Sifeng wanted to help Chu Xuanji, and Teng She told him that Juntian Haice could save Chu Xuanji if he absorbed it, but Yu Sifeng would not be able to stand it. At the request of Yu Sifeng, Wuzhiqi general Jun Tian Cehai gave Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng rescued Chu Xuanji. However, the heart and soul of the evil spirit star was about to rush out of the glass cup, and Yu Sifeng wanted to seal the glass cup again.

Yu Sifeng finally sealed Liulizhan, and he told Teng She not to tell Chu Xuanji what happened today. Yu Sifeng left, but the head of Chu and the others still didn’t understand, they wanted to chase Yu Sifeng. Teng She told them that Yu Sifeng was doing everything for Chu Xuanji, and asked them to think about it. Yu Sifeng wanted to give the Golden Feather Order to Elder Luo, but Elder Luo refused, saying that only Yu Sifeng could command the Golden Red Bird clan.

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