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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 13 Recap

The three of them came to the living room together. King Qi asked about the whole story. Eleven mediatored and said that he had never seen Xiyuan hit someone. Look When Xiangyue winked, the servant dropped his arms. Seeing that things were not good for her, Xiangyue stepped forward and begged King Qi to believe that she had passed out. King Qi asked his servants to bring Xiangyue back to the room, while Wang Xiyuan asked people from Xiangfu to come and pick him up. Eleven helped Wang Xiyuan to the wing and said that she was looking for a reliable doctor to help Xiyuan heal. Not only did Wang Xiyuan scold Eleven instead of reluctantly, she said nothing.

The second prince and the second prince in the residence of the prime minister were chatting. The second prince was very curious why the second prince did not care about the affairs of the court, and the second prince told the second prince that he only cared about the pastoral affairs. The servants came to report that the Prince of Qi had always received a letter saying that there was an urgent matter. The second prince asked Wang Er what was the urgent matter, and Wang Er said that he was still his stupid sister.

In the palace of the Qi princes, on the eleventh came Lin Baozi and Wang Xiyuan for treatment. On the eleventh to watch the excitement, Lin Baozi handed Wang Xiyuan a bowl of medicine and said that it hurts not to drink. Pain Xiyuan grabbed the medicine and drank it. At the same time, Lin Baozi grabbed it and lifted it up. He only heard a click, the bone returned to its original position. Xiyuan asked if it didn’t hurt after drinking the medicine, Lin Baozi Saying that he hadn’t said it, Eleven smiled very happily at the side. The next person came and asked Lin Baozi to treat Chu Xiangyue. Lin Baozi asked Eleven what the disease was. Eleven said that he had seen a fainted person and had never seen him fainted. It seemed that a pregnant woman would faint by herself. Lin Baozi said that I would prescribe some anti-fetal medicine for her, and Shixi and Lin Baozi left the wing.

The two came outside Chu Xiangyu’s room talking and laughing. They became silent immediately after seeing King Qi. Lin Baozi carried the medical box and went in. Eleven asked Qi Wang Chu Xiangyue if he had done anything and why his Highness did not go in. King Qi told Eleven that it was not convenient for women to enter the boudoir. Qi Wang asked the eleven I heard that you caught Wang Xiyuan in the wing and asked Lin Baozi to help with the treatment. Eleven said that he had a bad reputation for pushing a woman out of the pavilion. King Qi said that you are really thinking about them. Eleven hurriedly explained that it was for the sake of His Royal Highness. It was not the time for the showdown with the king. Miss Wang’s Palace was injured badly, and King Qi was very happy. Yu Ye stepped forward to report that the second prince and Wang Er were coming together, and the king of Qi ordered Yu Ye to let them wait.

After half an hour, the second prince began to complain about how the fifth brother was so busy in the house, Wang Er smiled and never said anything. When King Qi came to the main hall, Wang Er said that her sister was stubborn and innocent, and hoped that His Highness could forgive her sister. King Qi said that he shouldn’t care about this boudoir matter, but he was entrusted by Mrs. Chu to take care of Ms. Chu, and your sister would take it back first and go to the door to apologize to Ms. Chu. The second prince said that everyone is relatives, quarrels are common, so no need to apologize, right? Wang Er said that he should. At this time, Chu Xiangyue came and said that the matter was all due to his lack of courtesy, so the apology was unnecessary. Wang Qi said that since you have an idea, you can handle it yourself. Xiangyue said that he listened to his cousin, and Wang Qi asked Xiangyue to return to the room.

Back in the room, Xiangyue told the girl that she knew her cousin’s temperament very well. His cousin’s heart had been taken away by Han Shiyi . How could she tolerate him, there was a hostile look in her eyes. When she returned to her room on the eleventh, the girl said that Miss Chu was also great, so she took off Miss Wang’s arms. Eleven said that Wang Xiyuan’s girl is too simple in mind, this girl Chu can’t match even a bit of Xuan’s top card. Yinzi said that the elder son seemed to be partial to the Wang girl. Eleven said that the girl Wang understood, so he told the girl to go to rest first. Eleven thought that after Wang Xiang was defeated, the Wang family would be imprisoned. I was still a little bit reluctant, and I wondered who could sit on that throne in the end, and why I began to sympathize with them.

The next day, Eleven and the girl went shopping. The girl told someone behind Eleven. The three of them walked into an alley and hid. Yuye was found. Jin and Yin took everything on their hands. When the shopping was almost the same, the eleventh informed girl would later cover her to get rid of the wild. When he came to an alley, Jin Jin deliberately installed Yuye who was holding a lot of things. Yuye went to pick up things. The two girls stood together and left at eleven. After Yuye picked up all the things, they had already walked away.

Eleven came to a corner of the city wall. A woman came forward and deliberately pulled off her clothes and hit Eleven on top of her body, shouting indecent assault. When she reacted to Eleven, she was also called indecent. At this time, a bunch of rogues came forward and wanted to besiege Eleven. , Eleven Feiyan wanted to escape, but was intercepted by a net. The previous screams attracted passers-by to watch. The leader said that his sister was pregnant but ran away. Eleven remembered the hairpin that King Qi had told him before. Usage, lifted the hairpin with his hand, and pierced the head’s shoulder with a silver needle. The head of the land ruffian said it was a hidden weapon. Eleven said that he was a mage invited by the second son of Xiangfu, and he would hurt if he did it. The leader refused to listen to the order and ordered me to beat me. In the meantime, Wang Er flew over to beat the eleven people. Kicked and pinched the neck of the head, the ruffian and the rogue were scared away.

Wang Er stepped forward and said that he had eleven countless ways, but he didn’t expect Han Shizi to have today. Eleven asked Wang Er to let himself out quickly, Wang Er stared at Eleven, and then came out. Eleven just wanted to chase him, but was held by Wang Er and said that you really want to get your hair out and chase him. Eleven said you. Regardless of me, Wang Er pulled Eleven into his arms and asked if you didn’t thank yourself. Eleven said that the road was not flat, and you don’t need to thank you. I want to break Wang Er, who knows that his strength is too small. Eleven stepped on Wang Er. It kicked Wang Er and broke free.

King Qi galloped up on a horse, grabbed Eleven with one hand. Eleven said that the ruffian framed by Eleven ran forward. King Qi said that it was no problem that Ji Ye had captured the mansion, and after speaking, he turned around and returned to the mansion. King Qi asked Eleven to stretch out his hand to take the pulse for Eleven. Fortunately, there was no internal injury. He was very afraid of not saving Eleven at the most dangerous time. Fortunately, Wang Er saved you. The eleventh complimented King Qi and said that His Highness is really omnipotent. He said that the strangeness of the people who followed him today must be investigated carefully. Wang Qi told the eleven that Xinting was already being interrogated, and on the eleventh we went to interrogate earlier.

Speaking of the two coming to the cell, the woman kept refusing to say. Eleven slapped King Qi on the chest and said that His Majesty wanted to use the same method last time. King Qi replied that it’s not necessary. There are other detrimental tricks, the king of Qi thanked him for his praise. Walking into the torture room, the woman said that she was really blind when she saw Eleven. I didn’t expect you to be a person of great background. I only heard that Eleven was the one who seduce the lady who was being seduce.

This was the staged collaboration with the local ruffian. a show. King Qi sat down and said that he didn’t need to be tortured. He asked directly that the three tribes of this woman should be implicated. The woman immediately knelt down and said that she was just teasing the young man. King Qi angrily threw off the fan in his hand, and said that he, a prince, would not judge the case and pretend to leave. The woman knelt down in the direction where the two were leaving and said that she knew that her employer had a house in the south of the city.

Chu Xiangyue was embroidering, and the girl told Xiangyue that the palace was down. Xiangyue immediately put down the embroidery and asked the girl to help her dress up quickly. King Qi came in as soon as he got up, and the new pavilion escorted his employer in. The employer knelt down and asked if Xiangyue could deny his employer. Xiangyue told Zhang that he was in charge. If his servant did something wrong, his Highness would punish him and he would not care about his own face. The employer asked Xiangyue for help and told Xiangyue to hire someone to hit the eleventh. King Qi said to Xiangyue that he had forgotten to tell you Han Eleven that you could not move. Chu Xiangyue knelt down and said that his cousin would rather believe the people’s words than his own. King Qi drooped his face and said nothing.

On the eleventh, in order to thank the king of Qi for inviting the king to have a snack, the king of qi tasted a piece of stinky tofu at the persuasion of the eleven, and the king said that it was delicious after eating. Unexpectedly, King Qi likes to eat this kind of food. He said that he wanted to recommend it to His Highness several times before, but was afraid that he might be poisoned. Every time he had to dress very plainly to come out to eat. It seems that we are the same. people.

On the eleventh returned to the mansion, Xinting came to see him, saying that Jiye had been fined fifty army sticks and sent back to the west because of his inability to protect his son. Jiye had already received fifty army sticks and hoped that eleven could help in front of the palace. Help Jiye plead and let Jiye continue to stay in the Qi Palace. Eleven agreed, but Xinting needed to answer one of his own questions. Did the employer really fail to find it? Xinting wanted to hide it for the Eleventh to offend Madam Chu and answered yes.

When Chu Xiangyue and the girl returned to the government office of Zhenguo, Jin Jin told the eleventh king and the second messenger to deliver the letter. Eleven received the letter and the letter read the four characters to beware of the Chu family. Yinzi came to report that Miss Chu had been rushed back to the town government office overnight, fearing that there was nothing else. Eleven said that he found out that his cousin did it, and quickly eliminate the clues. You think the employer really didn’t find it, but you just don’t want me to know the truth. If you dare to bully Han eleven, you will have to pay it back wherever you hide. It really overestimates Miss Chu’s heart.

Chu Xiangyue complained that she was just a lesson, and her cousin kicked herself out. If the emperor knew about this, it would not only ruin his cousin’s future, but also ruin his reputation. No matter what, he is a man, but now Whether it’s a man or a woman makes people like it, I don’t believe him always like this.

Dr. Nei Xia of the Imperial College read an orally, saying that students should not only learn knowledge, but also practice riding and shooting. The first riding and shooting competition took place three days later in the hunting grounds in the suburbs of Beijing. Eleven thought about what was going on with the emperor. The doctor said that although the second prince and the fifth prince had already been named in the sixth department, the academy also had a name, so they should also participate. On the eleventh, I realized that it was the homework of the two princes, who took us to practice. In the hunting ground, the eleven asked the horse to prepare the pots and bowls, and Zhou Xuezhang asked you whether it was a riding or a picnic.

King Qi walked out of the tent and said that this time he would not barbeque instead of frying, but he just didn’t speak after hearing this. Liao Jichang complained on the side whether he was riding or traveling. Everyone went out hunting on horses. Eleven and King Qi had already shot a lot of prey. Eleven said it was better for us to eat. Zhou Xuezhang said that it was all his Royal Highness’s fight. Eleven was very disdainful and said that he would deal with the fur later. Here you are, the academic chapter was speechless and had to agree. The four of them continued to move forward, only to see many arrows flying from the woods. Fortunately, King Qi pushed away Shen Chengjun in time.

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