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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 12 Recap

The performer accompanies these two hidden weapons while breathing out fire. Wang Er jumps out of position and uses a fan to block the hidden weapons. King Qi also jumps out of the wine glass in his hand Throwing it out, the performer jumped outside the door when he saw that the assassination failed. Wang Er followed up and ordered the king of Qi to protect the eleven and Miss Chu also chased after him. Eleven was familiar with the hidden weapon that fell on the ground and let him Xinting sent Ms. Chu back first, and the assassin deliberately led His Highness out, there must be a trap to help His Highness. Wang Er jumped down from the eaves and grabbed the performer’s head with emotion, unexpectedly it was Peng Kun’s mask.

Wang Er and Qi Wang chased Peng Kun to the outskirts. Peng Kun grabbed Wang Er’s neck with his hands. Knowing that it was Wang Xiang’s son, he deliberately let go of his hand to allow Wang Er to take advantage. Qi Wang just caught up with him and stared at him. Peng Kun, Peng Kun used illusion to summon the dead servant and put up a gossip array to surround the king of Qi. Xinting flew from the air. Peng Kun chopped Xinting’s hand and continued to join the gossip array. On the 11th, he saw Xinting. He fell on the ground and helped Xinting check the wound, saying that it was poisonous.

He took out the heart-protecting pill from his clothes for Xinting to eat. He wanted to step forward and help King Qi be stopped by Wang Er. Eleven told His Royal Highness how to break the formation. Peng Kun took it and rushed to kill Eleven when she heard it. Eleven saw the birthmark on Peng Kun’s hand and remembered the birthmark on the assassin’s hand when his younger brother was killed. Wang Er stepped forward. Helped eleven to destroy the knife in Peng Kun’s hand. Peng Kun escaped, and King Qi also solved the siege one by one.

Returning to the Qi palace, Shi Zi thought of his brother’s deep hatred, and tears fell. Is Qi Wang caring about Shi Xi? Eleven wiped away the tears on her face and asked how Xinting was doing. Wang Qi said that it was okay to let her take the medicine in time on Eleven and it was no problem now. King Qi asked Peng Kun as the murderer of his younger brother, and he would definitely help eleven revenge. The eleventh signifies that you don’t need to worry about your Highness.

During the Han Jiajun era, he guarded the border and never participated in party disputes. Unexpectedly, he stood on the cusp of the storm. King Qi said that he would definitely change eleven and one justice. Eleven felt it was ironic. The justice in this world is often the case in history. King Qi said that he would go back to Xifang to rest first on eleventh, and on eleventh, he said that Xifang was the place where the princess would live in the future. It was not suitable to live by himself, so he asked Qi Wang to change his room. Wang Qi said, why bother about so much?

Wang Xiang said angrily that the second prince was indecisive, and that the second prince Chen Yanyi could not ascend to the throne would be destroyed by you. Wang Er retorted that you have no objection to killing your Highness Five, and you can’t hurt Han Xi . The Han family is neutral and should not be the victims of party disputes. Wang Xiang scolded him so angry that he didn’t know what ecstasy soup Han 11 poured you into so that you would protect him like this. Wang Er said how she could like the son of a traitor, Wang Xiang slapped Wang Er and slapped Wang Er and said that she was a traitor in your heart. Wang Er said that if Peng Kun dared to go to eleven in the future, he would definitely kill him, so he didn’t even kill me with the following orders. Wang Xiang angrily said, “Negotiate”

The next day, at breakfast, Eleven asked King Qi about keeping the gold and silver from the mansion. King Qi said that the last time the assassin entered the mansion, it was a disadvantage for her two protectors. He invited Aunt Ruyi to take care of Eleven. Eleven said by the way that the incense of the Han family was still on him, and he couldn’t leave the two girls. Wang Qi said that he didn’t need to act in front of him. On October 11, he remembered that Wang Qi already knew that he was a daughter.

He said that he had been a son for ten years. Now acting has become his instinct, and he can’t tell when it is. When is it true? Wang Qi revealed a distressed expression and said that he would be happy after eleven. At this time, Miss Chu broke into King Qi and said that she was going to worship King Qi’s mother today. She thought to herself that Miss Chu was a very scheming person, so she said that King Qi didn’t want to go to the study room?

Wang Qi said that he was not in a hurry, so let Ms. Chu go first and don’t need to report such things to himself. King Qi told Eleven about Miss Chu’s birthplace and discussed the situation of Concubine Huilan. King Qi blessed the eleventh to be more careful when going out during this period, saying that he should let Shiye follow eleven, and eleven said that he had gold and silver. King Qi said that he instinctively got rid of the assassin. Unfortunately, Wang Er pretended to be injured. Eleven said that Wang Er’s kung fu should not be able to match the Assassin’s. Eleven pleaded that he did not protect Wang Er, the two argued, and King Qi finally left angrily.

Wang Er in the Imperial College saw Eleven step forward and asked if something was wrong? The eleven said something and left. Liao Jichang and Gu Wan in the school were talking bad things about eleven. Shen Chengjun couldn’t listen to him and stepped forward and beat Gu Wan, and a few people fought together. Eleven came in and shouted that the fat man was looking for death again. Wang Er came in and persuaded Liao Jichang to have spoken his mind afterwards. Liao Jichang argued that Eleven asked him to shut up and then stopped. Eleven comforted Shen Chengjun and said it was okay. In class, Wang Er had been poking Eleven with a fan.

Eleven had not paid attention to it, and finally threw the book out in anger. The doctoral training on the eleventh day flirted with other students in the classroom, undermining the school’s style of study, and sent the eleventh out of the penalty station. King Qi saw Eleven standing under the scorching sun and stepped forward and asked what had happened. He could plead with the doctor. Eleven refused. Looking at the sweat on Eleven’s face, King Qi took out his handkerchief and helped Ten. Khan said that he had to fight it like this. Eleven was persuading King Qi to return to the classroom. Unfortunately, the doctor saw him scolding Eleven for being uneasy even after being punished, and then respectfully reminded King Qi to go to class.

King Qi asked his classmate in the front row why Eleven was punished. Wang Er told King Qi what else could it be. It wasn’t because Eleven flirted with him and violated the school spirit and was punished. After hearing this, King Qi immediately stood up and said that he is today. Being late should be punished, and the doctor is not easy to dismiss it. He directly agreed. King Qi came out and stood side by side with Eleven. Eleven asked King Qi why he was punished to stand. May I ask you to come out to accompany you late. The king complained that you flirted with other sons and yelled at yourself and didn’t say anything, but first blamed yourself. Eleven said that he could not communicate with King Qi, and King Qi said that he would communicate later.

Wang Xiang and his subordinates were in the room saying that Miss Chu from the West Realm had arrived at the Qi Palace. Miss Wang happened to hear that, and Miss Wang left angrily. When the subordinate asked Wang Xiang’s intentions, Wang Xiang told his subordinate Xiyuan is a stubborn child. This action was to make Xiyuan cut her mind. Since it can’t stop Miss Chu, it can be destroyed. In the Prince Qi’s mansion, Chu Xiangyue was embroidering and said that the capital was much hotter than the northern border. She ordered the girl to get the iced sour plum soup.

Chu Xiangyue thought that the princess Lan could not be spoiled and would still rely on the Chu family to protect her qualifications to teach herself. Thinking of the two beauties of King Qi coming to visit Chu Xiangyue. After the three of them chatted about King Qi, the girl came to tell her that Queen Xiyuan, the prime minister, had come to look for her. Xiangyue told the girl Xiyuan to wait in the front hall, and she would arrive later.

When the two met, the tip of the needle pointed at Maimang. Xiyuan said that she was afraid that Xiangyue would not understand the rules and that she would embarrass her family. Xiangyue said that Yi Chu’s family slammed back. This scene was overheard by eleven, saying that Xiyuan slap Xiangyue slap, the two chased, Xiangyue did not see the road and was caught by the threshold, the heroes on eleven came to save Mei, Xiyuan When I came out, I saw the two of them, calling them both vixens. Eleven joked Xiyuan and asked if Xiyuan had not seen her for many days if she made a special trip to find herself. Xiyuan disdainfully said that she is looking for you to dream, she must be level with you fox spirits today, and eleven said that it is wrong to beat people anyway, and lead her away by herself.

When Xiyuan heard that she wanted to drive herself away, she was unwilling to swear eleven. Eleven had no choice but to admit that she couldn’t afford to provoke her, but she couldn’t hide her, and walked away. Xiangyue ordered her servants to catch Xiyuan, struggling with the eleventh big quarrel, Xiangyue said that she wanted to run after hitting someone. One of Yuan’s arm was taken off, Xiyuan kept crying, she said on the eleven that Xiangyue’s was not, so Xiangyue let Xiyuan go, Xiangyue saw King Qi coming, and immediately turned into pear flower with rain and said yes Xiyuan hit people first. She was only acting as a defense, so she asked her servants to catch Miss Wang. Eleven was very surprised at Xiangyue’s sudden change of face. She turned to see Queen Qi and understood Xiangyue’s motives.

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