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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 11 Recap

On the eleventh, he broke away from the Qi Wang’s hand and said that the ministers were free and grew up as men. They had no love for children for a long time. I hope your Highness will not be too embarrassed. King Qi never thought that Eleven had only the relationship between the monarch and his ministers, but his mind became Eleven’s burden. Eleven told His Royal Highness that he could only be the heir of Han Jiajun in this life, and that he would leave first if nothing happened. Wang Qi thought to himself that he thought it would be able to close the relationship between the two, but he never thought it would become like this. Does Eleven really don’t like him, Eleven walks into the room and looks in the direction of King Qi, and slowly closes it. Closed the door.

The next day, Eleven and Lin Baozi came to the door early, Eleven asked Xinting where the Pan family father and son were? Xinting informed that Eleven had been escorted to Beijing by Tang Qian. At this time, His Highness King Qi came out. When King Qi got on the carriage, he wanted to help him on 11th. King Qi went straight to the new pavilion without reason, helped the new pavilion and got on the carriage. On 11th, he made a helpless expression. Lin Baozi asked the new pavilion. What happened to these two people? Xinting only asked Lin Baozi to get on the bus.

In the carriage, eleven feared that King Qi would reveal his identity when he returned to Beijing, so he had to lower himself to please King Qi. King Qi did not speak, and sometimes looked out of the carriage to see the scenery. When he arrived at a farmhouse, Xinting informed King Qi that his surroundings had been investigated and everything was normal. When King Qi got out of the car, Eleven stretched out his hand to help. King Qi did not respond and stepped on the stool prepared by Xinting to get out of the car on the other side. Eleven looked disdainful.

Xinting informed King Qi that he had released the news, saying that His Royal Highness had a lot of medicines and he needed to seek a strong buyer. King Qi said that if Yuer got the bait, he would use the Xishu Li family to explore the truth. Four people entered the house, Qi Wang eleven and Lin Baozi sat down, Qi Wang picked up the teapot to pour water for himself, Eleven picked up the bowl and wanted Qi Wang to help him pour water, Qi Wang reached his bowl and put down the kettle , Eleven sighed. Lin Baozi said that the dinner should be left to Xinting. Xinting said that he can’t cook. At this time, he brags that at the critical moment, he has to rely on his own son. Let’s say I will do whatever you want. King Qi deliberately said some big dishes. On the eleventh, King Qi interrupted him and said that His Highness was not applying for the name of the dish. He could eat whatever he had in the kitchen. Everyone’s eyes turned to the chickens who were all left outside the door.

Eleven prepared chickens were placed between the two rocks, and the sparks were taken out to start a fire. I was very proud to let you try the eleven roasted chicken. Sitting inside, the neck stretches longer than a giraffe, and I want to see the cooking situation on November. After a while, I heard Eleven screaming and starting a fire. The three of them walked out and saw the firewood standing outside the door burning. King Qi stepped forward and pulled the eleven away immediately, and smiled at the gray eleven, Lin Baozi and Xinting put out the fire. When the king of Qi cut up the vegetables, everyone was surprised to see how Qi Wang was cutting the vegetables. After a while, the big table was ready.

Eleven was very surprised that His Royal Highness had such a good cooking skill. After speaking, he began to gobble up food. After eating, the new pavilion left with a bowl of food. Lin Baozi complained about the eleventh way of eating like a starving ghost. The eleven said it was delicious. I don’t know when I want to eat next time. King Qi said that he would rush back to the capital tomorrow morning. Did he say that there was news from the capital on October?

King Qi told the eleventh that the emperor ordered him to go to the Ministry of Civil Affairs among the six departments for training, indicating that he wanted to go to the Ministry of Industry for training. Lin Baozi said that the emperors of the past hoped that all their sons would be successful, but they were also afraid that they would be too powerful. Under such contradictory requirements, the prince would inevitably be sneaky. King Eleven and Qi looked at Lin Baozi, and Lin Baozi realized that he could not discuss royal affairs. Eleven felt that Lin Baozi made sense.

King Qi said that today’s emperor was trembling when he was a child, so he was tolerant on the surface of these princes. Eleven said that our emperor is still relieved, but King Qi said that the emperor is still very serious in the military. Lin Baozi said that we are the emperor. It is very good for the people. On the 11th, he praised Lin Baozi for being courageous, and Lin Baozi said that he has no relatives and no reason to afflict the Nine Clan by himself. King Qi said that you still have a master who is also included in the nine clans. Lin Baozi asked King Qi why he had checked it out and stayed with him. King Qi got up and said that it has been a long time since this door has been passed.

There are no remnants of the previous dynasties who are all of Chen’s citizens. You have always been accustomed to visiting doctors, and it depends on yourself. Lin Baozi wrote about His Royal Highness for Master, but he really hasn’t thought about it yet. Eleven thumbs up and said that you are the first to bargain with King Qi. Lin Baozi thanked King Qi for his compliment and left. King Qi asked that you had a little bargaining with this King. Ten always said that he was not always obedient to His Highness’s words. King Qi said that he never followed his heart. He said that he was perfunctory and said that the ministers were dull. In a large amount, King Qi asked if you believe you were dull, and he was speechless at eleven and had to leave.

In the evening, the four people came to the bedroom, Lin Baozi said that as long as this room let King Qi and Eleven together, Xinting and Lin Baozi would leave. The two lay flat on the bed. Eleven felt embarrassed and planned to find some topics to sleep Qi Wang sleepy. He asked his Royal Highness why his cooking skills were so good in the royal family. King Qi said that he learned it when he was in the West. Eleven thought that it must have been very difficult at that time. If you can help your Highness to marry a virtuous wife, you will definitely be happy. Stand up and ask what kind of girl your Royal Highness likes. There are all around you who can help you find. King Qi did it and told Eleven that he likes her, and then he touched Eleven’s chin and kissed Eleven. Eleven couldn’t help kissing King Qi.

After a while, Eleven reacted and pushed King Qi away and said that he was indeed. I don’t like you, I don’t plan to restore my daughter’s body, and I hope that His Highness will say that he will love him wrongly. Wang Qi said that he would restore the birth of his daughter to Eleven, and asked Eleven why he responded to him. If he had no identity, would Eleven like himself? Eleven said that there is no if, His Royal Highness intends to reveal his identity after returning to Beijing, King Qi said that in your heart this king is such a person, Eleven said that it is better to lie down and sleep. King Qi knew in his heart that he had him in his heart just to protect the Han family, so he couldn’t bother about feelings and let him sit on the throne, and he would definitely return to his daughter.

Xiao Yi Xuanli Wang Er smirked, Hong’er brought the water to him but didn’t know it at all. Wang Er said to himself that the son of the daughter hadn’t been seen for a few days but it seemed that a long time had passed. Hong’er was very curious about the girl who made the son’s tea and rice not thinking. Returned to the Qi mansion and sent the wild card out to inform Miss Qi Wangbiao that she was here, and left first when she said that she had something to do with her family.

King Qi came to the palace and told the emperor about his experience on this trip. He said that the Pan family and his son were already on their way back to Beijing. The blood book left by Xue Furian had not been redressed by Zhaoxue’s son. He hoped that his father could find out the matter. The emperor said Could it be that the Pan family could still bite others, so he coughed deliberately. King Qi didn’t say anything. He told him he wanted to go to the Ministry of Industry for training. The emperor asked the reason, and King Qi stated that the emperor agreed and gave the seeds to the Western Regions. After the king of Qi came out of the palace, the queen came over, but the king did not see it.

The queen stopped King Qi and scolded King Qi for lack of etiquette. King Qi said that the Dachen ritual system would need to bring his children to worship on the birthday of the Yuan empress or the ceremony. In recent years, I have not heard of anyone going to worship his mother. When the public had no queen, they left. The queen and the maid brought the soup to the emperor’s place. The queen told the emperor Qi’s behavior. The emperor comforted that Chen Yanyi’s early death of his mother would make the queen bear more. The queen promised that she was only worried about the misunderstanding between the brothers. When it was time to do housework, the emperor said that housework is a national affair.

The second prince in the prime minister’s mansion complained that he was inferior to the king of Qi when he was a child, and now let them both go to the court to discuss politics at the same time. The prime minister advised the second majesty to stay steady. Now your majesty believes that this matter has nothing to do with you. Many princes and other princes are not enough to match you. As long as the king is not in the throne, it will naturally be yours. The second prince said how to get rid of it. King Qi.

The two girls waited on Eleven and sighed. The girl asked Eleven if something happened to His Highness Five on the road and why she didn’t go to the Qi Palace recently. Eleven quickly explained that it hadn’t happened between them. It doesn’t matter if the girl doesn’t go, I heard that Miss Chu’s family has come to Beijing, and everyone in the house is welcoming her. Maybe Miss Chu is the future princess. Eleven was immediately unhappy when he heard this, saying that he was thirsty.

The maid of the Chu family was dressing up for Miss Chu, and praised Miss Chu that no five of her highness would like it. A girl came up and told her that His Royal Highness had returned home. Miss Chu immediately greeted her and said that this was the first time she had seen her Highness in the mansion. King Qi asked about his uncle and aunt. Ms. Chu said that she was going to attack her aunt tomorrow, and asked if she had anything to tell. Qi Wang said that she should ask Miss Chu to say hello to him and don’t worry too much. After speaking, she said that she had something to do and let Ms. Chu leave first.

When he arrived at the Imperial College, Wang Er saw that Eleven was back, and immediately climbed to Eleven and asked how this trip was and whether he lived with King Qi. Eleven said no. At this time, King Qi saw him and stepped forward. Said that it was indeed just sleeping together, Wang Er thought he guessed that Wang Qi knew the identity of Eleven earlier than he did. It seemed that Wang Qi liked Eleven. Dr. Xia came in and reminded everyone that they were seated for class. Qi Wang helped Eleven arrange their seats and invited Eleven to sit down. After school, Wang Er invited Eleven to see the Western Regions Illusion. Eleven agreed to go back to the Prince of Qi with Qi Wang.

The two were studying. Miss Chu brought the grapes brought from home, and Wang Qi asked Miss Chu to leave. Just let the subordinates do all these things. After eleventh eleven grabbed the fruit plate, Miss Chu left. Wang Qi asked what he said to Wang Zhongyu when school was over on November. Eleven told King Qi about the matter and invited King Qi to go to see the illusion. King Qi refused, and then Eleven left. Before leaving, they grabbed grapes with Qi Wang. Eleven and Wang Er looked at Illusion Shu and shouted out. Qi Wang was going to have a look. Miss Chu stopped Qi Wang and asked Wang Qi to take her out. Qi Wang didn’t speak. Even if he agreed by default, he got into the carriage after speaking.

Wang Qi and Miss Chu came to the place where they watched illusion. They were happily chatting. Wang Qi suddenly pulled his face to the elder. When he stepped forward on November 11, he saw the two come in. They were very upset and said they were not interested. ? Wang Er saw that Miss Chu immediately got up to say hello and said that Wang Qi was really a talented woman, and Eleven’s jealousy grew. After sitting down, King Qi only took care of this drinking, and eleven said that he must see what tricks the magic has. The performer spewed out a ball of fire, and Miss Chu immediately hid behind King Qi in a friendly manner and said that she was afraid. Eleven said that it was fake and drank it. King Qi just watched the performance intently, and didn’t want two coins to fly to King Qi when the performers breathed fire.

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