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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 10 Recap

Xue Jia was still complaining that she bullied herself when she was eleven. She said that she had grown up so old and still held a grudge, and then she learned about Qingzhou. After coming out, he came directly to the Prince Qi’s mansion. He was surprised to see that the King Qi was reading the agricultural book. The King Qi told the Eleventh Penalty Department to send Lord Tang and Shuntian Mansion to send Chang Qi to Qingzhou. After hearing this on the eleventh, he couldn’t help but praised Master Gu for his integrity, and the king of Qi also briefly talked about Master Gu.

King Qi saw the hairpin that eleven brought with him, and said that you don’t know how to use this hairpin. Let me teach you. He took out another hairpin from the box and replaced it, saying that there are ninety-nine hairpins hidden in the hairpin. The needle can be fired as long as it is twisted slightly. Eleven said what to do if it runs out, and Qi Wang said it just works, don’t worry. Eleven asked why King Qi appeared at Yidianxuan in such a timely manner. King Qi told King Xue that he was the person he secretly protected. After receiving a secret report that Wang Anli was about to commit a crime, he drove out. Eleven told King Qi himself. Want to go to Qingzhou, Qi Wang said that he hadn’t been there before, so it’s better to go together.

The next day, the two took a carriage to Qingzhou. Eleven said that when he had figured out a way to make Wang Er embarrassed, Wang Qi said he was not interested in Wang Er. When he came to Qingzhou City, the king of Qi sold fruits on the roadside to inquire about the Qingzhou disaster relief, but the hawker hesitated to say more. When he saw this on the 11th, he pulled King Qi away and saw a child begging on the street. Ten One stepped forward and told the child to take him to eat something good, and came to the inn. After the child gobbled it up, he asked about the Qingzhou disaster in eleven. The child hesitated and didn’t dare to say it. Eleven understood the child’s concerns and stretched out his hand to ask King Qi. Taking silver taels, King Qi took out fifty-two-eleven and put it in front of the child, saying fifty is enough for you to buy another house to live anew. The child then told them that Master Xue gave seeds when the disaster happened, and he didn’t know.

Why did Master Xue go to jail? I saw Master Xue in prison. Lin Baozi helped him treat his illness. On the eleventh, he dragged the king to the gate of the brothel, and on the eleventh asked the old bustard to arrange the best position for himself. The old bustard said that the best position had always guarded the young master Pan, and the eleventh asked the king of Qi to pay for the silver, and eleventh handed it to the old bustard. , The old bustard took them and led them to their seats. When he saw that King Qi did not eat anything, he asked King Qi why he didn’t eat. King Qi said that he had no appetite. At this time, the old bustard brought the two girls forward and asked whether King Qi needed it, and he thought that King Qi did not like women.

The old bustard took the girl to another place and the two continued to chat. It didn’t take long before Mr. Pan came to the front and asked who had let them take the seat of the master. Eleven joked that this table is you. Would you ask it to agree? Mr. Pan said fiercely that he knew nothing about life and death on eleven. He rolled up his sleeves and wanted to beat eleven. King Qi threw a peanut face at Shao Ye Pan’s face. Mr. Pan shouted who was trying to trick me. Come on, hit me, Mr. Pan. After the eleventh ran to the stage, the king of Qi cleaned up his family. After a while, the family was beaten to the ground by the king.

Qi Wang looked at the eleven on the stage and threw the wine glass at the knee of Pan Gongzi. It’s eleven on the ground that you don’t need to make such a big gift. Later generations roared that the officers and soldiers were coming, and the master master who took the lead immediately stepped forward to help Master Pan. Master Pan ordered Master Master to kill them, Master Master took King Eleven and King Qi into the cell. Master Pan returned home and kept arguing to kill them. Master Pan drank whether the Nizi was in trouble, and could he stop a bit these days. Let the master take the young master back to the room, and never leave the door these days. The master took the young master back to the room and said that there must be something strange at this time, and Rong later told it in detail.

Eleven and King Qi came to the cell. Eleven one buttock sat on the grass. He was afraid of hitting the place next to him to call His Highness to come and sit. He turned his head and saw a mouse. Eleven immediately jumped on King Qi and hugged King Qi. Wang asked Eleven what was wrong. Eleven said that there were mice in the cell. He was afraid that the mice would let King Qi drive them away. King Qi said that you come down, King Qi walked in and chased the mouse away, and let Eleven sit down. Pan Zhanpeng said that now the capital is sending people to investigate Xue Furian’s case. It seems that the days when he is on guard are about to come to an end. The people whom the master said are those of the king, don’t worry, it’s easy to abandon a child if it loses popular support.

Now, the top priority is to resolve those who support Xue Furian Lizheng, and say that the two young people who have been provoked by the young master today have a lot to do. Eleven asked King Qi who pretended to be sick. King Qi was very puzzled. Eleven asked how to see Doctor Lin if he didn’t pretend to be sick. After speaking, he clutched his stomach and screamed for pain. The jailer brought King Qi and Eleven to Lin Baozi’s cell. , King Qi stood up and asked who was Lin Baozi to help treat my brother’s disease. Lin Baozi asked Eleven to stretch out his hand. Lin Baozi deliberately said that it would not be difficult for him to suffer from his illness. All he had to do was to urinate with the boy for a few days and then rest for a few days.

The boy peeed, and immediately said that his illness was cured when he saw the eleventh, and the king of Qi whispered to the eleventh that this is a wicked person who has his own wickedness. Eleven told Lin Baozi that he had seen Lin Baozi and his father had been healed by you. Then he told Lin Baozi that he was Xue Furian’s son and took out the seal given by Xue Jia. Lin Baozi said that he had diagnosed and treated Master Xue before, and the news of Master Xue’s death came a few days after the Ya Ya was taken away by Master Pan. Master Xue left something for himself before taking it away, but he had to get it out of the cell.

The next day Mr. Pan secretly went out to the cell and asked the jailer where the two who had just come in yesterday. Eleven was hungry and asked King Qi if he had anything to eat. Before he saw King Qi grabbed a lot of peanuts and beat Pan Bao. King Qi took out peanuts from his pocket and handed them to Eleven. It happened that the jailer took Mr. Pan to the outside of the cell and shouted where is the little white face? Eleven didn’t pick up the peanuts and said that they would save them for beating. After speaking, he hid behind King Qi. King Qi flicked the peanuts towards Master Pan in the face. The two soldiers walked in. King Qi got up and slammed the heads of the two soldiers together, and walked towards Gongzi Pan. Gongzi Pan tremblingly held the stick and pointed at King Qi, pretending to be very powerful. He knocked his head lightly and fell to the ground. King Qi told everyone to go together.

This is where more officers and soldiers came up. King Qi came to fight one by one, bringing the prisoners to the open space. The officers and soldiers were really like King Qi. Here, Xinting flew from under the wall to knock down the people who were going to kill King Qi one by one. At this time, there were many soldiers with bows and arrows in the prison. King Qi reported his identity. Master Pan said that the man pretended to be King Qi and shot them immediately. The soldiers shot arrows after hearing the order. King Qi let the eleven get down and pass through the arrows. Lin came directly to Master Pan and pinched Master Pan’s neck angrily at the assistant, who was the assistant. At this time, the soldiers from outside called for the imperial commissioner to arrive, and Tang Zan stepped forward to pay a respectful visit to King Qi. King Qi said that Master Tang was struggling all the way, so I will leave it to you first.

Yamen Neilin Baozi and Eleven were eating. Wang Qi changed his clothes and walked over. Eleven asked Wang Qi if he wanted to eat. Wang Qi said that he was not very hungry. Lin Baozi said that Miss Xue can really bend and stretch. On the eleventh, I immediately interrupted and said that I was obviously a man. The pulse conditions of Lin Baozi woman and man cannot be mistaken. Eleven asked King Qi not to listen to Lin Baozi’s remarks. King Qi told Lin Baozi that although Han Shizi was born as a daughter, he is now a veritable Han family. He doesn’t care about important matters, and wants to lead you to work for me. Lin Baozi said that there is no other way to deal with working for you now. King Qi asked about something. Lin Baozi took out something and said that Master Xue wrote it by biting his finger before he was killed. Now people are also selling it to you and handing over things.

Go down by yourself. King Qi looked at the things left by Master Xue. Eleven wondered why King Qi knew that he was a daughter and was calm every day. Did he already know it? After reading things, I regretted that I came a step late, and failed to protect the loyal minister and handed the thing to Eleven. Xue Furian found out that the Wei and Lei were in collusion with the intention of seeking a minister. He informed the second prince about the matter. He participated in corruption and framed Xue Furian. Eleven said that Master Xue thought of the safety of the country at a critical moment, and such loyal and good ministers could not keep him wronged. King Qi said that this letter was addressed to General Han. You know Mr. Xue.

Eleven said that Mr. Xue often had contact with his father when he was young. King Qi said that you must come to Qingzhou and deliberately rescue Xue Jia from Xiaodianxuan. How many things are you hiding from me? Eleven thought that he couldn’t escape this time, and Wang Qi was indeed grasping his own handle. King Qi said that the matter would be handed over to Tang Zan, and he would return to Beijing tomorrow. On eleven, I went out. When I came to the yard, I thought that I would still live up to his expectations in the end, and hoped that his team would not cause trouble to the Han family. Lin Baozi stepped forward and asked Eleven what he was thinking. The eleventh said that before Uncle Xue took himself well, I would like to thank Lin Baozi for treating Lord Xue. It is good for Lin Baozi to be able to contribute to officials like Master Xue.

Eleven asked Lin Baozi what kind of person General Han was. Lin Baozi said that General Han and his family guarded the northern border, and of course they were good officials. On the eleventh, I was very pleased to hear this. Lin Baozi said that His Royal Highness did not know that you were a woman before, and that you two had a good relationship in the cell, so I didn’t expect to use the relationship. The eleventh advised Lin Baozi to be so dissatisfied with the royal family. These are fate. King Qi called eleven at the door and asked Han Yuanniang’s younger brother. Eleven told King Qi that his brother was murdered at the age of six. King Qi asked Xue Jia if they all knew that Eleven was the birth of a daughter.

Eleven told him that he did not know. At this time, only the parents and the two maids knew about it. King Qi then asked Eleven whether he had a marriage contract with Shen Chengjun, and if the marriage contract of his daughter was restored Does it still count. Eleven said how he could recover his daughter’s status, and he still had to inherit the Han family army, even if he married his wife, he was a small family, and it was impossible to meet the family in the capital. His Royal Highness can rest assured that even if he reveals his identity, he will not be involved. King Qi said that he was not afraid of being implicated, and that he was very happy when he hit the 11th girl. Eleven asked His Highness what this meant. King Qi said that Eleven don’t pretend to be confused. The whole city knows what I want for you.

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