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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 8 Recap

Mo Qingcheng received the task of hunting night people in the room. At this time, Qin Wentian approached her and said that the ranking match was approaching, and wanted her to go to the dark forest to practice together. The two went to the dark forest together. Ye Wuque ’s guards came to report that Princess Anguo was taking Princess Yiling to practice in the forest. When she met Princess Qingcheng and some unhappiness happened, Ye Wuque met Bai Qiuxue and asked Bai Qiuxue about Bai Qin’s whereabouts. Bai Qiuxue do not know, leaves intact, said, with autumn snow white Princess Allure things, the situation in the Imperial City than days Yong City you first arrive, do not understand a lot of things, but the big Mo Yi country’s first family, family Mo Mok Although Lin is far away from the court, his reputation is still there.

There is even further momentum. Mo Qingcheng is the only daughter of the Mo family, and has always been the jewel of the Mo family. It is best to be friends with her. If you can’t, you should be polite. The Ye Bai family is considered to be a family.

Bai Qing came to Jiuhua Gate, but the guard refused to let in. She just happened to run into Fan Le . Fan Le took Bai Qing in. Bai Qing waited in the room for Qin Wentian to return, but happened to meet Qin Wentian and Qingcheng. Qin Wentian originally planned to send Bai Qing home, but Bai Qing refused to go home. Mo Qingcheng persuaded Qin Wentian to stay with Bai Qing to avoid leaving again.

The dark night clan demon wolf sneaked into the Mo Mansion and found that the furnishings of the Mo Mansion were seamless and clever. If it weren’t for accidental discovery, it would be impossible to find here by probing and probing. The demon wolf stepped forward and fell into the phantom array. With the curiosity of the demon wolf, I want to know what is hidden in the Mo House? Bai Qing remembered what the Dark Night Demon Emperor had said that the star meteorite would harm Qin Wentian without any benefit, so she decided to scatter the moon black and put it in the food. Bai Qing gave Qin Wentian the soup containing the moon black powder. Then I regretted it again, and brought the soup back to the kitchen under the pretext that it was hot. The demon wolf unlocked the illusion of Mo Mansion and found a different place. After entering, a woman in white lay there and fled in a hurry.

Mo Qingcheng received Ren Qianxing’s statement that the action was cancelled. Mo Qingcheng asked why. Ren Qianxing said that you were so anxious that you had violated the taboo of the night hunter and asked Mo Qingcheng to return to Jiuhuamen quickly. Ye Mo asked Ye Wuque to walk with Bai Qiuxue more. Now is the crucial moment to trip the Qin family. There can be no mistakes. After Ye Wuque and Bai Qiuxue exchanged greetings, Ye Wuque asked Bai Qiuxue if he knew there was a blood inflammation in the dark forest. Guo, Bai Qiuxue said that this fruit is precious and difficult to find. Ye Wuqian told Bai Qiuxue that he found a blood inflammation fruit tree in the dark forest. Ye Wuqian took the blood inflammation fruit and gave it to Bai Qiuxue.

Yi Wuwei found Qin Wentian and wanted Qin Wentian to accompany him to the Dark Forest to find blood Yan Guo. Qin Wentian agreed to go together. Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei came to the Dark Forest and saw people from the Royal Academy guarding the blood. Yan Guo’s guardian beast fought, saying that they had led away the monster beast and went to get the blood Yan Guo. Ye Wuque found that Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei had taken the blood Yan Guo and asked him to trouble him. Yi Wuwei sent the blood Yan Guo to Ruo Huan. He left in a hurry.

Ye Mo came to the Qin Mansion to investigate the Red Milling Sky Wall. The demon wolf came to Ye Mansion and asked the people in the painting that Ye Wuque knew with a portrait. Ye Wuque was talking about Mo Qingcheng’s mother. Ye Mo came to Chi Milling Heaven. Outside the wall, a hole in the strong wall was found, accusing Qin Chuan of being in disrepair. Qin Chuan said that all the accounts of the Qin family can be checked, indicating that the matter is strange.

The dark night clan demon wolf sent the ghost wolf to continue to monitor the Jiuhua Gate, so that the wolf should pay close attention to the sale of the magical soldiers. Mo Tianlin told Mo Shang that someone broke into the secret realm in his home and stole the painting, which would put Mo Qingcheng in danger. When Mo Qingcheng left Jiuhua Gate, Ye Mo brought the order of the regent to make Qin Chuan return to the imperial city. The old man of the Qin family said he wanted to go together, but Ye Mo had no choice but to agree.

Qin Wentian and Fan Le came to the Tianxing Pavilion together. Qin Wentian had been studying. Fan Le fell asleep while waiting for him and was taken to the wild by Mo Shang. Mo Shang gave Fan Le a five-way formation for him Practice. I hope he can practice hard.

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