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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 7 Recap

Mo Lao disappeared after sealing the barrier. At this time, there was a vision in the sky, and Mo Qingcheng had colic. Mo Shang , Ren Qianxing , Di Qian, seeing the sky vision, knew that Mo Lao died.

Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian realized that the flower seeds had moved again. Fan Le came over and wanted to invite Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian to join Qin Wentian’s celebration of breaking the Nebula Vientiane. Qin Wentian thought about Mo Qingcheng’s injury and just wanted to help him. Refusing, Mo Qingcheng agreed to go together, and the three of them left together. When the three of them were at the party, Yi Wuwei came and said that he had gone to find Xue Yan Guo, but he could not find it. Several people encountered Ou Feng’s ambush on the way back.

After a fight, Fan Le was caught and Yi Wuwei was shot a few swords in order to save Fan Le. The four of them were awakened. All of this was fake. Mo Qingcheng said it was possible. They strayed into the Heavenly Dream Forest. There was an elder in the academy who was good at building dreams and built a big dream, so that the students could enter the actual combat state at any time without actually losing their lives. Later, the other three The college also came to this elder for help, and wanted to join the elder, so he found a lot of masters, and created this Tian Meng Lin connecting the four colleges. Tian Meng Lin is a huge dream. What we experienced just now was a deep dream. Fighting in such a place also consumes our true vitality, and can truly feel the taste of death. There is a tower in Tian Meng Lin, that is where they go out.

After Qin Wentian and the others returned to Jiuhuamen, they met Ou Feng and others provoked. Under their anger, Qin Wentian said, we saw in the qualifying match, Bai Qing woke up from a nightmare and saw the Dark Night Demon Emperor. The Dark Night Demon Emperor wanted to use Bai Qin to obtain the Star Soul Stone from Qin Wentian. The Dark Night Demon Emperor told Bai Qinxin that taking the Star Soul Stone would be beneficial to Qin Wentian and would not harm Qin Wentian. Shi Yuehei scattered to Bai Qing.

Qin Shang reported that Qin Chuan Chi Milling Sky Wall had found multiple collapses, and that many soldiers had disappeared near the Chi Milling Heaven Wall. Qin Chuan blamed Qin Shang for talking about such a big thing now. Someone in the court accused the Qin family of not reporting it, and the regent handed the matter to Ye Mo for investigation.

Bai Qing left the Dark Ye Clan, but she didn’t know that she was caught in the Qilin Tears. Once the unicorn tears broke out, it would make people feel unhappy. After being emotional, they would also have unicorn spots. With her feelings for Qin Wentian, the Dark Night Clan would soon get The star soul stone in Qin Wentian’s body.

Ruo Huan teaches meditation for Jiuhuamen disciples, and Yi Wuwei puts forward different opinions. Ruo Huan talks about the way to enter meditation by closing the six elements, but Yi Wuwei proposes to open six. After class, Ruo Huan praises inaction and talks. She had heard Master mention the six-door method before, and her Master also used this method. Fan Le saw this scene.

Mo Qingcheng looked at the cultivator Qin Wentian, worried about his practice and his body. Then Fan Le found Yi Wuwei and asked her what she was talking about with Sister Ruohuan. Yi Wuwei said that she was not interested in Sister Ruohuan and was very happy.

The lone wolf told Master Ye that he went to investigate Mo’s family and found that Mo’s family had arranged a magical array. Mo Qingcheng held the flower seeds, thinking about Qin Wentian saving her in the Tianmeng Forest, suddenly saw someone kidnapped by a group of people in black. After a fight, Mo Qingcheng was besieged and found out that it was her. Master Ren Qianxing, Mo Huan and others, Ren Qianxing invited Mo Qingcheng to join the night hunter, and Mo Qingcheng agreed to join the night hunter.

The Jiuhuamen qualifying is only a few days away. The Qingyun League used to be at the bottom. Senior Sister Ruohuan told Qin Wentian that the man who can afford to lose is the man. Don’t stick to it for a while. Let it go if you decide.

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