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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 6 Recap

After Mo Qingcheng woke up, Fan Le and Qin Wentian came. Fan Le said that they had earned a large amount of star meteorite from the Shenbing Pavilion, and used this lucky stone a little. The day will be restored. Mo Qingcheng asked where Mo Tianlin had gone, Mo Shang came and said that her father had already gone back, if Huan had a lesson to talk about, let love

Qin Wentian and Fan Le left first. As soon as Fanle heard, Senior Sister Ruohuan’s class immediately left. Qin Wentian also left. Mo Shang took Mo Qingcheng home to see Mo Lao, the ancestor of the Mo family.

Senior Sister Ruo Huan bet everyone that everyone can challenge her, and if she loses, everyone present can get a star meteorite. No success, Fan Le was very excited when he saw Senior Sister Ruo Huan on the ring. Qin Yao is depressed because of the serious illness of his master, and Yi Wuwei ran to study Yao’s flowers and fireworks in order to make Qin Yao happy. Fan Le found Senior Sister Ruo Huan who was practicing and asked some questions.

In the evening, Yi Wuwei finally succeeded in making Yao Huayan pyrotechnics. There were colorful colors in the sky, but Qin Yao did not see it, but was seen by Fan Le and Ruohuan. Fan Le told Ruohuan that this was developed by Yi Wuwei.

When Yi Wuwei ran to look for Senior Sister Qin Yao, he encountered Qin Yao’s master’s condition getting worse. Qin Yao asked Yi Wuwei to ask Elder Moshang. After seeing it, Moshang said that he was seriously ill, he was afraid that he would die soon.

Although Bai Qiuxue and Ye Wuque had entered into a marriage contract, she still did not forget Qin Wentian’s love, thinking about Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng, very angry. It was Ye Wuque who came and asked her if it was because of Qin Wentian, but Bai Qiuxue said she was worried about Bai Qing . Ye Wuque asked his subordinates to investigate Mo Qingcheng, and asked his subordinates to find Ou Chen and tell him that there was something for him to do.

Yi Wuwei walked on the street thinking about how to make Qin Yao happy, but he was attacked by someone from the regent and was almost taken away. Fortunately, he met the ten beautiful drunk immortals in Beijing to save him. The two went to Cuiyunju to drink together. The drunkard fairy told him that there was only one way to seize the throne. Yi Wuwei indicated that he had no interest in the throne. The drunkard said that your existence is a threat to Yi Heng . You can only sit on the throne if you fall. Now Yi Wuwei wanted to save his life, he had to practice hard work, and Jiuhua Gate was a good choice. After talking about Yiwuwei, he decided to return to Jiuhuamen to practice hard.

Fan Le and Yi Wuwei studied seriously, Qin Wentian was surprised. Fan Le said that it was because the homework of Nebula Vientiane was arranged by Senior Sister Ruohuan, and Yi Wuwei was a matter of cracking Nebula Vientiane, raising the jade card level and Master Qin Yao. Nebula Vientiane was created by Jiuhuamen Dean Diyi.

Mo Qingcheng and Mo Shang were about to return to Jiuhua Gate. Old Mo told her to take care of herself, and Mo Qingcheng asked her ancestors to come back soon.

Senior Sister Ruo Huan sealed the Nebula Vientiane into the Emperor Star Stele. Qin Wentian had been reading from Yi Wuwei for a long time last night. His eyes were blurred, and his body was also inspired by the shaking. After comprehending the mystery, he tried. did not succeed. Mo Qingcheng, who had just returned, learned from Fan Le that Qin Wentian had failed to solve Nebula Vientiane. Mo Qingcheng and Fan Le went to the Emperor Star Monument to find Qin Wentian. With Mo Qingcheng’s help, Qin Wentian solved Nebula Vientiane. .

The ancestors of the Mo family and Mo Tianlin came to the sword city, and Mo told Mo Tianlin that he had to take care of Mo Qingcheng after he was going to die. After speaking, he went to secure the sword city enchantment.

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