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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 4 Recap

Mo Qingcheng asked Qin Wentian about the blood, but was interrupted by the tree monster who suddenly appeared. After Qin Wentian shot the tree monster away, he ordered everyone to rest. He went to pick up the firewood. He suddenly appeared on the way. Mo Qingcheng sent an iron armored demon wolf, Mo Qingcheng, let Fan Le and Yi Wuwei go first, Mo Qingcheng ran away the armored demon wolf, Qin Wentian, who heard the call for help, met Bai Qiuxue on the way, and Bai Qiuxue fainted. In Qin Wentian’s arms, this scene happened to be seen by Mo Qingcheng and turned away.

After leaving, Mo Qingcheng encountered an attack from the dark night clan demon wolf. Qin Wentian, who heard the sound of fighting, rushed to block the fatal blow for Mo Qingcheng, accidentally arousing the power of the Star Soul Stone. Bai Qiuxue who stood by saw it. Then left. Mo Qingcheng trapped the demon wolf and took the opportunity to take Qin Wentian away.

Bai Qiuxue, who had left, found Ruo Huan for help, but was blocked by Ye Wuque , but when Ye Wuque learned that Mo Qingcheng was also there, she hurried over. Because of this, Bai Qiuxue became jealous of Mo Qingcheng.

After Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian escaped, after finding a place to heal his injuries, Qin Wentian thanked Mo Qingcheng for helping him at the Overlord Terrace last time, and explained that he had broken off his engagement with Bai Qiuxue. Mo Qingcheng set off for the bud. The flower seed told Qin Wentian that it was a flower seed left over hundreds of years ago. It was found in the secret room of the Mo family. After trying many methods, it couldn’t make it germinate. It sprouts after being stained with Qin Wentian’s blood. Qin Wentian said that he had never seen this flower seed.

It was dark, and Qin Wentian was resting with Mo Qingcheng. The weather was too cold. Qin Wentian gave Mo Qingcheng his coat. The next morning, Ye Wuwei and Bai Qiuxue found Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng, Bai Qiuxue looked at When he arrived at Mo Qingcheng, the coat turned and left. After a while, Ruo Huan and his party were also found.

Ye Wuque found Bai Qiuxue and asked her why she was angry and left. Bai Qiuxue didn’t tell him the truth. Ye Wuque told Bai Qiuxue that he would come to propose marriage three days later.

Qin Wentian lay on the bed to recover from his injuries, thinking about how to harness the power of the Star Soul Stone. At this time, Elder Mo Shang came to thank Qin Wentian for his help to Mo Qingcheng, and gave him a book to help him recover. This opportunity asked Elder Mo Shang to let Fanle enter the Jiuhua Gate. Elder Mosang said that she could not decide at this time and needed to consult the dean, and then left.

Elder Moshang, who walked outside the door, happened to meet Mo Qingcheng who came to visit Qin Wentian, and asked about the person who attacked Mo Qing. Mo Qingcheng said that the person who attacked was strong, with weird body skills and extremely fast speed. She didn’t. See clearly, I didn’t expect the elder to tell my mother to be careful about everything and leave this matter to him.

Mo Shang reported to Ren Qianxing of the sneak attack. They also suspected that the dark night clan had committed the incident. Ren Qianxing ordered all the night hunters to be on guard, and Mo Qingcheng joined the night hunters. The night hunters have always been Only disciples from the Jiuhuamen cultivation base can join the Yuan Palace realm.

The demon wolf who returned to the dark night clan told the dark night demon king about the star soul stone to the dark night clan leader. The dark night demon emperor said that only the absolute power above the celestial image realm will leave his inheritance at that time. Star Soul Stone.

The demon wolf said that Qin Wentian might have obtained the Star Soul Stone of Emperor Cang. The Dark Night Demon Emperor said that a person who was more than guilty even wanted to use the Star Soul Stone to pass on. If this is the case, don’t waste it. The first knife he made can definitely sever the evil Primordial Demon Sword in Worship Sword City.

The demon wolf said, it is a pity that Qin Wen Tianren is in Jiuhua Gate, which has an enchantment, and the Dark Night Clan cannot stay for long. The Night Demon Emperor said that the destruction of the Red Hazard Sky Wall would speed up.

There are many alliance factions in Jiuhuamen. Fanle joins the Cavaliers League. The Cavaliers League majors in wars and can lead troops in Pingchuan against millions of lions. Mo Qingcheng, Qin Wentian and Yi Wuwei join the Qingyun League, the stars of the heavens, for me. It used to cross the world, change fate against the sky, the disciples of the Knight League, showing off the benefits of the Knight League to everyone, just met the Qingyun League who led the new disciple, Ruohuan, the relationship between the two factions is not harmonious.

The disciples of the Jiuhua Gate all have a Emperor Star jade medal. The jade medals are graded from low to high. The higher the level of jade medals, the more cultivation resources they can obtain, and the rank is judged by the Honorary Institute.

During the first practice in the martial arts field, I saw that the brothers moved a monster beast, which was extremely ferocious. The first time I practiced is to use the monster to exercise his momentum. Everyone was afraid to make the first attempt. Fan Le went up first in order to perform in front of Senior Sister Ruohuan. Unfortunately, he failed. After coming down, he pushed Qin Wentian up and succeeded.

Mo Qingcheng also took the stage to try, thinking of the ferocious monster beast, suddenly became docile, everyone said that the monster beast is human. During the meal, Ou Chen entangled Mo Qingcheng endlessly. Qin Wentian came to the rescue, but was provoked by Ou Chen. Under Ou Feng’s provocation, Qin Wentian Mo Qingcheng participated in the qualifying match. Ye Wuque accidentally heard the conversation between his father and the Dark Ye Clan, and knew that the Ye Clan and the Dark Night Clan had cooperated to deal with Yi Heng .

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