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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 17 Recap

Bai Qiuxue came to a small courtyard in the academy and met Senior Brother Chu Mang. The two chatted for a while. Chu Mang said that Bai Qiuxue could do more when she had nothing to do. Fan Le returned to Jiuhua Gate and saidthat she wasnot dead. Thanks to Mo Qingcheng’s wit, Qin Wentian said that he was useless and almost killed everyone. His apprentice said that he should not be blamed. He was deceived by the news they released and fell into their trap. Mo Qingcheng Said that the Ye family’s goal was Qin Wentian’s destiny, and they would definitely use the Qin family’s father and son as a lure, and there would be no danger. Qin Wentian was very anxious, and the master of the Shenbing Pavilion An Pavilion persuaded them to return to Jiuhua Gate first, Qin Wen Tian et al can only agree.

Qin Wentian was alone by the river. Mo Qingcheng came to comfort him. Qin Wentian was very worried about the safety of his foster father and grandfather. Mo Qingcheng said, rest assured, she will help him rescue them, and the two will hug him.

In the middle of the night, Ye Wuque came to Bai Qiuxue to talk about the Qin family. Ye Wuque told Bai Qiuxue that the Qin family’s crime of treason was inexcusable. Bai Qiuxue didn’t believe it. Ye Wuque said that now the Bai family is heavily used by the regent, and the interests must be considered carefully. white autumn snow understood, leaves intact left, and Yi inaction thinking Qin Yao, I do not know whether she cloud to snow country, and then if happy to send medicine to Yi inaction, inaction would like Yi quietly, with Qin Qin Yao finally Going to Xueyun Country.

The two brothers of the Qin family were talking about reorganizing the Northwest Army. After reinvigorating the Qin family, the guards came to report, and the Yi Jun had killed them. When they were about to order a bloody fight, a guard came to report, Long Xiang. Wei brought 80,000 elite soldiers to the rescue. General Ye Jia expressed that he wanted to retreat to the Yi army. The lone wolf came to Ye Mansion and said that Ye Wuque had failed. No one has yet come out of the realm of infinite life and death. Failed, let Ye Wuque not forget the original intention of their cooperation, and then left.

In the court hall, the minister asked the Regent to send troops to fight against the remnants and quell the disaster for Da Yi. The Regent said that the main battle is not wise, and he disagrees. Xue Yunguo met His Royal Highness, and Qin Yao told His Royal Highness that the Qin family had recruited people to frame the regent. The regent had ordered a full-fledged transcript. His father and grandfather were imprisoned in the imperial city. Xueyunguo had always been in good contact with the Qin family and had come here before. Asked His Royal Highness to take action to save the Qin family. The prince said that Xueyun State had friendship with Yi State. It was necessary to investigate clearly. The prince thought Qin Yao had a good attitude and said he would tell his father.

The regent guessed that the Qin family would go to Xueyun country for help. Bai Qinglin proposed to let Princess Yiling and the prince of Xueyun country marry, and the regent sent someone to Xueyun country to discuss the marriage. Qin Yao stood alone in the snow and remembered In the past with Yi Wuwei, the prince Xueyun Kingdom came and told Qin Yao that he had told the Ming father that he had not made a decision yet, and the master of the Shenbing Pavilion Yang Pavilion sent Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng away from the back door.

Qin Wentian Fan Le Mo Qingcheng and the three met Yi Wuwei on the road. Yi Wuwei asked Fan Le to buy medicine for injury. They first returned to Jiuhuamen and stabbed Qin Wentian on the road. It turned out to be a lone wolf pretending to be The Drunken Immortal was saved, and Fan Le and Zhen Yi Wuwei came back, and they were surrounded by Ye Jiajun as soon as they were about to leave, because Princess Qingcheng was there and they had no choice but to leave.

Several people returned to Jiuhuamen. Mo Qingcheng found the unicorn spot on Bai Qing’s neck. Bai Qing said that he first looked at Qin Wentian’s injury. The Dark Night tribe found Bai Qing and threatened him with Qilin’s tears to deal with Qin Wentian. If Huan finds Fanle’s question about Yi’s inaction, Fanle is jealous, and the envoy of the State of Yi comes to Xueyun State to invite the prince of Xueyun State to participate in the royal banquet of the State of Yi, and tell him about the marriage, the prince said that this matter will be handed over The father called the shots and said that the royal banquet would definitely arrive.

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