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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 14 Recap

Ye Wuque led the Ye Family Army to send troops to surround the Galaxy Guild. Elder Mu Qing said that he could only protect Qin Wentian, not important criminals. Ye Wuque said that Elder Mu Qing did a good job, and his Ye Family’s promises to him will definitely be fulfilled one by one. Qin Wentian questioned Ye Wuque and asked him where the Qin family had offended him and wanted to kill them all. Ye Wuque said that Qin Wentian, you are of course right, I still want to thank you, and also thank you for bringing the Qin family to the Galaxy Trade Union and let him see with his own eyes how the Qin family destroyed the family. The Galaxy Trade Union is the death of the Qin family. place. And said Qin Wentian killed Ye Lang.

Ye Wuque asked the second uncle of the Qin family to be brought up, and asked Qin Wentian to replace his second uncle with his life. He also chopped off an arm of Qin’s second uncle. The family members were heartbroken, and in anger, the two parties started fighting. Qin Wentian asked everyone in the Qin family to go first, and Qin Shang blocked Wu Xiuluo’s knife to save Qin Wentian and died. The heartbroken Qin Wentian fought with Ye Wuque under the anger of Ye Wuque. The third uncle of the Qin family and his son took the opportunity to rescue the second uncle of the Qin family. After Qin Wentian was injured by Ye Wuque, it suddenly aroused the star soul stone. The power of, knocked Ye Wuque away, and then took the opportunity to escape. The angry Ye Wuque sent all Ye Jiajun to hunt down Qin Wentian.

The people of the Qin family who escaped were very dissatisfied with the Dayi State for being so dissatisfied with them. The third uncle of the Qin family called Qin Zhi to tell him that he and his father would go to the barracks in the northwest border of the Qin family, reinvigorate the team and let him go to September. Huamen sought out his eldest sister Qin Yao and asked Qin Yao to go to Xueyun Nation with him. The Qin family has always had good relations with Xueyun country, and hoped that Xueyun country could help the Qin family. After speaking, Qin Zhi left and went to Jiuhuamen.

Ou Chen pretended to be the Qin family and gave Qin Yao the arrest warrant for arresting the Qin family. After Qin Yao saw it, she was going to return to Tianyong City. Mo Shang stopped her and said that she would find a way to help the Qin family get justice, but Qin Yao Yao couldn’t leave the Jiuhua Gate, and set a barrier for Qin Yao.

Bai Qing was designed by Ou Chen of the Knight League and strayed into the room where the monster beast was held, and was justmetby Fan Le outside the room.

When the ghost wolf learned that he was going to lock the breath charm, he had been discovered by the Jiuhua Gate. Knowing that the Jiuhua Gate had noticed them, he left. The process of their departure happened to be discovered by the night hunter.

Fan Le learns that Ou Chen is planning to go to Ou Chen to settle accounts, but Bai Qing stops him. She said that she finally stayed in Jiuhuamen. If Jiuhuamen knew about this, what would happen if Jiuhuamen drove her away, and also said that Qin Wentian must not be known about this matter. Seeing helplessly, he could only agree, and after confirming that Bai Qing was okay, he went to Ruohuan .

Mo Qingcheng developed an antidote to the plague in the room, and ordered the maid so that no one could disturb her. Mo Qingcheng remembered the words of the pharmacy owner, sealed his cultivation base, tried the medicine with his own body, and finally successfully developed it.

Bai Qingsong with white snow autumn see regent, regent of this plague India’s reward is a white autumn snow Royal debris, three pairs of gold step shake, Tokai tribute glowing pearl two. Ruo Huan went to check if there was any abnormality in the place where the breath talisman was last time, Fan Le said he would go, Ruo Huan said that if he really wanted to help him, he would help him find Centella asiatica, and divided the money to find Centella asiatica , And let Ruohuan be careful.

The two night hunters who followed the ghost wolf were discovered and killed by the ghost wolf. The night hunter has the habit of leaving a mark. He said that sometimes people would follow him and let his subordinates report to the lone wolf. He stayed and waited for the rabbit. Ruohuan happened to find a mark.

The epidemic in the imperial city began to recur again, and the regent knew that at this time, knowing that Bai Qiuxue could no longer suppress the epidemic, he asked someone to find Mo Qingcheng. But at this time, someone came to report that the epidemic had been brought under control.

Mo Qingcheng led people to give out the antidote in the imperial city. When the regent saw it, Bai Qiuxue was very angry when he saw it. Mo Qingcheng informed the regent that she had distributed the antidote and that the epidemic would be brought under control soon, and promised that the epidemic would be eradicated this time. The regent was overjoyed and said that he would entertain the officials.

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