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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 11 Recap

At the court, the guards came to report that the Dragon Xiangjun and the supplies were gone. Ye Jiajun was all dead. Ye Mo was very angry. The regent ordered everyone to take the Qin family to the imperial city. He wanted to interrogate himself. Qin Chuan wanted to explain. , Was stopped by his father, and then followed the guard. Master Bai told the regent that the Qin family had a conspiracy, so the Bai family broke off the marriage contract with the Qin family. The Qin family’s father and son were imprisoned.

Ghost wolf sneaked into Jiuhuamen. Qin Yao was taking care of his master. They left because they were worried about Qin Wentian. At this time, her master woke up and found that Qin Yao was not there, so she got up and went out to search. The wolf, killed by the ghost wolf, issued a distress signal when she was dying. Qin Yao , who was talking to Yi Wuwei , saw the distress signal and hurried over. After arriving, she found that the master had passed away and was very sad.

Mo Qingcheng learned of the death of Elder Constellation, and Elder Jiang and others were discussing who killed the Elder Constellation. Mo Qingcheng just rushed over to hear that, Mo Qingcheng suspected that the Dark Night Clan had done it, so he went to investigate, and when he went out. When they met Qin Wentian, the two chatted, and Mo Qingcheng hurriedly left.

The lone wolf of the dark night tribe meets a mysterious man in the tavern. The lone wolf wants to carry the holy monarch on his back to deal with the kingdom of Yi and bring the dark night tribe back to his homeland. The foundation is solid. The lone wolf wants to help him mysteriously. In the end, the two reached an agreement, and the lone wolf wanted him. The secret formula of Wuwensan in hand, Wuwensan can turn thousands of miles into terracotta, and only one person can wipe out all the elites.

Mo Qingcheng did not find anything after some investigations. At this time, he received a secret letter stating that there was a murder in the city that may be related to the Dark Night Clan. Mo Xicheng met with another night hunter. After the two looked at the body, Mo Qingcheng I think it might be a long-lost secret technique. The people of the dark night tribe and the mysterious man are studying the secret recipe of Wu Wen San. The demon wolf sent many people to develop more to deal with the entire Yi Kingdom. The mysterious man said that the development does not require too many people, and he ordered people not to disturb him if nothing happened. .

Bai Qiuxuelearned that the Qin family had been secretly taken into prison, and learned that Ye Wuque led the Ye family army to Tianyong City this morning, and Bai Qiuxue hurried to Jiuhuamen.

Mo Qingcheng is still investigating the death of Zheng Yuanwai. At the inn, he learned that he had had an argument with a mysterious man. Xiao Er took out a portrait of the mysterious man. After seeing the portrait, Mo Qingcheng discovered that she had encountered this when she first came down the mountain. At that time, I thought he was unremarkable and unremarkable, so he didn’t pay much attention. He felt that the death of poisoning was not accidental. It could only go from poisoning to just half a cup of tea. Surprised.

Bai Qiuxue came to Jiuhuamen to inform Qin Wentian that the red milling sky wall had collapsed and that your father and grandfather had been imprisoned in the imperial city. He also just got the news that Ye Jiajun had entered the city of Tianyong and was ordered to take your whole Qin family, Qin Wentian hurriedly left after hearing this, found Yi Wuwei who was comforting Qin Yao, and pulled him out to question why the Yi family dealt with the Qin family. Yi Wuwei explained that it was the four major families that took the imperial power over and made the imperial power ineffective. It was too dangerous for his uncle to be in power. Qin Wentian insisted on returning to Tianyong City and asked Yi Wuwei to take care of Qin Yao.

Mo Qingcheng and the night hunter retreated after unsuccessful following the mysterious man. Seeing that the imperial city was empty, the dark night tribe planned to attack the imperial city tonight and returned to Jiuhua Gate. Mo Qingcheng saw a letter from Qin Wentian asking him to meet on the shore of the mountain lake. But at this time Qin Wentian was already on his way back to Tianyong City. The demon wolf sent the ghost wolf to the Jiuhua Gate immediately to place a lock of breath, and could not let the people of the Jiuhua Gate break their plan.

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